Los Angelista Giveaway: We Ski & Snowboard for Nintendo Wii

I know many of you living here in the States are getting pounded today with crazy amounts of snow. That's NOT the case here in Los Angeles!

Don't ask me why, but the snow just never seems to want to come down out of the mountains and make friends with our palm trees!

I still sympathize with you though because I grew up in the Midwest. I may not be digging out from the umpteenth blizzard of the winter season these days, but all this snow means it's perfect timing for my latest giveaway: Two copies* of Namco Bandai's We Ski & Snowboard for Nintendo Wii!

Maybe you're too broke to rent skis, buy lift tickets or get that cute snow bunny ski jacket. Yeah, me too! These days I'm all about finding free and low-cost ways to entertain myself and my family.

Well, instead of driving two hours to spend mucho dinero on hot chocolate at the ski resort, all I need to do is whip out my Wii Balance Board and make my own cocoa in my kitchen. And instead of falling on my butt over and over in the snow, all I have to do is step on the board. That's good for me because I've never ever been skiing in my entire life and I would probably spend the entire time wiping out.

Oh another nice thing? There is no worrying that my kids are gonna knock their teeth out or break a leg while trying to do back flips on a snowboard. All they have to do is maneuver on that Balance Board.

What, you think it sounds like I'm depriving my kids and myself of the opportunity of sliding down the side of a real mountain? Trust me, one of these days we'll take the drive out to Big Bear or Mammoth Mountain and spend the ducats to do the whole ski chalet thing. But that day won't be today, so in the meantime we'll just practice our skiing skills with We Ski & Snowboard.

So how can you win?
1) Be a resident of the continental United States.
2) Leave me a comment on this post before 11:59 PM on Thursday, March 5, 2009. You don't have to tell me anything special, like describing how badly you want skier thighs too. Nope, just say whatever like, "Los Angelista, you're SO awesome, I'm gonna buy you Depeche Mode tickets to the Vegas show!"

You want extra entries? Here's how to get them:
1) Link to this contest on your blog and come back and let me know in the comments that you did.
2) Twitter this contest and
come back and let me know in the comments that you did.

Good luck!

*Two copies means two winners, not two copies of the game for one winner!


losangelista--I love your blog! I was so excited when I found out that you have a twitter page. I, too, grew up in the midwest--in Cincinnati--then I moved to Southern Cali in high school. I now reside in Md. with my daughter

I'm starting a blog this month, and I'll definitely be adding you to my blogroll.
I twittered the contest...wish me luck everyone..i think this Wii game will help me lose some of this pregnancy weight in time for summer!! LOL!
Miz JJ said…
I love my wii. I got a free snowboarding game with my wii fit board, but it's not wii snowboarding. It's so much fun.
Anonymous said…
I think i need to have one of these - being an ex-ski racer and all!

Of course, if I win this, I'd actually need to buy a Wii, but hey, one step at a time.. :)

P.S. I DO love your blog!
mom_of2boys said…
I'm excited about this giveaway! My 4yo really wants this game...but mom's too cheap.
Anonymous said…
Hi Los Angelista's...I do love your wittiness, your hair and your BLOG! My son and I would love to win the We Ski & Snowboard for Nintendo Wii. We (my son and I) just came in from the snow, so I'm going to warm up, but plan to blog about your contest. I will let you know when it's done. Thanks always!
Arianna said…
The first - well, only - time I went downhill skiing, I fell getting off the chairlift and took my lovely partner with me. It only got worse from there. :)

Yay for contests!
Anonymous said…
I want this to go with the wii I had to buy since I didn't win that contest! Hope I win this one!!!!
Abigail said…
Girl, how cool are you, twittering with Brooke Burke?
Anonymous said…
I am almost ashamed that I clicked out of my reader right to ur blog just so I could enter this contest. Shame on me *slaps hands HAWD*

But here im is! *frantic wave!*
liz! so perfect for me! i was just searching for such a game on amazon.

first, i went and addicted myself to a fit because of your rave review, and second i decided i simply MUST master some winter sport while i live on the east coast - since skiing in chicago amounts to teetering on ice hills in wisconsin. you know how it is!

so amechi and i have been trying to snowboard as much as possible. and what more perfect way to maintain our skills?

either way, let me know if this game is worth trying to dig up some place.
Anonymous said…
Entering because my boys would really love to play on this one. I just might enjoy taking lots of pictures of a 4 and 6 year old hanging 10 on a virtual snowboard (even though I'm not sure if you hang 10 on snow or not?)
My nephew will love this game... I hope I can win it for his 11th birthday.
my2boyz said…
My children would love this..who ma i kidding i would love this!! Greetings from WI!
my2boyz said…

Miss Blondie said…
Los Angelista- Great Blog! I want this game for my selfish self! Not the kids!
Anonymous said…
I twittered the contest @lilianasmom, it's my first time reading your blog, and I must say I'm a fan. I'm in Raleigh NC, I'll tell my friends to check you out. Thanks!
Unknown said…
Hello my name is Stephanie and I am a Wii-aholic... Which I guess isn't bad because it's helping get me fit! But I miss snowboarding and I was a skater chic in school so PUHLEEEEZE draw my name!!

And you're right WWBSM is better than ANTM :p (prncsspurdylily)

Unknown said…
tweeted!!! (prncsspurdylily)
Rattled Mom said…
My preschool-aged son would love this. It'll be a while before I let him on an actual snowboard!

And...the snow's all melting here today. Hooray! beezerly at yahoo dot com
EatPlayLove said…
Los Angelista you are awesome. Btw, I live in Colorado where it's been 70 degrees all week, I need virtual skiing!
Anonymous said…
Of course, I saw your tweet about 4 hours too late. Ugh. Dang electronic job cotton pickin! I was looking for this game in the stores yesterday too! Ah well.
The more things I have to help me fet in shape the better. I have to lose this weight! I can't carry around an extra 15 pounds and try to train for the breast cancer walk.
Tweet, Tweet!

Anonymous said…
I got a Wii not to long ago and then shortly after my cats chewed through the Wii sensor bar wire! Bad bad cats. I've since sold them on Ebay..

Ok, not really but I did just get my replacement sensor bar and am excited about getting on the Wii Fit again and hula-hooping :)

Thanks for the chance!
Anonymous said…
oooo I LOVE IT! I hate cold feet & the kids are too whiny when they are cold too... ;)
Anonymous said…
a lil birdie (@VirtueIMC) told her friends!
Anonymous said…
Another little birdie heard from the first birdie and told his friends too! (@joshcanhelp)
Anonymous said…
Losangelista is a very cool moniker! You're the shizit!
Anonymous said…
Did a tweet too! Last minute is still better late than never!

*Tanyetta* said…
This would make a perfect gift for a friend of mine. She LOVES her Wii and this would be great to play it with her kids too!
*Tanyetta* said…
I twittered this:

Liz Dwyer said…
You all are AWESOME! Tanyetta, I'll let you slide in past the deadline but anybody after this will not entered! I'll let that random.org site pick two of you all tomorrow morning and I'll post it as soon as I can! :)

Thanks again for entering and so glad to have so many new faces visit my blog. Feel free to chime in on any posts you like!

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