Skateboard Love

If I didn't already know that my six year-old son loves to skateboard... I'd have to be the dumbest mother on earth to miss it after this picture.
That's him on the boards, mohawk in full effect, in various stages of skate-trickery. I love it. I love his imagination.

When you love something, you think about it all the time. You even picture yourself doing it when you're not doing it. What do you love this much?
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Anonymous said…
Beautiful!! I turned one of my nephew's drawings into a magnet (boy am I glad I did because he threw all of them away)

so glad your kid is so expressive
I love your blog so much I can hardly stand it. I'll visit often now I've found it.
All the very best.
1969 said…
I love your son!
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Love it!!!!!!!! Tell him “Never stop ridin’!”

This brought back a memory. One I don’t think I’ve never even mentioned to anyone. Nothing important or anything. Just a random happening in my life.

I met some young skate-chicks a few years ago. In a Starbucks.
In Compton.
At the Starbucks by the Ralphs and CVS, in the Compton Shopping Plaza, you know, on Compton Ave, just before Alameda Blvd. (I wonder if it’s still open. I found the one on Crenshaw, by Leimert Park, closed)
All 5 were young A/A girls.
They looked like they could have stepped right out of Skateboarder magazine! They had “the look” down! And they could really Ride, as I watched them play on the curbing.
Me being “me” I couldn’t resist talking to them. They were all between 14 and 16, very friendly. As usual, I think they were surprised and as curious about me as I was of how they came to be ‘skater-chicks’.
And the young skater-guys I watched and talked with at Darby Park, at the small Skate Park setup that’s part of the park, on the north end. (Darby Park is west of Crenshaw and north of Century just a bit. Ever been there?)

I guess I’ve never mentioned it because so often people don’t picture normal, everyday teenage stuff existing in such places. Ya know, it’s all “ghetto life” and rap videos and Menace II Society and Old English in the middle of the day.

I do wish I could dream again …
Kathy Sena said…
LOVE the drawing! What a cool, imaginative kid. So glad to have met you at Disneyland and to have found your blog! I love it. Consider me hooked. :)
D- said…
I actually went and cut my hair off and got a mohawk after i saw your kid's. :)
I wanted to go natural again, and I saw it and I had to have one, too :D
Liz Dwyer said…
A magnet is a very cool idea. You have me thinking I should laminate this one to preserve it.

Romantic Query Letter,
Aww, that's so kind of you to say. Love the title of your blog and the story of your novels. :)

If we ever get him together with Tali 2 the world better watch out. They're taking over!

I think even if I did tell him to stop riding, that would fall on deaf ears.

I love girls who ride skateboards. I think they're so cool and I'm jealous because I wish I could ride, too.

You're totally right that folks assume kids down there are sitting out on their front porch with an AK-47 on their laps or cruising around looking for a drive-by. Truth is, kids are kids anywhere.

Gosh, I used to shop at that Ralph's all the time. I'm not sure if that SBUX you were at is still open, but if I think it is. Last time I was down there, like a month ago, I went to one on Central & Rosecrans. The barista messed up my chai like nothing else. Ugh.

So nice to meet you, too...and hopefully see you again soon?

The thing that really got me about watching him draw that picture was how confident he was with his vision. There was no hesitation, no erasing. He knew exactly what he wanted to represent on paper. I hope he retains that sense of clarity as far as his creativity.

I'm sure you're rocking the mohawk just as fabulously as he is! :)
Dena said…
i'll never stop dancing. (well, i'll stop if and when my body gives out....but that's a long ways away!)
D- said…
Nah - your kid is unbeatable. I'm not even trying to outdo him :)
Liz Dwyer said…
I do, too. I love him so much!

I can't ever see you not dancing. I have a feeling you'll make sure your body doesn't give out.

Haha! He'd be flattered at your attempt.

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