Los Angelista Giveaway: Boca Relaxation!

I was so stressed out last night before I went to bed. Can I generate a quick laundry list for you as to why?

No, no... forget the laundry list. A laundry list will just make me sound totally neurotic and you don't come over here to hear me whine, right? So, I'll just tell you about two things:

1) A weirdo snuck into our gated parking last night. He ran in behind someone's car and then hid behind another one. My landlord happened to be here, saw the guy, confronted him and made him leave. Everybody in this building comes and goes at odd hours so it makes me nervous that I might get out of my car and get mugged.

2) I'm attending a red carpet event with Brooke Burke tonight. I'll tell you why later but yes, THAT Brooke Burke... the hot lady who won Dancing With The Stars and has four kids, but she looks like she's never ever had an eggo in her preggo. (Whereas I'll feel like I'll perpetually be told, "You mean you're not having twins?")


Well, since I'm all stressed out and feeling like I need to clone myself, I'm trying to remember some of the relaxation tactics I learned a couple days ago at the BOCA-sponsored LA Blogger Night Out at Voda Spa in West Hollywood. It was the first time I'd ever stepped foot inside a spa and, seriously, I totally wanted to move in to that place!

The vegetarian in me was super happy that I actually had food choices-- and none of them were bland steamed veggies. I mean, when you go to an event sponsored by a company that makes vegetarian products, you actually get to eat super cute and delish lettuce wraps and some little slider-type burger-- all meat free.

But, ok, food aside, I did a mini yoga/relaxation session, got an awesome manicure that still hasn't chipped AND got my first ever massage! I don't know why I've never gotten one before but, wow, it felt great and I wanted to marry the masseusse afterwards.

I also found out about the BOCA Balanced Living Challenge where I can win $5K to fulfill my healthy living goal. If I win, I might put that money toward a cleaning lady, or maybe I just someone to just come and teach my children how to not miss the toilet when they go pee... Anyway, I need to hurry up and enter because the contest ends this Friday the 27th.

I came home with a totally cute gift bag that includes some BOCA recipe cards and coupons, an eco-friendly Envirosax bag, a Classical Stress Relief CD by Lifescapes, a yoga mat and a sweet Franklin Covey planner. Because I love you, I'm giving it away to one lucky reader!

Just be a resident of the continental 48 states and leave me a comment before Thursday, 2/26/09 at 11:59 PM telling me what you do to relax and take time for yourself. Don't write me an essay. It can be as simple as saying, "I throw darts at a dart board." ( I'm asking because I need some tips for myself in case I don't win the contest and the cleaning lady.)

And now I'm off to do some sit ups in preparation for tonight's Brooke Burke encounter. Good luck!


Abigail said…
Hey girl,
You know I need to relax...so I bought myself a yoga mat and I stretch each morning in preparation for the day. Hugs!
DJ Black Adam said…
Hey LA:

Is that you by that car in the first photo! Your husband is lucky I'm married! lol
Allison Miranda said…
To relax: I do yoga, and eat a small but satisfying bit of chocolate/chocolate dessert. Warm Delights by Betty Crocker are AWESOME for de-stressing! : )

How did the car shopping go?
robyn said…
i joined a yoga studio. it forced me to take an hour for myself without a cell phone or pager. it was hard to do at first, but now i'm hooked.
BZ said…
GIRL! I just had a massage the Friday before last and actually said to the masseuse, "You must get marriage proposals doing this." Too funny.

Relaxation technique: Candles lit. Hot bath w/ B&BW Eucalyptus Spearmint bubble bath, a glass of merlot and Wynton Marsalis' Midnight Blues cd playing.

I then rinse off w/ the same scent shower gel and then use the sugar scrub. Rinse, lotion up and sit in my big fluffy robe and either read or watch something enjoyable on tv.

