Join the Los Angelista Holiday Fitness Challenge

You ever wake up on January 1st and feel like a blob? Like crap? Like the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Like Jabba the Hut?

The average person does the following on January 1st:

Option A:
You get totally depressed because you were feeling so healthy and looking so good back before Satan's Day of Candy Halloween came around and demons force fed you tons of mini Snickers bars.

which leads to one of the following...

Option B: You pull your fat clothes out of the back of the closet and tell yourself you'll get back in tip top shape as soon as Valentine's Day (and all the fabulous chocolate that comes with it) is over.


Option C: You go on some insane crash diet where you consume so many baby carrots your friends and family decide to buy stock in a carrot farm.

However, if you're an average Hollywood type, you take...

Option D:
You dial up a nefarious character for some "herbal remedies" that give you tons of energy and make you completely forget about food. That way when you tell everyone you just have a fast metabolism, it's kinda true. You have a real "speed"-y thing going on.

I propose we all band together to defeat getting fatter over the holidays once and for all!

Just think, we can unify in pursuit of our common anti-blubber cause! All of us, black and white, male and female, Depeche Mode fans and those who wish they were Depeche Mode fans - together we'll avoid turning into doughy blobs.

I'm not talking about going on a diet - oh noes! I'm merely talking about drawing a line in the sand and saying that on January 1, 2010 nobody's pants will feel tighter than they already do.

Here's what we're going to do to combat the evils of holiday weight gain!

1) On December 1st, step on a scale: Yes, get on a scale. Write the number down. This is the number I want to see no matter what when January 1st rolls around. I'll be checking in on this number at least once a week so I'm aware if things start to creep up. (Weigh yourself every day if you want to, but don't get all obsessed about it.)

2) Exercise at least 30 minutes every single day:
Whatever it is - yoga, Wii Fit workouts, a good walk, running, doing a workout DVD (the dreaded Jillian Michaels), doing workouts through cable on-demand, or through YouTube (these are some of my faves)-- I'm committing to at least 30 minutes a day. If I can do more, fine. If not, I feel no guilt.

***Notice I did NOT say "go to the gym". Nobody has time to go to the gym at the holidays. Workout at home!

***Schedule it! I'm putting exercise into my schedule just like any other appointment or meeting so I know when and what I'm doing. No getting to 11:30 and realizing I haven't exercised all day!

3) Write down what I eat: There's no forgetting the fact that I scarfed down half a piece of cheesecake if I write it down. Again, there's no need to obsess about this, but I know I eat healthier when I write down what I've eaten. Makes it easier to see if I'm eating fruits, veggies and drinking water -- or am I just eating sweets (my downfall!)

***So far, that's it. I like to keep things simple and straightforward. I'll keep you posted on my progress once a week.

I'm doing this because I hate the whole "lose the Holiday weight" thing that goes on in January. Instead, I like waking up feeling amazing on New Year's Day.

Want to join me?


JT said…
Yeah! I'm IN!
Nerd Girl said…
Cool. I'm in! Thank you for this.
Nerd Girl said…
I'm back....mind if I link to your post today?
Liz Dwyer said…
Whoo hoo! I'm so glad you all are on board! :)

Nerd Girl - you are absolutely welcome to link to this post! The more of us band together to defeat the Holiday Fat Monster the better!
Val said…

I'm on the "I live thousands of miles from family holiday diet." Lol Which means I had a turkey hot dog for thanksgiving. Pathetic I know. I'll probably be having something similar for Christmas so I doubt I'm going to gain this holiday season.

(Don't laugh at me) Lol
nick said…
Fit as a fiddle, me. Good healthy weight too (1.85 metres, 73 kilos). But I do tend to gain a pound or two over Christmas, I just can't resist all those goodies (Do I detect waves of resentment coming at me from all directions....)
Liz Dwyer said…
I couldn't help but laugh at the turkey hot dog. That is so funny! Do I need to courier you some Christmas dinner? :)

Just as long as you're not going all Kate Moss on us - you know, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" - you're just fine with me! :)
Ashley said…
I'm in. I've actually been doing this for a few weeks but fell off the wagon around Thanksgiving. Time to get back on :)
Jameil said…
I'm still trying to get back to working out 30 mins 3xs a week! Geez Liz! So I'm with you on everything except the daily exercise! I can get with 3xs a week.
Liz Dwyer said…
At least you held it together thru Thanksgiving! I majorly fell off the wagon the week before Halloween! So many events and parties and not enough exercise. Gotta turn it around in December!

You could so do 30 minutes a day. You probably do that walking around campus. Just add 100 pushups, situps and squats a day into the mix and you're good. (Not all at once, 10 here, 10 there!)
Jen said…
I'm afraid the damage may have already been done but more damage could be prevented. I'm in!
Liz Dwyer said…
That's what I tell myself - damage can be prevented. I can work on undoing the havoc I've already wrought on my waistline some other time!
Unknown said…
I am in. I have already started doing this and knowing more folks are on board will keep me accountable! P.S.- already down 8 pounds!
Liz Dwyer said…
Whoo hoo! 8 pounds is awesome! Glad to have you on board! ;)
sippinwineman said…
Here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts.

The more you schedule your workouts, the more it becomes second nature. Coffee and news? 100 push-ups. Washing clothes? Jump rope between loads.

This won't make you look all "WOW!!" and what-not. But, it is a path there. Either way, your ideas are golden.
Cynthia said…
I'm in especially since I got the dreaded, "Oh, how many months are you" while the heffa laid her hand on my belly. I was wearing a babydoll type shirt that can be a bit alluring but geeze lady. When will people ever learn. Starting tomorrow and this time I mean it.
Kim Moldofsky said…
Okay, 3-5 times/week is my exercise goal, just to keep it realistic/achievable. But I'm in!
Jen said…
Sounds perfect. I'm in! I may be doing a little less exercise at the outset, because I'm re-conditioning an injured foot, but I'm up to 25 minutes, so getting to 30 should be in a few days. Already did my exercise this morning! ;-)
MTMN said…
This is just what I needed LA-ista! Lucky this is Dec. 1 :) Just discovered your blog from Twitter and it's great - you are an inspiration! @marienordhues
Liz Dwyer said…
SWEET! I'm so glad everybody's on board! WHOO HOO!
Absolutely. I just bought a copy of Jonny Bowden's Shape-up workbook, my weapon of choice when I need to get on the bandwagon, because it gets you back gradually, adding on exercise time and healthy foods week by week.

So I'm doing all the things you have listed, but I'm starting my exercise requirements with 20 minutes 4 times a week. I have been doing *absolutely nothing* for months, so that will already be a good starting point!

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