Someone On An "O" Magazine Cover Besides Oprah... And It Ain't Her Dogs!

Stop the presses!!!

For the first time EVER, her O-ness, has put somebody else on the cover of "O" magazine!

I'll admit, I've been secretly dreaming that I'd be the first non-Oprah lady on the cover of O. I hoped I'd be holding a copy of my first novel and I wanted to be dressed in a super-fly all-black Versace outfit.

The cover type would say in white lettering, "The book of the 21st century! Buy it now!"

And then in red lettering ("the author's pretty hot, too!")

But alas, I'm fully prepared to give up that fantasy because Michelle Obama is looking freakin' AMAZING on the cover of "O". Seriously, how did we get so lucky as to have such a smart, accomplished and FLY GIRL First Lady?

Oh, yeah, a whole bunch of y'all American's voted for her husband to be President, that's how!

If you didn't vote for her hubby or don't agree with his policies and use the hashtag #tcot every chance you get, c'mon, admit it: Mrs. Obama looks absolutely stunning! At the very least, join hands with me in thanking the Good Lord that Beyonce's camp didn't somehow manage to get her unbeweavable self up on the cover!

I am so excited for this issue to arrive in my mail box! United States Postal Service, don't accidentally lose this one like how you seem to lose a whole bunch of my other magazines, mmmkay?

Oh, and Oprah, once my book is done and I get an agent and a publisher, I'm totally cool with being the second woman besides yourself that you put on the cover!


Jameil said…
FABULOUS!!!! Oprah knows how to sell those mags!
Liz Dwyer said…
She sure does, doesn't she? That's why she's a billionairess!
"At the very least, join hands with me in thanking the Good Lord that Beyonce's camp didn't somehow manage to get her unbeweavable self up on the cover!" know Matthew Knowles is salty about this cover.

Love the spring colors.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure Oprah's already got you on her possible covers list. How could she avoid your circulation-boosting magic? As soon as your novel's ready, she'll be on the phone making sure you don't sign up with any rivals. And then Michelle will just be yesterday's news....
Anonymous said…
Oprah always has herself on the cover? I don't know how I wasn't aware of that. But Michelle Obama was a great choice for breaking that tradition.
Ingrid said…
i also love the spring colors. i love the fact that strong, black, respectful women of substance are on the oover. it's just great to see. and don't worry, when u hit that cover, i'll be one to run all over chicago buying multiple copies.

and i agree with you on the "unbeweavable" not being on the cover but then again miss o is no stranger to the needle and thread but i'll take it. it's all good. the billionairess can sport whatever her stylist's nimble-stitching fingers can create.
1969 said…
And really....Mrs. Obama is still technically an "O" right? I love it and yes, Mrs. O looks fabulous!!!

Are we pen-palling still?
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
Now, hold on a minute. It’s not like the “O Show” ISN’T on the cover, she’s just sharing. Like, maybe the First Lady might (might) be important enough to be beside the “O” herself.

Which makes me immediately think of a great moment, a few years ago with my kids, as we stood in the grocery check-out line (and yes, I’m a Horrible, Mean, Terrible Dad, making them participate in life’s real activities. Just ask them). My son had learned the meaning of the word “narcissistic” and proceeded to give a mini-lecture about how well that fit the “O”, being the ONLY person in the history of publishing to put her face on the cover of every single issue, using his ‘new’ word liberally (and correctly I might add).
Best part was when he took the magazine out of the rack in front of us, and told the people behind us in line, “that the only appropriate thing for the “O Show” to do, if she’s gonna stick her ugly mug on the cover of EVERY issue is, on the back, when you turn it around, it should be her big, fat butt on the back. Only appropriate ya know, front-to-back”. The people stared for a sec, then we all laughed so hard. He was given his just props for intelligent thinking.
He made me so proud.
Anonymous said…
Daniel, that's a priceless story!
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
Gonna cover My Butt here …
OK. Maybe the “fat butt” comment could be totally analyzed and academia-tized to death here. It was NOT some reflection of his “inner racism/poor view of Black Women/a woman’s worth (lets all sing Alicia Keyes now)/whatever”. It was a pictorial comment, really about the “O’s Industry of Self” and a young teenage interpretation of it.

A pre-emptive strike.

Lighten up. Lol!
Anonymous said…
Wonder how Oprah always looks skinnier on her cover than t.v. I love how she is looking at Michelle with admiration and respect.
West said…
Dangit. I was hoping I wouldn't be the ONE person to disagree that Ms. O (O-bama, that is) does not look good on that cover. I don't know what criterion is putting her over-the-top in others' opinions but more power to her and them. I just don't see it. I'm still trying to adjust to that ketchup and mustard ensemble.
Liz Dwyer said…
Poor Matthew, he got the Inauguration for his girl but not the Big O! I'm loving those spring colors, too. It'll be here before we know it! ;)

I hope she'll put me on her cover one of these days but I doubt Michelle will EVER be yesterday's news!

She sure does. There's never been anybody else! Isn't that something?

Yeah, it's so nice to see two black woman on a cover without their behinds all tooted up and out, thank goodness. I'm SO sick of that!

GOOD POINT! I hadn't even thought of that! Ooh, penpalling... yes!

That's a VERY funny story! Kids tell it like it is, don't they? Why'd you think you had to come add some disclaimers?

The Joy,
Top Conservatives on Twitter

Because the TV camera adds more pounds. I love that look, too! :)

I'll admit, when I first saw it, I said, "Why she's got on USC's colors??? But once I got over that, I really admired how elegant she looked. I like how youthful and fresh her outfits have been without being TOO young looking. She's getting it right!

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