A New Depeche Mode Video!

While I was sleeping last night, Depeche Mode's official video for their new single "Wrong" finally made it to YouTube! (And it's in HD! Cheering all around!)

The video is set in Los Angeles, and yes, if I'd known Depeche Mode was gonna be in Downtown L.A. filming a video, I would've hightailed my behind to the shoot, pronto! Then you would've seen me on the Channel 5 news: "A crazy lady was dragged from a video shoot for the band Depeche Mode..."

Anyway, this video is one of the first in awhile not directed by famed photographer and director, Anton Corbijn. Instead, the band went with Patrick Daughters, who I've never heard of before, but it turns out he also did Fiest's video for "1234".

So you're not caught off guard, this is not a, "Oh Beaver, those daisies smell sooo exquisite!" type of video. It's dark and a little creepy but the concept fits the lyrics. And no, none of the band members are the guy in the car! He's an actor named Julian Gross. The band members, Andrew Fletcher, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore are the confused looking observers:

There's been some debate on a few of the Depeche Mode fan forums about whether or not this video will get banned by MTV. I suppose that would require MTV to actually still show videos, and since we all know they don't do that anymore, what's the worry???

All I know is in two weeks, U.S. tour tickets go on sale! Can't go "wrong" with that!


Unknown said…
I actually found you through ACowboysWife :) and I love that you are a Depeche Mode fan!! David Gahan's voice is still incredible. Thanks for posting the video!

(you are sooo right about MTV)

:) Karen
Liz Dwyer said…
WHOO HOO! SO glad to connect with another Depeche fan. Dave's voice is aging very nicely. I'm so glad that's the case because it doesn't always happen that way!

Are you going to any tour shows?
Unknown said…
Probably not this year, but I was fortunate to see them in 2001. The show was fantastic :)

ps I have them on vinyl ;)

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