The Premio Dardos Award

Hands down, the 2008-2009 winter is the sickest I've ever been. I'd like to blame this on last fall's first-ever flu shot but can I get a severe chest cold from a flu shot? I don't think the two are exactly related, but what I do know is that I'm tired of feeling alright one day and then having a blazing fever the next. And, how can I run 18 miles this Saturday if I can't even breathe properly???

Enough of my whining about being sick because I've been awarded a blog award by the fantastically wonderful Ian over at Or So I Thought. It's especially nice to get an award now since I attended the first ever Streamy Awards this past Saturday night and got to see lots of other people being recognized for their web activities! Hmm...Does "web activities" sound a little naughty to you or do I only think that because I live in LA? Actually, don't answer that! Let me get back to the subject at hand!

Ian gave me a Premio Dardos Award!

Ian describes the award by saying, "What's the Premio Dardos Award? Premio Dardos means "prize darts" in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing."

How can I live up to such an absolutely fabulous award? I don't know, but thank you, Ian, for giving it to me. In case you didn't know it, I respect Ian a great deal. I find him and his blog to be refreshingly straightforward, compassionate, funny and insightful. He also knows a LOT about all sorts of interesting topics AND he lives in Canada! SO go read his blog if you aren't already.

Of course, there are rules with this award.

-Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and link to his or her blog. (done!)

-Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement.

Now, I know some of you all hate blog awards and don't do them, but, ahem, I'm awarding you anyway because you're fab!

1) Nineteen Sixty-Nine: She really IS Brooklyn's Finest even if she currently lives in Philly! I love reading her blog because she has two boys, I have two boys. She's an awesome cook, and I, well, I could be a better cook! :) Let's face it, everybody who goes to her blog secretly wants to be 1969!

2) Jameil at I Don't Know Why I Like Ripped Paper: So creative and funny and her eavesdropping/observational powers inspire me. She's getting her master's degree in documentary film making and she's gonna create something that will make us all stop and pause.

3) Sundry at Any Given Sundry: Such an amazing photographer and her love of the outdoors makes me want to actually learn how to camp. (As in, with a tent and all that!) Plus, she loves LA like I do.

4) Jen at A2EatWrite: Jen's a mom, wife, teacher, writer and cook so if you are into any of that stuff, well, this is the blog for you! She's on hiatus till April, but seeing as how that's only one day away, go visit her and drool over some of the delish food photos she has on her site.

5) Claudia at On a Limb with Claudia: All I really need to say is that she writes fab fiction, keeps bees and asks super thoughtful questions. And I love her!

6) Lisa at Mama Blah Blah is a working mommy who's trying to hold it all together in the mean streets of LA! Oh, and she's doing a 100 push-up challenge these days. I don't know why because last time I saw, she already HAS fab arms!

7) Nerd Girl is the instigator behind the push up challenge! She also has a great blog, a cutie daughter and, like me, she's a nerd! Love it!

8) Ms. Wooden Shoes at Broad Abroad is having the time of her life living in Holland and sometimes I'm SO jealous of that. Oh, she's doing the 100 push up challenge, too.

9) Faith at Acts of Faith in Love and Life lives in the Bay Area but she's going to be moving to LA, hopefully! I met her a few weeks ago and she's just as cool in person as she is on her blog. I love how she doesn't just accept the pat answers our society feeds us to keep us happy, but she really independently investigates the truth.

10) Anali at Anali's First Amendment writes about life, words and food. She's another blogger who makes me drool when I'm looking at the photos of the tasty-looking treats she makes.

11) Mamita Umita has been one of my faves for awhile, even though she doesn't always update as often. Hint, hint! Update! I need some new Mamita adventures!

12) Ingrid at Me As I Am is always real. She just got laid off and when I was reading her post about it, I felt like it had happened to me.

13) Dwana at Healthier, Happier You is always so thoughtful and positive AND she lives in my former hometown, Chicago! She always inspires me with the interviews she does on her blog and makes me want to be healthier!

14) Citizen of the World at A Little Off Kilter always has something interesting going on and her adventures with her sons really make me laugh. I love that her credo is "Life is weird and unpredictable, but often in a good way."

15) Socal Mom by Donna Schwartz Mills is one of my faves because through her I get to experience what life would be like if I had a super talented gymnast daughter! And I always run into her at all sorts of cool LA Blogger Events and she's so fab in person!

So, that's my 15! Go visit them... hey, I just realized I picked ALL women bloggers! Hey ladies, you know what? We rock! :)


Jameil said…
awww! thanks liz! you are too sweet! i've been looking for new bloggers to follow so maybe i'll find some from your list. i know i found claud from you, maybe that's how i found 1969, too! if so, you're the best!!
Lisa Johnson said…
Liz!!! You just made my day! Thank you and congratulations! Hope you feel better soon too. ; )
Mamita Umita said…
Thanks Liz!! I am trying have a new post once a month. I have always loved your blog, and am thankful just to be listed. Love you friend.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, go visit some of these ladies! They're cool people! By the way, I totally love the new name for your blog. That's why you're you: always changing things up and keeping it fresh!

Well, I love your blog so it's much deserved. You give Boston a fresh look. I've been so busy, I haven't been around to visit as much lately, but I miss coming over more frequently to see what you're up to.

Once a month??? Girl, come on! How about every two weeks! :) Love you too!
Ndelible said…
Was that you in the UCLA emergency room on Friday evening, bright red laptop?
Lisa Blah Blah said…
Congrats on the award! I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick. I have a theory, because I got the flu shot this year too: that's what made me sick! Everybody in my house has been on a round robin of sickness. Right now my husband is down for the count, just in time for Viva's birthday madness to begin.

Thanks for the award! You made me laugh about the arms/pushups. You know, after the baby I really should be doing "1,000 crunches" instead! That's the part of my body that needs work!

I'm going to go check out some of the blogs you posted. What fun!
Anonymous said…
Hey, thanks! I love the idea that I have values!
Liz Dwyer said…
Hey, I sure was! Waiting on my husband. Were you there? Wish you'd come over and said hi! :)

That round robin is exactly what's been going on here, too. Except the kids don't get sick as much. It's just us adults!

I need to do the crunches,too but I didn't just have a baby like you! Heck, mineis FIVE years old!

Absolutely deserved! You certainly do have values!!!
Ndelible said…
Ah, I thought so. I came back over after I dropped off Cam - was pretty sure we kind of recognized each other - you were on the phone and I had dinner in my hand for Cam. Couldn't pull myself away after that - waited for Mom to get discharged.

Your boys are adorable! What a funny world. I thought perhaps you'd blog on how crazy the new hospital is - not enough beds and all. My mom stayed in the observation pod for a week!

Belated HI!
congrats on the award Liz!

I look forward to checking out the blogs I haven't read yet.
Sundry said…
Oh my gosh, that's so sweet of you. I have found some of my other favorite bloggers through you. Congrats and thanks!

Ooph, I've been such a slacker lately. I blame it on the bronchitis, which is also keeping me out of the gym due to shallow breathing and a horrible sounding cough (hmmm...though it might work to move people off any machine I stand next to...) What is with our health this year? This is my second bout since October.

Good health and good writing wishes are winging your way!
I am going to cry Liz! Thanks so much for the nod. I was on the verge of having a crappy day from some family dynamics that are always present when I visit but reading this really helps you have no idea. I'm heading to the gym in a bit to work it all out! Again...thanks so much. You've always been very encouraging and I think you added me to your blogroll immediately. You are just as cool as I thought you'd be and more....

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