Los Angelista Giveaway Winner: We Ski And Snowboard

It's a Friday afternoon and my sons are happily engrossed in "Ski School".

However, this isn't your average, vacuum all the money out of your wallet ski school. Oh no, this is the "We Ski And Snowboard" ski school, which means it's F-R-E-E!

They're practicing snowboarding tricks and it's not costing me a dime! Love it!

Two lucky readers are also going to be practicing their snowboarding tricks in a few days because, ladies and gentlemen, we have winners in the "We Ski And Snowboard" giveaway!

I used that Randomizer site to choose our winners and they are...Mel, A Dramatic Mommy and Anisa!

Congratulations to both fabulous ladies (email me your mailing addresses please!) and for everybody else that didn't win, thanks so much for entering! I'll have some more giveaways coming up soon so be on the lookout for them!


Unknown said…
LUCKY!!! Ugh! So wanted that!
Liz Dwyer said…
Mrs Bell,
It's really fun! My sons are STILL snowboarding with it!
yaaaaay! amechi will be thrilled too, im sure. big THANK YOU from both of us! naw ruz came early this year. now i have you to thank for the additional distraction during daylight hours...
Anonymous said…
Great once again I didn't win!!!

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