Reason 1,726 Why I Love Depeche Mode: Because They Can Actually Sing

Just when I thought my head was going to explode from hearing the "singing" of yet another autotuned/vocoder "artist", Depeche Mode comes to the rescue!

I know you may be thinking, "An electronic band with good vocalists?" Yes, baby... and Depeche Mode has TWO of them.

From what I've read online, the final version of this song, "Come Back" has gone through some morphing, so who knows if it'll sound like this by the time the record is released next month, but I'm feeling this studio rehearsal version a whole lot. The lead singer on this track is Depeche Mode front man, Dave Gahan. The ridamndiculously lovely backing vocals and piano are by my biracial brother, Martin Gore. And, with the glasses on the miniMoog is the third Depeche member, Andrew Fletcher. Enjoy, enjoy:


Anyone doubting the strength of Dave's voice can just listen to Mirror's track Nostalgia. I voted that song as my 2008 Song of the Year on my blog. This new material sounds great so far. I need to finish listening to the remixes of Wrong so I can review the single for my blog too.
Anonymous said…
you know, for many people delineating something as reason number 1,726 would be a random choice of a set of numbers. I believe, in your case, this is an actual list of items related to Depeche mode with this many items on it! ;)
Anonymous said…
#1801 reasons for loving Liz - that you love Depeche Mode so very much! :)
Anonymous said…
Being able to sing is a big big plus in their favour. It always astonishes me how many of the fashionable, famous, award-winning musicians (no names mentioned) are actually very poor singers. Some of them can't even sing in tune, yet they're worshipped. How do they get away with it?
Anonymous said…
Depeche who? :)
Ingrid said…
did i mention that i'm soooooo jealous that you have tickets? cuz i am... hehehehe. they are amazing. and ur amazing for not letting anything keep you from getting those tickets.

and yes, they can sing. whom so ever wants to argue that point is clearly suffering from some sort of hearing damage;-p
Liz Dwyer said…
I am SO behind on replying to blog comments! I've been distracted these past few days...

Steve Nostalgia was an AMAZING song. And the promo pics were pretty nice, too! :)

Girl, the list keeps growing and growing... and growing!

Hugs! I love you too! :)

There are a LOT of very poor singers. So much is about looks these days, not vocals, which is a shame. Death to auto tune!

LOL! ;)

I haven't even written about all my tickets yet. I'm still in shock that I actually bought that many. Wowzer.
Anonymous said…
thank you thank you for sharing. beautiful. so excited. they were/are a huge influence on me and so still have the ability to pull so much emotion in their words and music.

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