Brooke Burke, Mel B, Blogging Mommies and Me!

If you knew you were gonna meet both Brooke Burke and Mel B at the red carpet premiere of the very funny webisode series, "Only in a Woman's World", you'd make sure you had your camera in your bag, right?

Well, let me introduce you to Los Angelista, the woman who was having a hard time deciding which bag to take with her, and, in the back and forth switching, forgot her camera!

Fortunately, I have photographic proof of Tuesday night's brush with celebrity thanks to two other bloggers that befriended me during the Frito Lay tour: Mommysnacks and A Cowboy's Wife! Thank goodness, they did NOT forget their cameras!

A Cowboy's Wife lives on a ranch in Texas and Mommysnacks lives in Cincinatti. They both were invited to the same Frito Lay factory tour and red carpet event as me. I had a great time getting all gussied up with them in their hotel room on the Sunset Strip.

After we dressed ourselves up in our red carpet best, we headed over to a cute place on La Cienega Blvd. called Coco de Ville and all of us mommy bloggers walked the red carpet! I think we were probably the hottest bunch of ladies the paparazzi ever photographed! Do you know which one I am? Here's a hint: I'm not the lady in the middle with the super cute multi-colored shirt and the awesome boots. That's Brooke Burke!

When I sat down to talk to Brooke one on one, I asked her what it's like to always have the Hollywood spotlight shining on how fat or thin you are. She told me how she tries not to let it get to her. She also shared how she loves seeing women with real, voluptuous, healthy bodies.

It's too bad Hollywood does not dote on a voluptuous figure as much as Brooke does, isn't it? Unfortunately, having a voluptuous figure makes it highly unlikely you'll get a j-o-b as an actress in this town. Remember, Renee Zellweger was considered fat in Bridget Jones. Ca-razy!

I shared with Mommysnacks and A Cowboy's Wife how every time I head over to the Sunset Strip I'm the fat girl walking down the street. A size zero is the norm over on that side of town and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. That's one reason I don't go over there too frequently. It's just SUCH a self-esteem drag!

Anyway, next up was getting to meet the surprise celeb guest of the evening, Mel B., a/k/a "Scary Spice". Mel B. was even more gorgeous in person than I could have possibly imagined and very sweet. She said she loves my hair! I loved hers too and I'm sure we could've talked about hair all night, her in her cool British accent and me in my, er, Chi-town meets LA accent. But, we didn't.

Instead, we chatted about how nice it was to see diversity in the cartoon characters included in the "Only In A Woman's World" webisodes. We also talked about her being a role model for black women as far as fitness goes. And you know I wanted to say, "Girl, you checked Eddie Murphy like nothing else!" but I restrained myself!

By the way, can I just say I never liked that "Scary" moniker? I mean, how come it was alright to call the black girl in the group "scary"??? Not cool at all, especially when she's the only Spice Girl with a really decent voice!

Despite all the celebrities, I think I had more fun just talking to and laughing with my fellow mommy bloggers.
We each come from such diverse backgrounds but we all love our kids, love our black dresses, and just want the best for our families. I may be the only one who has an afro and loves Depeche Mode but these ladies are still my sisters!

So, that's my adventure! I hope I get to meet up with some of these ladies again soon!


Anonymous said…
Indeed, where are all those women with real, voluptuous, healthy bodies? Not in the fashion mags or on the catwalks, that's for sure. And I was reading today that disabled women are also persona non grata in modelling or acting. Even deaf women are rejected as models although you can't see deafness! How crazy is that?

Must have been fun to meet the celebs. But as you say, it's lots of fun meeting other bloggers too.
Liz Dwyer said…
How can someone deaf not be qualified as a fashion model? Just idiocy!

It was fun to meet those two. I think I came off as a idiot at first with Mel B because I was more nervous to talk to her than to Brooke Burke, but she was cool. I did like meeting the other bloggers better though for sure!
Shiona said…
Sounds like a fun and awesome event. Glad you met so many great mommies. :)
Anonymous said…
So fabulous! Looks like such a wonderful time.
Liz Dwyer said…
It was a great event and definitely nice to meet so many wonderful people!

It was a great time! I'd love to go to one of these things every week! :)
It was so good to hang with you at this event!!! I hope we get to do some stuff again day! :-)

Oh, and you totally should have said that to Mel B!

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