A Pulse Check Without Thinking Too Much

You ever feel the need to take a pulse check to make sure you're still alive, breathing, reflecting, growing, changing?

Without over-thinking it, here's what I'm...

saying no to:

watching those "the world is gonna end" shows on the History Channel


feeling inadequate because I don't have new "stuff"

the same ole same ole

spending time talking to people who do nothing but complain

saying yes to:

trying new recipes

letting go of secrets

speaking my mind, even if you're not going to like what I have to say

taking as many pictures as I want

keeping the pen moving, especially when I think the sentences being formed make no sense

giddy about:

the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr

cooler weather & rain hopefully coming soon

my sons

red velvet cupcakes


scared of:

feeling like I don't have enough money

breaking my own heart


getting sick

my parents dying

deeply inspired by:

good books


my children

creative people

old Bette Davis and Joan Crawford films

obsessed with:

Depeche Mode

black clothing

my hair

writing something worthy


in love with:

long walks


my family


Los Angeles

haunted by:

the answer to the question "what if?"


the things I wish I'd said

saved by:


my children




and you?

Special hat-tip to Lucrecer at Art Slam and Mocha Momma for inspriring me to do this meme!


V said…
Hi Los Angelista! I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love reading your blog. It's very inspiring. I found your blog last year, when I started running (ran the Chicago half marathon in September!). You've been one of my inspirations. I also love all of your post and pics of LA (lived there for 6 years/Bruin alum). Thanks for sharing 'your pulse check'.

- Vanessa

nick said…
I do agree with you about people who always complain, they're just a total downer. You wonder why they bother to stay in this depressing world at all. Hey, look around you, there're so many things to enjoy!
curlykidz said…
Oh, this was good. I am going to have to jump on board, but I have a feeling that I will think too much about it. I always do...
Jameil said…
ooooh. i heart this! i might have to do this, too. there are some things I've been dragging my feet with i need to get up on ASAP!
1969 said…
I love this and I too am looking forward to Sherlock Holmes!
Liz Dwyer said…
Hi V! So glad you decided to stop by and share. Congrats on the half marathon and go UCLA against USC! :)

Total downer. They could be standing in front of a field of flowers and they'd complain about how it's too colorful and it's hurting their eyes!

I told myself I needed to stop the self-censorship and just say the first thing that came to mind. It was definitely tough but you can do it! :)

Do it! Do it! (said in my best frat boy peer pressuring voice).

I sooo hope that film doesn't disappoint. Otherwise I may act a fool in the theater on Christmas night.
Sundry said…
A new recipe I just tried and loved. Very simple. Sounds weird but tastes great. I used small regular onions and a regular Bartlett pear and forgot about the lemon juice. Yummy, if you like Brussells sprouts at all.

Liz Dwyer said…
Ooh, thanks! I like brussels sprouts a lot. My youngest thinks they're poison. But then again, he thinks everything that's not chocolate or peanut butter is poison.
Call Family said…
"so what...now what" Tell me you remember who said that. I'll never forget it.
Liz Dwyer said…
Call Family,
Is that an Oscar line? I feel old riht now... it's right on the tip of my tongue.

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