State of the Black Union: "My economic situation changed before CNN reported it!"

Iyanla Vanzant wants to speak to the place of personal responsibility. She's talking about the self-employed population realized there was a recession before everybody else!

Wowzer, she's talking about how in 2006 she lost a big publishing deal, and then her home because she got a bad mortgage. Then in 2007 she had no health insurance. (And she's been on Oprah and had five books published!) She had health issues and could not afford the $600 plus health-insurance bill every month, and ended up raising her 14 year-old grand child.

So she has a real taste of what happens every day to people that goes beyond the stimulus package, "Because the shame and guilt that I experienced, they couldn't stimulate that in congress."

Talks about the shame she felt because she lost her home, has no credit because she lost her home, has to send her grandkids to college."

Says all this because she wants to look eyeball to eyeball with the people who are going through what she's going through. Says, "My economic situation changed before CNN reported it!"

The crowd is so feeling what she is saying. This is real talk right now. Iyanla is talking about how "My great-great grandmother lay chained in the bottom of a ship and I got a TV in every room and you want to say I can't make it?"

Iyanla says we need vision and self-discipline. When you wake up and have no job and no money, you have to be disciplined. You have to be accountable for controlling your mind, you mouth, and your appetites! Don't live off your credit cards!

Iyanla says that prayer is what saved her more than anything else. -- If you all were in here you would see how many folks are in here totally testifying, standing up , arms in the air.

Iyanla says she gave, "Not a begging prayer but a prayer of gratitude." Gives thanks that she may have lost her home, but all six of her grandchildren are healthy.

The crowd gives Iyanla like a two minute standing ovation. Love her. I'm going to get the video of this later and post it.


Shiona said…
Wow! I did not see that coming. After watching the movie Sicko I have absolutely no faith in out healthcare system. I have been without insurance for over a year and now I am about to get it. It could be better and what I'm paying...Once I saw that in France I would be paying nothing (or next to nothing) and getting much more quality care I am speechless. I am so glad to hear that Iyanla Vanzant has risen above her circumstances.
Liz Dwyer said…
Healthcare seriously has to change. Even with insurance, our deductibles are SO ridiculously high that it makes me not want to go to the doctor. I'm glad you're getting insurance soon though because it's a scary feeling to always be worrying something might happen and then you'll be declaring bankruptcy because of hospital bills.

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