PS: Please be careful in the parking area.
Anonymous said…
I look at old pictures of my sibblings and I when we were really young. It always takes me back and relaxes me.
Anne said…
I go for a hike or a bike ride
TKTC said…
I am not entering (for obvious reasons) but I'm really working on this whole relax thing. I downloaded nature sounds of mountain streams. Totally lovely but when I'm halfway through a Nalgene, it makes it really tough to stay at my desk. Sigur Ros seems to be effective though. Starflur and 5 deep breaths.
PS Teresa and I keep talking about how happy we were you got to come- so many good vibes :)
thailandchani said…
I read and listen to pleasant music. Honestly. That's what I do to relax. Truthfully what I should be doing is more doing and less relaxing. :)

Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
OK, but I’m not sure the mechanisms I’ve used to deal with my stress levels will work for most; or are even totally sane. (An aside; NO, I’m not going to go all “male” on you and say “Sex! Best stress reliever EVER”. I’m missing the other party for that… lol).
It has been athletic activity that has helped me to burn off much of the accumulated stresses. As the marriage disintegrated, I’d run more. But not as you’d expect. Remember, I’ve got the kids, so their needs first. I’d get family life all done for the night, kids in bed and all and find I couldn’t sleep I was so anxious or upset. I’d get up, dress for a run and GO. I’ve done plenty of 10 milers at like 12:30 AM, because I couldn’t stand to be alone any more or process out the stress. Some of them were very fast runs. I set some 5K/10K PR’s in those years, lol! What I was doing was truly burning the stress out and I’d be so tired when finished, I’d collapse in bed and finally sleep. I know that sounds kinda wacky, but it did its job; I survived the years and stayed pretty much in control through it all.
Jen said…
I read.

I do sudokus.

I hike.

I cook.

I sit on my balcony when the weather is nice and ponder.

Sounds like a great spa night!
Anonymous said…
I go to yoga once a week. Which probably shouldn't be so hard and such an accomplishment, but for me it is because it's time, exercise and space just for my health.
How can you live in LA and not get massages? You have some really good massage schools on the West Side that charge less than $40 for 1 hour. That's cool you get to hang with a slightly more famous person that you, but don't do yourself a disservice by comparing yourself to them. You know it's not all about exercise (you could pay a $400/hr trainer if you want to skip your rent, right), or diet (you know they have nutritionists and special meals) but do you want to go the plastic surgery route? That's the not-so-secret technique these celebs use to look so chiseled: a little mini-lipo sculpting. Amongst other things. Don't let living in LA warp your perspective. I couldn't live my life existing on sprouts and water.
Jameil said…
i read the bible and/or a crappy novel with no real substance. i also do sudoku. and eat something yummy.
Unknown said…
I can't believe it was your first time having a massage! Girl, you have to treat yourself every now and then. And have a great time tonight on the red carpet. I know you are going to look fabulous! Photos, I must see photos!

To relax I read a good book - best enjoyed in my jacuzzi tub with the warm water swirling around me. Love Boca burgers - you have such great experiences!
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Liz,

To relax I go for long walks and explore new neighborhoods. Afterwards I feel so refreshed.
Anonymous said…
I started not to enter cause I'm still mad about not winning the wii!!!But what the heck - I love to relax by taking a bubble bath in the candle light with a good book and a glass of red wine!!!!
Shiona said…
I listen to the relaxing sounds of ocean waves.

Good luck with the parking situation. I usually have a can of pepper spray handy and am looking into getting a taser. I'm so paranoid and think I can't be too careful.
Jameil said…
oh yeah i got all mixed up in the giveaway and forgot to say i can't stand strangers touching me!! ack! massages are not for me but i'm always glad when others can get some joy from it.
Liz Dwyer said…
Great suggestions for relaxing. I sure need to do some relaxing today! SO stressed out! AAGH!
Anonymous said…
Sheez, if you can teach any man how to not miss the toilet? You should write the technique down - you'd make a million dollars.
Lisa Blah Blah said…
Ugh - I hate that with the underground parking. Once when we were living in Hollywood I drove in at 4:45 pm and found two men having sex in my parking space (at the very back of the parking lot). I guess they were cruising and just snuck into our garage when someone drove in. I had the baby with me and thank God she wasn't old enough to get what was going on. I had some harsh words with the apt. manager after that, let me tell you. (I got a new well-lit parking space right next to the lobby door, LOL!)

Relaxing? Girl, please. There is no such thing in my world. :-)

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