My New Downstairs Neighbor Is A...

I don't know what it is about the apartment below me but it always seems to get rented by someone with absolutely no sense at all.

All last year I endured eavesdropping on the shenanigans (such as this and this) of the skanky young lady who loved to wear baby-doll dresses that barely covered her behind. She's the one who had her "friend" banging on the door and hollering, "Chad says you give good head!"

"Skanketta", as I called her, finally moved out and we had a few months of quiet while the apartment sat unrented. Then, last month, a new tenant finally moved in. She's the type that parks her ginormous SUV halfway in our parking spot and then acts annoyed when I knock on her door to ask her to move it.

Then there was the day a couple of weeks ago where she had a hand-written note on her door demanding, "Give me the $62 for the light bill or I'll take you to small claims court."

We were wondering if an ex-roommate somehow got into our building to leave that note. It could be because this new tenant has a tendency to leave our front door propped open. She opens the door all the way and then props it with the junk mail trashcan that sits under our mailboxes.

Every time I see the door propped, I shut it. This is not some "We haven't had any crime in this town since back in 1877" sort of place. I know people just moving to this neighborhood think it's merely hipster central and they can go ahead and do whatever and no robbers or rapists will ever be hiding in the bushes.

That's simply not true. This is freakin' Los Angeles! Crime happens everywhere here ALL the time. But, I guess this heffa downstairs missed that memo because she leaves notes that say stuff like, "Do NOT shut the door. I'm expecting packages."

Last night I came home around 8:30 and saw the door propped wide open with her latest "Do NOT shut the door!" note on the wall. I immediately went and knocked on her door. No answer! So, I marched upstairs and wrote my own note that said, in big red marker, "FedEx and UPS ring doorbells. Do NOT endanger our safety." (Yes, that was draft three of my note because the first two contained some name calling.)

Satisfied that my note was direct without engaging in crazy drama, I went downstairs, unpropped the door and taped my note on the wall next to her note.

She took MY note down sometime last night and, guess what? This morning the front door was once again propped open! I knocked on the door to her apartment again and she did not answer it. Maybe she's having a case of, "I'm scared of that black girl with the afro!"

Whatever the reason for her inability to answer the door may be, I came upstairs and called the landlord. He is not pleased at all. In fact, after the incident the other night of the guy sneaking in after a car pulled into our gated parking, he is really upset. That night he went around and talked to all the tenants about watching security in the building, and he says he talked to the woman downstairs.

If she can't choose to use some common sense around safety on her own, maybe our landlord can help her down that path... Or else help her out of this building.


Anonymous said…
Sweet merciful whathaveyou. Are there no sensible people left in LA? Really?
Liz Dwyer said…
I do NOT get how she can be this STUPID! I think I'd take skanky girl over this one. At least she was entertaining sometimes!
BZ said…
Man, that's an a$$whoopin' waiting to happen! I can feel the rage seething within as I imagine myself in your shoes. People piss me off like that. A-hole.

My sister lives in a sketchy building and has a crackhead prostitute living above her. I go visit sometimes and we'll be eating dinner and hear her fake groaning with whatever client she has up there. SMH Her power was cut off and she now has an extension cord running from her apartment to the landing underneath with a common power jack. The landlord keeps cutting the cords w/ wire cutters. LOL! Madness
I think my wife and I are the only people besides the ancient crone next door to have lived in our development more than 2 years. The houses on my right and across the street are a revolving door of who-the-eff-is-my-neighbor-this-week types.
Ugh your neighbor is VERY SELFISH and is endangering people's lives. I still can't believe your landlord confronted the guy alone in the parking garage directly. That could've been dangerous too. Can you add minicams around the building and set up a live feed or something?
Jen said…
You've had incredibly bad luck with neighbors - I hope the landlord straightens her out.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, this woman has made me want to strangle her at times. How are you gonna leave the door open all day for packages? That would be like someone leaving the door to their home open! And that woman living above your sister is just straight up madness! Power cut off and just making do with extension cords??? Good grief!

Yep, I've seen so many folks come and go in that downstairs apartment. Our other neighbors have lived here for six years and then for two years so she's definitely the newbie. I sure hope this one moves out soon!

It is VERY selfish. Just go to the UPS office to pick up your stuff like everybody else has to... or leave a note on the door asking them to ring three times! Yeah, my landlord was really brave to confront that guy. I can't believe he did! I would've run inside and called the police! I don't think we can do minicams because there's really no one to watch them. Our landlord doesn't live here. He just happened to be doing some work on the building.

They howl, drum, proposition folks, get into fights and prop the door open! I feel like they should all be a skit or something!
Mes Deux Cents said…

Why, why, why do people move into apartments and then act like its their house?! I hate that.

I hope she moves out quickly.
Anonymous said…
She should be scared of the black girl with the afro because I'm going to kick her ass!! Sheez. What's wrong with her?
Bsquared86 said…
Your neighbor sounds incredibly selfish. Do you all have tenants meetings? If, so, bring this up!

By the way, I love your response note, lol.
wow. she sounds very self and just rude. You have secure doors for a reason. Plus like you said UPS and FedEx ring your bell.

I hope she moved out soon.
Anonymous said…
If your note didn't make her see the light, I can't imagine what will. Some people are scarily dense.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, sounds like a nightmare tenant with absolutely NO thought for other people in the building and their concerns. I've had to deal with a few of these morons in my time too. Very sensible to contact the landlord who obviously must be equally worried about security issues. Security is so basic that if she goes on ignoring it she really ought to be thrown out as you suggest. You can be sure that if anything valuable disappeared from your place she would be totally indifferent.
Liz Dwyer said…
Who knows how long this one will last! Maybe we'll be the ones to finally move somewhere else, but rent control is a great thing, you know?

LOL! Yes you ARE! It's a shame that folks are sometimes so focused on what they want that they can't see the forest for the trees. Sigh.

That note is much more polite than my first couple of versions! We don't have tenants meetings but this is a small, cozy building and everybody pretty much knows everybody else so maybe we should start.

I hope she moves too. We used to have an old lady living down there, Lydia, and she was great. Ever since she moved, it's just been a revolving door of annoying wannabe actors and actresses with bad habits.

The only thing that will is if she gets attacked or robbed, sadly enough.

Most folks around here are more worried about security issues because we've noticed an increase in crime. I'm even more cautious about going to run at my local park these days. I don't like running indoors on a treadmill but I don't want to get mugged.

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