I Just Might Melt Into The Floor Over Depeche Mode's Corrupt

Surprised that I might just melt into the floor over a Depeche Mode song?

If you are, you clearly don't come here too often.

So, Yahoo has a cute interview with, ahem, my guys, Andrew Fletcher, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. The words they're saying ain't nothing I haven't heard before, but, um, this studio session version of the song "Corrupt"... wowzer. Just killing it.

So, yeah, Depeche Mode, um, please play this track on tour. Please, please, please!

And, Dave Gahan, if you pop your collar like that on stage, that's a 100% guarantee every lady and probably half the guys in the place will lose it.



Kathy Rogers said…
Did you see them in the L.A. Times the other day? Made me think of you.
SQUEEEEEEE!! Depeche Mode!! :)

I love that you love them!
Jameil said…
lol. rashan and i were just talking about how we need our own obsessions. something to collect or eagerly anticipate.
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Is it OK if I love the new U2 release better?
Liz Dwyer said…
I sure did! (My DM love is well known because like 10 people emailed me the link to it!)

And you get subjected to all my Facebook Depeche updates, too. You're a trooper!

LOL, y'all are too funny. Hmm... what else do I have besides Depeche Mode? Orlando Bloom and Dracula? Wowzer, I sound like a weirdo...

Haha! It's OK, but, well, I kinda think that the new U2 is not their best. :)
Anonymous said…
oh yes!!!! yes yes yes!!!! I am just a puddle on the floor, my poor heart can't take this level of excitement!!
Liz Dwyer said…
I am seriously dying! Only two more weeks!!! ;)

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