SOTBU: Where Tavis Wants Obama To Be Made Accountable

Al Sharpton and his laid out hair are in the house! You either love the good Reverend or you hate him, but let me tell you, the man is getting some serious applause from this crowd. He's talking about how we never thought we'd see a black president, but many of us also never thought we'd see a world where greed and deregulation could break Wall Street!

"Let's be clear, America made an Obama decision after being ambushed for eight years!" And the crowd goes totally b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Yeah, I think it's so important to remember that blacks did not make up the bulk of people who voted for Obama.

Sharpton replies to Michael Steele's earlier assertion that black folks originally were Republicans by stating that black folks go to the party that represents their interests, but there is no party loyalty. We are not bonded with either party in our DNA. He talks about how none of us can back and relax while we're riding in the Presidential Suite or the Chairman Suite of the Titanic... OMG, I can't hear what he's saying because people are going NUTS!

He says that the agenda of civil rights was not to get blacks in high places but to get equality for EVERYONE! See, THAT is why folks love Al Sharpton, because he says stuff like this. (Never mind the hair and the Tawana Brawley drama!)

Some Sharpton Bomb Drops:

"The achievement gap black to white is the same as it was in 1954." Ouch.

"We have the freedom to be President, we have the freedom to be Party Chair, but we don't have full equality on the ground."

"Not until a black child, a white child and a Latino child born on the same day have the same opportunity, you better get used to seeing me up here!"

Dr. Na'im Akbar is much more calm than Sharpton. He acknowledges that this forum last year took some serious shots at Obama. Why? We have to be careful with not deifying Obama but see his Presidency as a moment of evolution. Says that black folks should have known we were capable of having a black president all along. He says we can't do the dance as long as we think we're dancing to someone else's music.

Danny Bakewell, the publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel is here. How come they don't sell the Sentinel up in Hollywood? I never see it around my area! Anyway, Tavis basically wants to know how the black media is going to hold Obama accountable.

Love how Bakewell says that it's not that the black media is not taking issue with Obama, but that the black media can also show the genius of Obama.

Dang, Tavis, has to ask his question AGAIN about how they're going to hold Obama accountable. Tavis, how often were you asking these questions about former presidents? I mean, really?

Bakewell just said there's an American agenda and a black agenda. -- Hmm... I think that's true but we are all one human family and we're all connected, so whether the rest of folks know that their agenda is a black agenda or NOT, the two are essentially ONE agenda.


Lola Gets said…
OMG YOURE LIVE BLOGGING THIS EVENT - COOL! Cause Lord knows Im not going to be watching it, lol. But I will come back to read your comments!

Liz Dwyer said…
I figured it was in my town so I might as well go instead of just sitting at home, watching it on C-SPAN! But now that the whole day is done, I wonder if Rev. Al will come cook dinner at my house because my fingers are TIRED from typing! :)
Shiona said…
Oh I can imagine your hands being tired. Did Tavis ask his question again. It's not like anybody will give him an answer he likes so he might as well tell us...
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, Tavis just needs to come clean with what he wants people to say as far as holding Obama accountable. Otherwise, nothing anybody else says is ever good enough for him.
Unknown said…
From Larry Pinkney,

We must be reminded of the African proverb which states: “Beware of the naked man who offers you clothes.” It is indeed Barack Obama, who in keeping with the famous words from the theatrical production The Wizard of Oz, would have us Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White people of this nation, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Nonetheless, that euphemistic “man behind the curtain” is the corporate-military-prison apparatus, much of which so strongly supports Barack Obama. “That man behind the curtain” is counting on successfully continuing to bamboozle the people of this nation at the horrible expense of its inhabitants, and the peoples of the world.

In their euphoria over the misleading, systemic, corporate-backed candidacy of Barack Obama, some have been diverted from intensifying the much needed fight for justice in the collective cases of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abul-Jamal, the Angola 3, Reverend Edward Pinkney [not related], Lynne Stewart, the San Francisco 8, Marshall “Eddie” Conway, the numerous displaced victims of Katrina and government criminality & neglect, and the ongoing cases of so very many other women and men of all colors in this nation, and throughout the world. The subliminal message of Barack Obama to Black people (and other people as well) is almost like some science fiction Borg empire creature: “Resistance is futile.” In point of fact, resistance is definitely not futile but absolutely essential in this ongoing struggle for social, political, and economic justice. U.S. Empire and imperialism must be resisted and struggled against on every conceivable level. And ultimately, we the people, will be triumphant.

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