Can Orlando Bloom Buy Me A New Car?

Around the time that I was shaking hands with Orlando Bloom on Thursday night (yay!), my husband was totaling our car (not yay).

You see, we've been getting some much needed rain here in Los Angeles, and on the first day it rains, we usually have between 200-300 car accidents. It's just too easy on wet, oil-slicked roads to end up in a fender bender.

Indeed, my husband skidded into a suddenly stopped full size van on Crenshaw, which barely got a dent. My car was not so lucky. Instead of only getting a few scratches, my 12 year-old, paid-off-for-forever baby got smushed. No one was hurt... but now it means we have to find a new car.

I hate car shopping. I hate the whole kit and kaboodle of trying to figure out new or used? Lease or buy? Which make and model to pick? What can I actually afford? Which dealership to go to? The thought of sitting across from a shady salesperson who has to go check with his manager every five seconds while you're haggling. AAAGH! It's all so stressful that like seven zits have popped up on my face in the past day.

In fact, I'd rather have my sick five year-old son vomit on me for a third time in 24 hours than go spend time in a car dealership. However, I would prefer for my son to not vomit in my hair again like he did late last night. That was pretty gross.

Sooo, I've decided that moments like these are why I need to be wealthy. Then I can just walk into any dealership and get whatever car I want, in cash, without having to bother with all the drama. It'll be just like buying a new tube of lipstick. Or, er, if you're a guy that refrains from lipstick, it'll be just like... whatever it is that's the non-lipstick wearing guy's equivalent.

In the meantime, I'm researching various cars online and watching Pirates of the Caribbean in order to remind myself of better times. Better, Orlando Bloom hand-shaking times. Oh, how I wish Orlando could come buy me a new car!


Anonymous said…
Awwww, I'm sorry that hubby got into an accident. But super happy that this report did NOT include a tale of him being injured in said accident!

I can't offer any sound car advice, referrals or such as I truly believe it is to each his own (and my OWN car buying experience in December of 07 still haunts me at night sometimes. I actually twitch and get those creepy "eye jumps."

Happy shopping! ;-/
Do not lease a car!!! Bad idea. Just get a newer used car that's been certified and tripled checked by a car technician and a mechanic. I was watching the news where this couple bought a $13K used car that was listed as ok by CarFax but was in fact unfit to drive (it wouldn't have survived an additional accident or even so much as a fender bender). It had been rebuilt by the dealer who owned a chop shop - and wouldn't refund the money until the news got involved.
I'm glad you husband was not hurt.

I agree with ActsofFaith. Don't lease. It's a waste of money unless you are one of those people who need to have a new car every two/three years.

Get a used car from the dealer that is certified. Car depreciate the minute you drive off the lot so I think a barely used car is the way to go.
Anonymous said…
What a bummer, writing off the car. I totally share your horror of car dealerships. The salespeople are sooo phoney and pushy and impersonal. I always go for low-mileage second-hand cars, they'll last for a good while but they're much cheaper than new ones. You can't go far wrong with a reliable make that feels smooth on the test drive.

And the non-lipstick guy's equivalent? Some new nail varnish, perhaps. No seriously, a large packet of extra chocolatey chocolate biscuits. Does it for me every time.
Anonymous said…
Sorry about the car. Focus on meeting Orlando while your husband did not get injured. I've had plenty of experience haggling for a car during the 40 years that I have had my license. Do not lease. Ever. Best to get a barely use car since they depreciate so much the minute you drive them off the lot. Let the first owner absorb that depreceation hit while you take advantage of it. This is the BEST time to buy. The dealers are gagging to make their numbers at the end of the month. I bought a 1 year old $38K (when new) sports car (with 19,000 miles on it) for only $15K in December. Of course, it helps if you can deal on a cold snowy day - the salesmen hate to be outside in it any longer than necessary! Do your research and go in a low ball your first offer. You might be surprised. Be prepared to walk out the door. I had a phone message waiting for me by the time I got home. They even threw in 100,000 miles of coverage. Just like a totally new car.

Good luck.
sippinwineman said…
I'm glad no one was hurt. Peeps need to remember to slow down.

I'm reminded of a trip to Palm Desert when they had like 2% humidity. People where complaining about it being SOOO humid. lol. Yeah, climate's different in parts of the country. I know.

I think jill has the best advice. Good luck.
Jen said…
SO glad your husband is okay, and SO glad you got to shake Orlando's hand, and I agree with Jill, too.

This is where the economy is in your pocket for once.

Our car was totaled about 3 weeks after my husband was laid off (great timing, huh?) and he got a fabulous, gently used car that's been good as gold. We've had it for five years now without anything needed other than routine maintenance.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, I'm glad, especially since, sadly enough, one of his colleagues got killed in a weather-related crash on Friday night. I love the rain but goodness, we all need to take a special rain driving class or something. LOL that your eye twitches when you think about car shopping!

