Death of the Power Cord

You know what can KILL your online life? Your power cord for your laptop DYING!

Not sure what went down in this house while I was out earlier tonight but I come home and power cord is dunzo. I have 10 minutes of power left. Not happy.

Replacement cord? I'm on the Dell website looking for one for an Inspiron 1420. Still looking... did they discontinue this?

AAGH! Majorly frustrated!


Remnants of U said…
Just went through this with my HP about 1 month ago...ugh, gotta have my PC. And my son's HP cord didn't fit my PC. And sometimes
the wrong cord might short out your PC.

So just google it with the model # & series that is listed on the brick part of your cord. Or your PC model & series.

I found what was listed on HP's site at $120.00; for between $12 & $20 with shipping. I ordered 2...

Good luck with your search.
Unknown said…
Major headache. I hope you find what you need.
Stacy said…
Just a might want to check Ebay as well.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks all for the suggestions. I think I may have found a good option on Ebay. We'll see!

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