The Randomness: No New Moon For Me Edition.

It's Friday afternoon... that means it's time for The Randomness with Los Angelista - because let's face it, you don't want to read anything meaningful right now. And if I've misjudged you and you do, this story will be perfect for you!

1) New Moon: No, I'm not going. No, I don't care. No, I don't think Robert Pattinson is hot. At all.

But clearly, a whole lot of y'all do.

Me? I will save my $14 movie ticket money for something that doesn't involve the characters brooding and being all grunge-emo-love sucks like a vampire and then you die. Seriously, the why won't this vampire have sex with me because we want each other - no wait, we can't/we can/we can't... oh noes, he left me, but the werewolf wants me... For real? Yawn.

2) People's Sexiest Man Alive: Johnny Depp. There's some other candidates I would've elected -- NOT Robert Pattinson-- but I can go for Johnny. I've seen better photos of him though than the one that's on the cover of the magazine.

3) Oprah's Retiring: Can she hook a sista up with a car and a makeover before she does? I'll even go volunteer at her school... and blog about it.

4) Palin -vs- Jameson: Oprah had Sarah Palin and Jenna Jameson on back to back as guests. She asked Jenna harder questions. I guess it's easier to ask a very orange porn star the tough questions.

5) NaNoWriMo Update: I'm at a little over 30K words on my novel. Can I hit 50K in 10 more days??? Eek! And wowzer, it's a little soap opera-ish. But in my defense, people in high school did say I'd be most likely to become a trashy novelist!

6) Health Care: Am I the only one confused about what is going on with this health care bill. I'm confused. Are we taxing botox?

7) California Is Kinda Sucking: The UC Regents raised tuition to attend a school like UCLA and UC Berkley by 32% this week. It was free back in the '60s. At least student's protested. I'm proud of them for sticking up for themselves.

8) California Is Kinda Sucking 2: Because there must be a sequel or I wouldn't live in Hollywood. Our jobless rate rose to 12.5%. That's the official rate. I'd bet our unofficial rate is more like 25%. Black folks? It's probably 40%.

9) California Is Kinda Sucking 3: Oops, the sequel got canceled. But if you go to the LA Times web site, you can read about Catalina Island bison going on birth control. Seriously, who in the world thinks injecting animals with birth control is good for them? I don't.

10) California Is Awesome Because of Disneyland: The rest of the state may be going to hell in a handbasket but at least there's still Disneyland! I'm going tomorrow for their super awesome holiday event. AND I get to meet the winner of my giveaway, Hawiza!

And the best thing about Disneyland? It's sure to be a Twilight-free zone!


Lisa..... said…
Just heard a story on NPR about the jobless rate for Black men (the highest) and how the recession is hitting them the most. And? UC tuition hikes are so frustrating. With two kids I need to send to college, options are thinning...And I am so with you on the Just Say No to New Moon. Those books were lame. And Bella is a terrible role model for young girls!
I'm not a twilight fan either. I can't understand the whole phenomena - just weird. And wtf is wrong with women that they would want their daughters to be like Bella??

Oh, sigh, UC tuition. It was $649 a semester at Cal when I went. Totally worth is. Reagan instituted tuition - changed the charter, not surprising that Reagan II is raising it!.
Anonymous said…
You hit up Oprah for that car. You deserve it. As for California, don't write it off yet. It always comes back. Anyway, your state is one of my absolute favorite visitor places and I keep coming back.
Liz Dwyer said…
Horrible role model for young girls! She's always waiting for some dude to rescue her or else she's suicidal because they're not around. Not a fan.

NPR has had some seriously depressing stories on lately about the economy. I know things were bad even before this recession but now it's really really bad. :(

Gosh, $649 a semester would be heavenly. With room and board a UC will be around $26K next year. That's crazy. Well, Reagan II will be out of office soon enough. Don't know if there's any good candidates to replace him yet.

I'll just write Oprah a letter explaining to her how I really want a tricked out Jetta! ;)

I love it here, so beautiful, but wow, times are hard. Cali is testing my faith in her these days.
Call Family said…
But Jacob is hooottt!:)
nick said…
Okay, some random comments: Agreed, Johnny Depp is seriously gorgeous.

Congrats on the 30K words!

Tuition up by 32%, incredible. Of course tuition should be free. In the UK, it was Labour (yes, Labour) that brought in tuition fees.

Don't know about black unemployment, but the jobless rate among 15-24 year olds in the UK is around 20%. Very bad.
I do not get the Pattison obsession either! And that actress who plays Bella, with the lip-biting and askance glancing. SO ANNOYING. One Twilight movie was enough for me.

Yeah, what was up with Oprah being so soft on Palin? I couldn't believe some of the things she let slide in that interview. Let me at her!! I'll ask the tough questions.

Grr. California. We may have to move when my kids are 17 just so they can get residence for an affordable state school.
Im tempted to see the New Moon movie but might go and see something else instead.

An Oprah will be transitioning over to her new network so she's isn't done with television yet.
Thank you for being on my side with this whole Twilight/Vampire ish! I now know that I'm not alone on getting this whole bizarre fan following. And seriously $14 for a movie ticket? OMG, I would NEVAH go to the movies for that...*LOL*...but then I said that when the price went to $10 at NYC theatres a couple of years ago!
Tracy said…
My nieces forced me to take then to see New Moon last night. It was entertaining for what it was, but there's no way I would have been into this movie when I was a teen. Bella is stupid and weak! Do these young girls actually admire this character. I mean, this young girl's whole life is wrapped up in this guy!
For some reason I have a really visceral aversion to vampires in literature and movies. I agree about the picture of Johnny Depp but can't fault their selection, and I doubt Oprah is retiring. More likely, she will be back with a new venture because I can't see her sitting in a rocker embroidering doilies. I didn't know who Jenna Jameson was but she was probably an easier interview than Sarah Palin. Raising tuition at UC is deplorable - it has always been the best state university system in the country, but everything in California has become big business.

How was Disneyland?
Jameil said…
i tend to skip movies and movie series people are obsessed with. LA is crazy w/those $14 tix. i might see NOTHING in the theater living there! good googly moogly! lol @ jenna getting harder questions. so oprah typical w/her female empowerment tip. she's very selective w/her hard questions. 30k words? oh yeah! lol @ that superlative. never heard of that one! dude. as much as you go to disney, you should take me!!

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