Lucky Charms

Y'all know today is my half-Irish self's day, right? Yes, that's right! You can go ahead and kiss me cos I'm Irish!

My kids are into it, too. They went to school tricked out in more green than a shamrock. Can I just say how pissed I am that there was no school-wide recognition of Black History Month but they have a whole "Green Dragon Day" for St. Patrick's Day! No Black History Month assembly or anything but the school is tricked out for St. Patrick's Day. Even the City Council President is visiting for it... and not that EVERYBODY can't celebrate and be Irish for a day but I would bet money that my kids are more genetically Irish than 99.9% of the other kids there.

Yeah, lucky Irish me could not get a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's last night because, "Um, our shake machine is broken!" Only in Los Angeles is the shake machine broken before St. Patrick's Day. In Chicago, the river is green and the Shamrock Shakes are flowing. Sigh. I'm homesick.


Mamita Umita said…
LOL, I will have a Shamrock Shake for you today! I was standing outside on this 70 degree day in Chicago, and watching all the people walk by in green. My half Irish self is celebrating and its almost Naw Ruz where my other Persian half can party too, LOL.
April said…
Happy half-Irish day to you, from a fellow half-Irisher.
That is pretty pathetic that there was no acknowledgment of Black History Month at the school.
Jameil said…
i have no clue what a shamrock shake is but happy st. patty's day, anyway to my fave irish woman!
Anonymous said…
Happy St Pat's Day to you, Liz. Unfortunately the excellent parade in Belfast city centre was rather marred by the drunken yobs who took over a street near the university, set a car on fire and had to be cleared from the street by the riot police. Too many people just see St Pat's as an excuse to get legless and create havoc rather than celebrating all things Irish.
David Sullivan said…
St. Paddy's is amatuer night, so I never venture out. I stay at home listening to the "Cheiftans" and might have a Guiness or two. My kids are half Irish, as you, and enjoy wearing "Shamrocks" (not clovers) on their cheeks.

My son had a few assemblies around Black History Month, so I am shocked to hear that in a big city there would be nothing.

If there was a marketing angle to be exploited you bet people would celebrate Black History Month!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh my goodness, this is PARTY WEEK for you! Sweet!

I want a Shamrock Shake SO bad that I'm considering phoning other McDonald's just to see if they've got one or not! Pitiful!

Not school wide. My 2nd grader's teacher did a fabulous job teaching about the contributions of other folks and my son loved it, but that was not replicated school-wide.

Shamrock Shakes are these crazy addictive mint-green shakes from McDonald's and they only come out once a year, at St. P's Day! They're SO good! YUM!

What in the world! That's crazy and no fun at all! See, that's the sort of thing just spoils it. Set fire to a car??? Jeez!

Well, if you read Nick's comment... it sure is amateur night! Love the Chieftans. Love them.

Nope, no Black History Month assemblies at all. Nothing school wide and last week when I started seeing this Green Dragon Day crap all over the school, it really pissed me off! Of course, to cover her ass, if asked the principal will say that it's NOT St. Patrick's Day celebration, it's Green Dragon Day. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
What the heck is Green Dragon Day?
Liz Dwyer said…
The school mascot is a dragon, so it becomes Green Dragon Day. LAME!
Even the White House got into it today. You know you could throw in a little Black history in the mix by spreading the knowledge of the Irish who were Black back in the day! And Nordic as well....
Liz Dwyer said…
That's definitely right! Folks from Africa sure did know how to sail north to the western and southern tips of Eire!
Remnants of U said…
Ooh Green Dragon day, falls on March 17th...Dang, I bet the principal had to use all of her experience/degrees to plan that. LOL

Ok so isn't President Obama part Irish too?
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, that's what a PhD gets you in LAUSD!

Obama is part Irish. His mom's family is Irish! :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family!
Leila Daily said…
lol! great post :)
my boyfriend is a quarter irish... but he doesn't recognize his heritage like i think he should, lol.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you! We have leprechaun drawings all over the house... the boys had a BALL!

Black Girl,
He should! If he's black, tell him he's gotta rock the red, black and green as well as the orange, white and green! Get him one of those zip up sweatshirts that says "Ireland" on the outside! :)
1969 said…
We have Shamrock Shakes in Philly!!! I can overnight one on the next flight.

Hope your Happy St.Pady's Day involved some green beer. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
No beer and no Shamrock Shake! I think my pants are probably happy about the lack of shake though!
West said…
This one got me a lil upset for a sec. I had to chill before I posted a comment.

It's a good point you make. I often wonder if my gripes about the implementation (or lack thereof) of Black History Month are out-of-date. After all, I haven't been in an elementary or high school classroom in a lonnnng time.

So, thanks for the heads-up.
Lotus Flower said…
Hi Liz! This is my first time posting after lurking around for a while.

It's interesting...I found that wearing green on Saint Patricks Day was more of an American cultural norm for me then anything else, growing up. That's why I felt comfortable doing it. Even other Black folks do it so you KNOW it's truly an all-around American thing, lol.

About that whole green beer thing, is it just Guiness with green food coloring? Just curious.
Liz Dwyer said…
Ideally, true history would be taught ALL year long but in the meantime, there's no excuse for nothing school wide. It really does make me mad.

Thanks for jumping in and saying hey! I grew up in the Chicagoland area where there are TONS of Irish and lots of Catholics so I suppose I thought St. Patrick's Day was a normal part of life every March. When I was really little, it was much more of a saint's day than a day to get drunk! I don't know about the green beer... it must be food coloring! (Eww!)

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