State of the Black Union: Randall Robinson Rocks

"If you're indifferent to evil, that's more invidious than evil itself."

Dr. Cornel West is sharing that he thinks demonizing people is not working anymore as a political strategy. The Southern Strategy is no longer working and in effect. He says Michael Steele is the proof of that. -- Is that statement true? Wouldn't that be getting on the current post-racial bandwagon??? Because I have a feeling what he's saying might not be. Not on a community, local level anyway.

By the way, Michael Steele looks so uncomfortable sitting next to Dr. West.

Dr. West's saying he was a supporter of Obama two years ago. Um, no, Dr. West, I don't think you were supporting Obama two years ago and neither was Tavis. Y'all trashed him every chance you could get. I sure remember that "All skin is not kin!" discussion from last year. And that's fine, but just admit you changed of mind.

I have no idea what West's talking about now. He's doing intellectual rambling and everybody's gonna think it sounds brilliant because it's Cornel West.

Why do I feel like both Tavis and Dr. West are still feeling that, "We're not the Black Superman HNIC" jealousy?

Randall Robinson is up next and says that when the country elected Obama, it may have had self-interest in mind because the man is brilliant. He says we don't have a lot of experience, both black AND white are globally illiterate. We don't know very much and it's not our fault because you can't know what you can't know.

Robinson feels it would surprise many Americans that we have become the major obstruction to the human rights movement around the world. He gives the example of the treaties for the Human Rights for Women, for children, and a treaty for International Judicial Courts . They were ratified by an overwhelming majority of nations but the U.S. is against all three.

Says the disadvantage of watching American news is that you get controlled news and when you watch news in other coutries, you get a better view of this country.

Oh wow, the woman in front of me is jumping up testifying like she's in church, "YESSS!!! COME ON, NOW! TELL THE TRUTH!" Please don't have a heart attack, sista!

I feel her though because Randall Robinson is dropping crazy knowledge about how U.S. forces went into Haiti and kidnapped the Hatian President and his wife. He and Maxine Waters had to go charter a plane to go rescue the Hatian President and his wife, and they're now in South Africa.

He's breaking down history about Haiti and how Toussaint L'Overture freed Haiti and her slaves from European rule and the country has been paying for it ever since 1805.

Ooh, Tavis is trying to cut him off. What, Tavis, you don't like what Robinson says because he hasn't said you're the most amazing person on earth?

LOL, Randall Robinson is quoting Beyonce saying that when she sees President Obama, it makes her want to be smarter. He's saying that's what we need all the kids to say.

Tavis is coming around to asking Robinson what makes him think Obama's so brilliant.

Robinson says, "I read his books and I don't think they were fiction!" That response has me cracking up laughing because that was seriously the most stupid question ever!

Robinson makes a good point that Obama has only been in office for 40 days so we need to give him some time. Now he's talking about how important it is to encourage rigorous scholarship in our children. "We've got to turn around this business of hero identification. He also talks about how news makers and editors have extraordinary power."

He's talking about how nobody covered the kidnapping of Aristide. Do you think that if the president of Austria or Belgium were kidnapped by the U.S. and dragged halfway around the world, that the press wouldn't cover it? It doesn't matter what you think about Aristide. He's the person the people elected in Haiti!

Note to self: Read more Randall Robinson.


tinyarch said…
Man, Randell Robinson has just sliced to the heart of the issue. You can't discuss what you don't know! He's just ripping open a whole series of facts that the average American citizen has no clue has been going on. This brother has to be given a bigger platform and let him speak the truth! I agree...I gotta read his stuff!
Liz Dwyer said…
Listening to him, I found myself thinking how critical the principal of the independent investigation of truth is in this day and age! Everybody has an opinion, but what is the truth, especially when so much false information is put out there as fact.
Dark Moon said…
Robinson is brilliant and I believe that most Black Americans look at him with askance because his works propose a radical form of self preservation—in the tradition of Garvey he strongly advocates many Black Americans to leave America and settle in Black majority nations. He did exactly what a lot of people exhort “angry black people” if they don’t like America—he left and keeps his spiritual home in St Kitts (Quitting America, and the Debt). He believes that the only way that Black Americans can find themselves and shake off the virulent racism and intolerance that makes success possible for the average and not the exceptional is to be proactive in how we consume images, technology and of course education.

Randall Robinson is refreshing because his anger is active instead of reactive, humane instead of destructive, and it refrains from using pithy quotes, Rap CD’s or platforms to reach others, obsequious posturing and seems to want to speak out and unearth truth. His passion is invigorating, but I believe he will be seen as a Cassandra by the majority or the usual Angry Black Man living in the past. The truth is painful and most don’t want to hear he has to say or do the work necessary to be free.

In this interview even Charlie rose is defensive as he usually is when he has Randall on his show which just aptly illustrates how much he makes a lot of people justifiably uncomfortable.
Anonymous said…
I watched on C-Span and I've decided that Tavis should have named his book
Punishing Obama.

It's as if Tavis can't fully acknowledge that Obama became President without kissing Tavis' ring.

And yes Randall Robinson is amazing! More of him, please!
Shiona said…
Oh my gosh Tavis Smiley is dropping lower and lower in my eyes. Goodness! I do remember West saying somewhere that he did not support him at first but changed his mind. I guess not many were watching that newscast. Speaking of newscasts I enjoy watching the media in other countries but I was afraid to write that because I thought my computer would become mysteriously tapped. Hopefully that doesn't happen now.
Shiona said…
Oh yes I definitely have to find some Randall Robinson!
I want to read Randall's book about his move to St. Kitts.

I wonder if HRC was the President would Tavis have asked the question about her brilliance?
Liz Dwyer said…
Dark Moon,
Robinson is definitely brilliant and you're so right, it's gimmick-free. I remember reading "The Debt" many years ago and it completely shifted my thinking about the Clinton era. While everybody was focused on Monica Lewinsky, all this other stuff was going on. Thanks so much for the Charlie Rose interview, too. Too many of us are uncomfortable with the truth, and I guess Rose is one of those people.

LOL, you are SO right. Tavis wanted to gatekeep the presidency and he just can't handle it!

I believe all our computers are probably tapped! :) Oh well! I always like watching BBC News because otherwise, I can't get a clear view on what's happening in the world. Glad West said he changed his mind someplace because he sure wasn't acting that way yesterday.

You know if HRC was President, Tavis would somehow have been riding Obama as an example of a failure of a black man, but there'd be zero discussion of how to hold her accountable.
Temple said…
Los Angelista, I enjoyed this piece. Dark Moon, great comment. I read Quitting American and The Debt.

My favorite words from Quitting America: "The face is as featureless as a police artist's composit drawing. Little matters but that it is white...The white skin has that sort of addling magic. The face need not even speak. The white skin speaks for it."

Robinson had a very "successful" life in the U.S. He was financially accomplished, well known & respected and moved in all the right "circles." He was at a point in his life where America's racism didn't affect him personally. Still he was unable to accept his exempt status & ignore the racism & internal racism that is prevalent individually and systemically.

I admit he's pretty awesome in his honesty.
Anonymous said…
I dont care what randall says this is the greatest country on the face of the planet. I can respect the man for leaving the counrty if he has a problem with it. As for a debt that america owes blacks, what more does randall want.They have more of an oppurtunity than I do. The most discriminated against person in amercia is the white american male.

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