San Francisco, I Loved You...

Yes, San Francisco, I was really into you... <span class=

But I felt like I was cheating on my true love.

You see, I can't lie. I totally burst into tears when I rounded the curve on the 101 Freeway by Cahuenga and saw all of Downtown El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de la Porciuncula in front of me, sparkling like the Queen she is.

Yes, I have finally been reunited with this beautiful city I call home! No kidding, I tear up just about every time I round that curve because it's just SO gorgeous. But tonight, my tears were TOTALLY due to gratitude.

If you'd spent six hours traveling with two children who shouted, "Wassup, Cow!" to every bovine animal they could see, you'd be grateful to see home, too. Oh, and then after it got dark, they complained that they couldn't see the cows anymore and wanted me to do something about it.

"Can't you just make a meteor or shooting star light up the sky or something?" Yeah, Mommy will get right on that after she finishes driving these last 200 miles.

Then they were hungry, then they were thirsty and THEN they both had to go to the bathroom practically every half hour. It's not like I could say, "Can you hold it till we get home?"

At one of the bathroom stops I was sort of feeling like I might die from exhaustion so I bought a can of Red Bull. I had to hear, "Mom, you know you shouldn't drink that. It makes you hyper."

Um, yes, kids. Mommy needs a little hyper in her life to keep her foot pressed on the gas pedal and her eyes on the road, especially since The Worst Driver On The Planet Daddy is not feeling so great and has been snoring in the passenger seat for the entire drive home.

I mean, I was so desperate, I was calling On-Star and letting my boys harass the customer service with their endless, "How many miles till we get home?" questioning. Trifling, I know.

And then, my children REALLY entered, "Mommy's gonna kill you!" territory. They had the NERVE to ask, "Can we listen to something besides Depeche Mode?"

Yeah, you can listen to mommy cussing y'all out...

Just kidding. Saying, "No, and don't ask me again," works much better. And they fell asleep for the last 80 miles anyway so it's not like they had to hear it the whole trip, you know?

Yeah, what is a road trip without being harassed by your kids? Can you tell I secretly love their backseat madness!

I might have to go back to San Francisco sometime soon, just so I can deal with a little more, "Are we there yet?" But, in the meantime, in case y'all didn't know, I LOVE LA!


Anonymous said…
I am so glad your trip was a success despite the cab experience. When I drove back from a friend's Saturday night, my two year old kept saying "dark, switch" - thank goodness he fell asleep after half an hour.
1969 said…
Road trips and airplane rides are the WORST with the boys.

I feel you because Tali 2 was up all night last night. UGH....the endless stream of questions at 2am is sooo not cute.

Glad you made it back to the City of Angels safe and sound.
Kathy Rogers said…
I know exactly what you mean. Well, OK, I never really liked Frisco that much.

I'm an L.A. native. I was forced by schooling to live someplace north for three years. Barf. Every time I would come home, I would hit the accelerator and crank the radio when the front bumper of the car passed the county line. Woo hoo!

It's a good thing you didn't take the 5. Kettleman City would have been a cow-o-rama.
Anonymous said…
I cry everytime I come "home" to Mississippi. Ten years in and I still can't believe I live here!

I think I'm going to torture myself with a road trip to Houston with Lovegirl soon. Oh the joys!
Glad you made it back safely, but you guys didn't even get to experience the real San Francisco yet. Next time? Just a suggestion: do an apartment/room rental instead and take public transport. Dolores Park is not to be missed.
Jameil said…
calling On-Star and letting my boys harass the customer service with their endless, "How many miles till we get home?" HILARITY!!! oh man you and 1969 are FEELIN it!!
sippinwineman said…
Here's what I envision - "I gotta go t'bafroom. 'My little girl. . drive anywhere. . ' What's up cow!!??? 'People are people so why should it be' How many miles until we get hoooome?"

You've gotta love kids. If we didn't, the world's highways would be littered with them.

I was lucky (I guess) that I was raised by a father with whom I had to look out of the side window when we drove. I was terrified.

Now I drive like him. Most kids/adults are VERY QUIET
when I drive. I believe I'm an excellent driver. . .even in San Fran.
Hey. I'm glad you're home. Take of yourself and your guys.
Ian Lidster said…
San Francisco is marvellous and has never disappointed me.

And, as I mentioned on Facebook, there is an award for you at my blog.
Jessalyn said…
"Yeah, you can listen to mommy cussing y'all out... "

Tee hee! Love it!
Sundry said…
Great to hear the praises of L.A. sung. It's so much trendier to approve of anyplace else. The city's shiney clean right now, too. Welcome home!
Remnants of U said…
Funny! I guess you should be glad that you weren't driving through Texas...Wassup Cow! In cattle country...Oh boy!
Anonymous said…
I used to live in the bay area and went back to visit a few years ago. I love that place.
Liz Dwyer said…
Well, San Francisco gave me a parting gift... I have been laid up, totally sick and feverish over the past couple of days. It hasn't been pretty at all, so sorry to not reply to your comments before now!

Isn't it funny how they want you to reply every time they say it? And we mommies will answer every single time because we love our kids!

See, mine like airplanes. In fact, little short stuff had the nerve to suggest, "We shoulda taken a plane!" I had to ask him, "Do you have take a plane money???"

Glad I made it home, too, even if I could've done without whatever this latest cold/flu thing is that I have! :)

But I did take the 5! Someone else told me there are like 300,000 cattle around there! That's totally crazy! Glad I'm a vegetarian already because if I wasn't, I sure would be after that experience!

Nerd Girl,
Ooh, a road trip to H-town! I want to come too! :)

I wish I had had more time to visit, and even come say hi to you! I hung out a lot in Palo Alto with my friend-- she was visiting from Boston and I hadn't seen her in 8 years. It's a different experience to be in SF with kids. Last time I was there, I didn't have them with me and I ran all around! :)

Yeah, one year on-star trial subscription is gonna be put to good use. I used to get creeped out by on-star but hey, now that I know how useful it can be, I'm ALL for it!

LOL! Yeah, that's pretty much how it was! Too funny!

My husband is the same kind of driver as your dad (and you), which is why, if I'm in the car, he can't drive. I hate feeling like I'm going to die any second. He never thinks he's a bad driver but it's not just me, his mommma can't take his driving either! :)

I am sooo honored to get an award from you! Whoo hoo! What a nice coming home present! And I can't wait to go back to SF. It really is lovely.

Yes, indeed. Those kids wanted me to lose my mind! ;)

Why is it so cool to diss LA? Half the world wants to live here yet folks who can live here try to act like it's not all that. It's simply gorgeous here right now... but ask me in September or October... ugh!

LOL, you are SO right! My boy would LOVE Texas!

I want to go back sometime soon. It was too long between visits, for sure.
Shiona said…
Hope you feel better soon. Glad you enjoyed the trip despite the cab incident. Hopefully you can have another road trip soon :)
Liz Dwyer said…
You know how we do... if our ancestors had let idiot cab drivers stop them, none of us would be where we are today. You know? :)

And thank goodness I am feeling better!

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