Only Nerds Play "King Underwear Head"

If your child ever announces to you that he or she is playing a new game called "King Underwear Head", congratulations, you are the proud parent of a total nerd.

Really, who else but nerds would create a game that requires the players to obtain a pair underwear and put it on their head and 2) chase your opponent around the house yelling "I am the true King Underwear Head!"?

Only total nerds keep the underwear on their heads while arguing over whether Abraham Lincoln is the 13th or 16th president. And only total nerds say stuff like, "Lincoln is just like Obi Wan Kenobi."

I did not understand that comment at all, but, like I said, total nerds!

I am not sure which of these two ended up being crowned King Underwear Head, but I fully intend to print this photo out and put it away in a safe place. Photographic proof of ultimate nerdtasticness could prove very useful in the "I want to be cool" teenage years, don't you think?


Anonymous said…
The ad on the page was for Poise pads! You should make a large print of that photo and put it in a safe somewhere.
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh you know I'm going to! I took a couple at their request so I'm all over it! :)
Jen said…
We have several of those pics. We call them "first date" material...


We are evil. ;-)
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh yes, definite 1st date material! I can't wait!
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
This is so funny. Do keep the photos; in coming years they will bring back such happy memories (which can be such a help in tough times).
Sure, those pictures will embarrass them in the teenage years, but later they will love them for the record of their own lives. I’ve got one my Mom had, at about 15/16, with a big, blond ‘afro’ (remember white guys doin’ that in the late 70’s? LOL), “Saturday Night Fever” shirt (half unbuttoned, to reveal NO chest hair. Or Pecs, lol), Puka shell necklace (aka Michael Thompson of the LA Lakers); wow, what a period piece that thing is. Looked more like a human Q-Tip than anything. I love that photo so much now, as it is a reflection of much that influenced my life and the crazy/fun/stupid things I did then.
I’ve got something magnificent from my son. When he was in 8th Grade – Freshman years, he was “discovering his Blackness” and proceeded to write out this long dissertation (on the back of a large cardboard poster) about ‘how I wasn’t going to turn him into a little whiteboy; he’d be hip, gangsta, pimpin’and stylin’ the latest, rappin’ with the best’, the whole image. I have kept that poster-back (he has no idea) and plan on busting it out and reading it at, like, his (still future) Wedding Reception or something. It is a total classic piece.
Thanks again for sharing bits of your life, that make us remember the good in our own.
1969 said…
I plan on showing all of the incriminating photos at their wedding rehearsal dinner on a powerpoint slide show.
Anonymous said…
Oh yes these photos are definitely keepers- lock them in a safe, they will come in very handy later.
sippinwineman said…
Food for thought.. . How will you feel when your clever "nerds" are playing this same game not with THEIR underpants , but with their girlfriends' or maybe (Lord forbid) YOUR UNDERPANTS?!!? Will you snap a similar portrait before or after you send them to intensive-care? lol I'm not speaking from experience. I'm just saying, though. . .
Anonymous said…
I LOVE IT! As a self proclaimed nerd, I say rock on boys, rock on!

I don't have nearly as many first date photos of my girl as I thought I would by now. I need to step up my game.
Anonymous said…
That's funny. I remember one of my boys insisting on going to church with pne of those plastic bibs from a crab restaurant, but backwards like a cape. He called himself "Super Crab."
Kim Moldofsky said…
This sounds like something that would have (may have?) happened at my house five or so years ago.

Now, instead, I have my 10 y.o. accusing me just a few days ago of being a "nerd wannabe." Apparently by definition, this means I'm a dork. In our house nerds are cool and geeky moms are dorks. I'm thinking about skipping him a grade or two so he can leave for college early. :-)

Chicago Moms Blog
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha love the story of your 1970's get-up! I know seeing those photos has got to take you back to a totally different world. Your son is going to appreciate those photos of him with his dissertation. How great that you raised him right so he can express himself so thoughtfully.

Uh huh! I am absolutely with you on that one! Can't wait!

They will definitely come in handy. Even now, they're proving to be useful. Yesterday, I couldn't stop looking because they made me laugh SO hard!

AAGH! Don't even go there! It's not going to ever happen! (I hope!) :)

Nerd Girl,
I think as they're getting older, I'm getting more incriminating evidence. What I really need to do is record what they're saying when they think no one is listening because sometimes their conversations with each other are so beyond reality that I am constantly laughing.

That's the sort of creativity that's so wonderful about kids. I wish more adults exercised that creativity.

Yeah, I'm waiting for the day I get called a nerd wannabe too. Right now my geek-hood is cool but I'm sure that will ALL change soon!
Anonymous said…
Hilarious!! My kids play it, too!!
Dena said…
i showed this picture to emeric last night and he just shook his head (almost like in shame :). i said to him....."just you're son is not too far behind them!"

little boys are so cute!
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
You commented:
“How great that you raised him right so he can express himself so thoughtfully.”

Well, I’ve never really thought about it like that. From the beginning I’ve just always indicated that they could communicate freely with me. Even if it’s something they disagree with me on (that grows as they grow, lol). My only requirements have always been, keep it respectful, dignified and have a point. I certainly couldn’t feel I’d be right all the time, so if something isn’t right to them, they should tell me so, properly. It isn’t a “challenge to my authority” if they present real reasons/viewpoint. Even if it is “just their feelings” on the matter, well, shouldn’t I deeply care about that?
No, I don’t tolerate ‘throwin a fit’, but honest communication, why, I wouldn’t know what to do many times if they didn’t openly tell me about their perspective and feelings. How else could I make reasonable decisions?
Nothing special there.
Jameil said…
lol! it will be PERFECT for those inevitable times when they are too cool for school. lololol.
Liz Dwyer said…
It must be a rite of passage or something. Seriously out of control!

Emeric knows he probably did it when he was little too! Haha!

Exactly. Kids don't learn to thoughtfully express themselves like that unless someone models it for them. Clearly, you've done some modeling! (WORK IT!) ;)

Well, the little one ALREADY thinks he's too cool for school. SMH!
Anonymous said…
My wife and I played that game just last night. However, we argued about about the accuracy of the depiction of India in Slumdog Millionaire.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL! Now THAT is funny!
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