State of the Black Union: The Root Word of "Mortgage" is "Death"

Michelle Singletary (business writer for the Washington Post) says she wants to talk about the B-word, which is not the hip-hop "B word". HA! The crowd goes nuts when she says the B-word is "budget" She's talking about how we're not citizens in this country, we are consumers and we need to get back to being citizens.

Someone give this woman the 10:00 hour on MSNBC or kick Nancy Grace off TV and put Michelle in instead.

I don't know if I can get with all her submissive woman talk, but I do love how she says credit cards are the devil, how debt is evil and how folks need to stop going out to eat and skip out on the cable, stop fighting about money and stop giving your kids stuff they don't need.

Michelle's killing it, saying that there is no such thing as good debt. She says that the root word of "mortgage" is death. She shares that her grandmother never made more than $13K a year but she always saved and had more money when she retired than some folks nowadays who make six figures.

"Life takes Visa, but is Visa taking you? Is Mastercard your master?" -- Michelle Singletary is fabulous! Seriously, how come she's not on TV more?

"When the recession is over, are you going to go back to being a consumer, or are you going to be a citizen?"

Les Brown is such a great motivational speaker. He's sharing statements from Carter G. Woodson's "Miseducation of the Negro" with the crowd. He's saying how being people who were considered 3/5 human, but if a black man can be president, we can do anything. It's necessary to prepare ourselves, study success. "Today you either expand or you are expendable."

"Nobody's going to save us from us but us." -- True, true, but I feel like I watch the State of the Black Union every year and SOMEBODY says that every freakin' year!

He says the only reason he earns more in one hour than the average person -- and he was born in an abandoned building, wouldn't know either of his parents if he saw them, was labeled educable mentally retarded, the only reason he makes what he does and is here is because "Somebody took the time to work to develop me."

We have to be willing to make a commitment, here's what Les says he knows: Tavis' book on accountability is about process.

"You know who we are! We are the children of the ones who would not die!"

-OK, can I just say how totally BIZARRE it is to see Barack Obama on a cover of a Tavis Smiley book because Tavis drank a HUGE glass of Obama haterade last year. Would he have put McCain on the book if McCain had won the election? I'm just saying! I'll get over it because Obama is obviously over it, heck, he sent a welcoming video. But it's just weird because Tavis bends over backwards to take every opportunity to diss Obama as much as possible.


Shiona said…
Yeah- I'm a little weirded out about Tavis myself. As far as debt is concerned . That is so true. By and large minorities are much more affected by debt and I cannot even figure out why. I was just telling my mom how in credit speak a deadbeat is a person who charges something and pays it off in full when they get the bill. She was totally flabbergasted by that.Hopefully this economic crisis is a wake up call.
Liz Dwyer said…
Wait, a deadbeat is someone who pays it all off??? That's weird! The debt thing... it reminds me of how when I drive around black communities, I see a lot of currency exchanges, but not a whole lot of banks. It just sets you up for a "spend" mentality, not a save mentality.

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