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Books Tuesday: What Is Your 2020 Reading Goal?

The summer before my senior year of high school I read "The Count of Monte Cristo" in one day. I think the edition I checked out from the library was somewhere around 1,000 words. These are the insane things you do when you're a teenager, right?

But why the rush?

Well, I'd set a goal of reading one book every single day that summer just to see if I could do it. The books couldn't be fluffy "Sweet Valley High" type books, either. So along with the Dumas classic, I read Gloria Naylor's "Linden Hills" and went through my mom's entire Toni Morrison collection — she had all her books — which led to a lifelong love of Morrison's work.

I remember my dad telling me that I'd never in my life have the opportunity to spend entire days, day after day, reading. That has, so far, proved to be true. So when I see folks posting on social media that they have the goal of reading 200 or 300 books in 2020, I'm like, HOW, SWAY?

I've never…

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