Turkey Pinata

Have you recovered from your Thanksgiving feast or are you still in a tryptophan haze?

Getting in a little post-Thanksgiving workout always helps clear the brain. I strongly suggest you exercise by beating a turkey pinata.

Yes, a turkey pinata. I've decided that every Thanksgiving from here on out needs one.

You'll get some arm, back and core work in while whacking it. Can't you just see the commercial for this?
"Are you feeling like a blob? Terrified you'll have to put on pants that don't have an elastic waist? Never fear! Straight from LA's top trainers, the turkey pinata whacking workout is here!
Yes, nothing says, "I live in LA!" better than a turkey pinata. At a loss over where to get one of these? Psst, I hear they're available in Downtown!


nick said…
Beating a turkey pinata? A turkey pinata workout? Hey, this is a mystery to us Brits. To Google as well, it seems. Explain, explain!
Marlo said…
I could get a workout, release my turkey day frustrations, and avoid kid complaints about pumpkin pie by just letting them eat the piñata candy instead? Brilliant!
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! I'm just kidding about the workout although we did have a turkey pinata. Pinatas are ubiquitous here in Southern California because of Latino cultural influences - birthday parties always have one or two or even five as I've seen. So having a turkey one is just a way to have a pinata on Thanksgiving. :)

Joyful Mom,
They should be marketed nationally - not just for workout purposes but for stress relief, period!
nick said…
Hunting around on Google, it seems a pinata is some kind of papier maché animal with presents inside like loads of sweets. Then those present beat it to pieces to get the presents out. Is that about right?
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, that's totally right. Wow, I can't even imagine a world without pinatas and in your neck of the woods, you don't have them at all! They're very fun and both kids and adults love them! :)

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