There are some good lease deals out there but I do NOT think I'm leasing. I did it once with a Jetta and it was just not a good thing. I'm so glad I have a good mechanic to look at a car. Thank goodness for that.

Yeah, my last car was three years old when I bought it, with only like 30,000 miles on it. I had it for nine years and it worked great. It helped that I got an extended warranty, so when the transmission died at year seven, it got replaced for free. Whew.

Chocolate cookies! LOL! :) Yeah, gently used is the way to go. I figured we might have to get a new car, but not till next year or so.

Yes, there are worse things than having to buy a new car, right? Glad none of those worse things happened because they sure could have. You got a great deal on your ride, didn't you? Wow! We have no snow but maybe when we go look on Monday it'll still be raining and the salesguys won't want to stand in the rain. I am totally prepared to walk out the door. I have learned that, for sure, since the last time I bought a car.

I'm glad no one was hurt too, although the guy driving the van was trying to hustle and get my husband to give him cash on the spot and NOT report to insurance. Just ridiculousness.

Oh no, now that is the worst timing! Jeez! You all definitely have me thinking about how the dealers might be less smarmy... no wait, they probably won't but still, it'll work itself out.
Remnants of U said…
Glad your husband is fine, and the insurance is never enough when the car is totaled.

I hate car salesmen & the whole let me go talk to my manager foolishness. I have had a few friends that had a great experience with Carmax. Apparently they don't haggle over the price. Good luck with your car search!
Shiona said…
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Shiona said…
Sorry to hear about your car and your son. Now me I would rather shop for a car as opposed to the whole vomiting on me thing. Hope everything works out for you with your car and your son's tummy troubles.

When it rains I don't mind being in a small town. I think we had like 20 accidents if that. The rest of the tome doesn't make up for that ray of sunshine though :)

Oh and definitely don't lease
Anonymous said…
First of all, it's good news your husband wasn't hurt.

Now, here are some car shopping tips. First of all, both Costco and AAA have car-buying services, which save you a ton of time losing your mind while you negotiate (get raked over the coals) by the salesman. I HIGHLY recommend it. I used Costco for the last car we bought. Also, our credit union has a service, too, so if you belong to one of those, you should check with them.

Then, when I shopped for my last car, I took my kids with me and they talked the salesman's ears off and he never got a word in edgewise, which was pretty much heaven. If you want, I'll lend you my kids or we could just train yours to do the job.

Best wishes!
Anonymous said…
To answer your original question, I don't see why not. It's the least he can do for an old friend like you.

(One of my sons once threw up down the inside of my shirt. A shirt with no buttons that had to be pulled off over my head. It's not a good memory.)
Anonymous said…
Sorry about your hubby (thank God he is okay) and your car (oops). I quite enjoy car shopping (mostly window- shopping now that I have got my almost-dream car) because I really, really love cars - great ones that is, not neccessarily price wise but other stuff. Sales people can be a bit much to take but I have a way of blocking out things I don't want to hear; besides I already know what car I want/deal I am comfortable with before I get to the showroom.
So what car will you get eventually?
Jameil said…
bah. big ticket item shopping is the WORST. go gently used. cheaper than new and if you buy from the dealership one of those repoed ones, in great condition w/all new everything and possibly still under warranty.
Dena said…
sorry to hear about the car, but more importantly i'm glad that e is okay.
i agree with jameil. either gently used or sometimes dealerships make great deals on last years models. if you want to go the "no haggle" route, there's saturn, scion and car maxx!
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm waiting to see what the car insurance is going to give me for my totaled car. We'll see. I am hoping that going through our credit union will make things easier this time around. I am not feeling the whole high pressure tactics, either. Sigh.

Fortunately my son is all better now! At least with the vomiting, someone I love is doing it! That's the ONLY reason I can tolerate it.

We are still getting this rain, which is good because we need it!

Hmm, Costco and AAA... I have both so that could be an interesting resource. Thank you! Our credit union has one too so I'm gonna see how that works out.

Eww! Now that is bad! At least I just was able to go run my head under the bathtub faucet!

Not sure yet about which car! I've just been so happy about my old car that I haven't even given a new one too much thought. And I like small cars, not big ones so that narrows the field a bit. So glad you have your dream car! That must be nice! :)

It is the absolute worst! Aagh! I'm thinking an '07 or '08 because definitely cheaper than new and there are some GREAT deals out there on some of them. We'll see what happens.

I am going to have to check out carmax. I don't know too much about them. We're headed out to drive around some dealerships just to get an eye for what we like. :)

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