Boca Relaxation: We Have A Winner

I woke up this morning and looked at the three (yes three!) zits on my face, and said to myself, "Los Angelista, you have not done such a good job relaxing this week!"

I then proceeded to stress out about my lack of relaxation and had to down some Tylenol to get rid of the headache that ensued.

Clearly, I need to start putting into practice some of the great tips you all shared in your entries to my Boca Relaxation contest!

So who's the winner of cute gift bag that includes some BOCA recipe cards and coupons, an eco-friendly Envirosax bag, a Classical Stress Relief CD by Lifescapes, a yoga mat and a sweet Franklin Covey planner???

I used the site to pick a winner and...

The winner is: Cyndee!!! WHOO HOO!

In her entry she said, "I started not to enter cause I'm still mad about not winning the wii!!! But what the heck - I love to relax by taking a bubble bath in the candle light with a good book and a glass of red wine!!!!"

I do the bubble bath thing sometimes but since we only have one bathroom, it feels like I always have someone banging on the door saying, "I have to use it!"

Anyway, congratulations to Cyndee (send me your address please) and thanks to everybody that entered! I have another exciting giveaway coming up VERY soon so be sure to check back here soon!


Jameil said…
oh well. another loss. booooooo
Liz Dwyer said…
Well if she doesn't email me then maybe we'll have a second chance drawing! :)
Anonymous said…

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