10 Totally Unrelated Questions

Today was a crazy busy day and my mind is only filled with questions. It's been a minute since I got some of my questions about life off my chest. So here's my latest 10 totally unrelated questions:

1) Is there anybody out there that's really surprised that Bristol Palin and her baby daddy Levi (whatever his last name is, I can't remember it) broke up? What will Sarah Palin say now?

2) Virgin Megastore is closing all it's U.S. Stores. When's the last time you were in one? Honestly, I thought they'd already gone out of business.

3) Have you looked at your 401(k) statement lately? I looked at mine last week. I felt sick afterwards.

4) Why have three people told me in the past two weeks that I'm a "typical Capricorn"? What exactly does that mean? And why does it sound so bad?

5) What is the big deal with American Idol? I've only watched one full episode ever. I just don't get why I can sit through an hour of Make Me A Supermodel but I can't stand American Idol. Is it Ryan Seacrest's fault?

6) Speaking of TV, don't you miss Mad Men? I may have to buy the DVDs. I need more Mad Men in my life. I really do. I wonder if they'll put more diverse cast members on next season. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that but I'm curious to see if they will.

7) Will I ever stop getting annoyed by people who tell me I'm "lucky" because I don't have to lay out to get a tan? Honey, you don't have to tan either. I slather sunblock on myself religiously because I don't want cancer. Accept that you're white and move on!

8) What would happen to hip hop and R & B videos if women in India and China went on strike and refused to sell their hair for weaves anymore? Hmm... I kinda want this to happen, just to see the fall out, don't you?

9) Are you going to watch the Thursday afternoon Oprah's show about domestic violence? Do you think Rihanna will?

10) Why do people keep calling Chris Brown "Ike Turner"? Is it just because they're both black? Am I supposed to think that there's no white celebs that have beaten down their girlfriends or wives? Because we all know THAT isn't true, right? (Is racism at work here? Hmm?)

Ok, now that I have all that off my chest, I'm going to bed. If you have any answers for me, let me know!


Anonymous said…
Re the tan, why are people obsessed with getting a tan anyway? Firstly it's a cancer risk, secondly they're fine as they are, thirdly they're just mindless followers of fashion. In Australia very few have a tan because a tan shows you're stupid enough not to apply enough sunblock. Anyone with a tan is probably a foreigner.
Anonymous said…
1) No, 2) I thought that, too. 3) Yes. Ack. I'm trying not to look often. 4) I think being called a "typical" anything feels vaguely insulting. 5) Partly Seacrest and partly because they drag it out in an excruciating way. 6) I don't know Mad Men! 7) Probably not. 8) I'd love to see that happen and also see the silicone supply dry up. 9) No (working), and no. 10) Yes, racism is at work. But also that particular case was widely publcized and in the same inductry. But, still..

There you go. Hope you slept well.
Liz Dwyer said…
I've heard how vigilant Australians are about protecting themselves from the sun. It sounds smart to me. The sun in moderation is good but I'm not intentionally going to bake myself on my front lawn just because I think darker legs look thinner or more healthy.

How much do I love that you answered EVERY question!!! I was just having one of those moments where I had a gazillion thoughts running through my head and no one to ask about any of it! You have to rent Mad Men. It's a great TV show set in the late 1950's NYC advertising world. It's fabulous and I miss it so much in the off-season.
Jameil said…
"I just don't get why I can sit through an hour of Make Me A Supermodel but I can't stand American Idol." hahahahaha! love it! fashion is way more interesting to me. i can't stand idol. not a fan of amateur night anywhere esp. not tv. my 401k statements are mailed and cringe-worthy every time. no one ever tells me i'm a typical virgo. but i'm a cusp so i'm a lot like leo & virgo. never seen mad men. i would LOVE to see a weave strike!! hilarious!! of course rihanna won't watch oprah's show. i haven't heard the ike comparison but can't say it bothers me. stop beating women.
April said…
1) probably (the same people who wanted to vote Palin for Pres), but I'm not one of them.
2) haven't thought about them in years.
3) I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my year-end 401k. I do the opposite of what they tell me: I'm heavy on bonds, and light on stocks.
4) I'm too self-absorbed to know about any sign other than my own (Aries).
5) My friend at work and I watch it and we bitch and moan about it all the time. We don't know why we watch it, but we do. Seacrest isn't half as annoying as Paula, though. I do like Simon, though, and he's almost always right.
6) I never got into Mad Men. Seemed a little too sexist for me, from what I heard from people. But I can relate: I'm totally addicted to West Wing reruns on Bravo right now.
7) wow. that sucks. You should not stop getting annoyed. People should stop being ignorant.
8) I would love to see this, too.
9) I missed it. My heart breaks for Rihanna and I just hope she is okay.
10) I can't think, off the top of my head, of a white couple that they can compare it to. I do think Tina is a great role model for Rihanna, though, because she got out and look at her now. It probably is racist, though. I don't think the MSM has covered a white couple that's been through this with quite the fervor that the Turners or Brown/Rihanna have been.
West said…
1) Not me.
2) I've only seen one once - when I visited NYC.
3) Ouch.
4) What I've heard about Cap's has always been good stuff. Maybe I've somehow missed the bad, for some reason. Btw, I'm a Cap.
5) I was with you until the Supermodel thing. I've no clue.
6) I've seen bits n pieces, but mostly I've heard about it on NPR.
7) It's all relative. Y'know, the grass is greener, and all that...
8) More of the grass is greener stuff at work. Anyway, I don't watch that stuff b/c I've become an old fogey. Although sometimes... yum.
9) No and no.
10) How often has this kind of thing been national news... involving celebs... and Black ones? I don't consider it racial. Just relatively novel. Mostly I'm surprised people care so much... and wondering if it's about caring or spectacle.
Phi Sister said…
For #10 I think it's just because they are a black couple whre both were equally famous at one point and he hit her. The similarities are there and I do not see it as a racist thing at all.
Anonymous said…
#7 is cracking me up! I think I've accepted my skin color (white, with freckles), but I'll have to check myself after reading this!
Ms Angela said…
I can only answer one question out of the ten with any measure of confidence. The older I get, the less I know. Others have said it; I live it! So, the question that I do know something about is 4)There is no such thing as a typical Capricorn!

There are some traits that many Caps seem to share, mostly it has to do with being thoughtful, pragmatic and determined to get to the top of whatever mountain they have to climb in life, no matter how high the mountain top is or how long long the journey takes.

Other than that, some Caps are outgoing and charming, others are uncomfortable in groups and stand-offish. Some are studious, others won't crack a book open unless you threaten them. It depends on a lot of factors in one's natal chart.

Anyway, that's it for me! :)
Sundry said…
Heh...no answers from me,but I enjoyed your Q and the As you're getting.

About the time I started this job, someone told me that I'm a triple Capricorn, whatever that means. Thinking that it made me sound like something an insider would order at Starbucks, I shared this information freely. One of my bosses went PALE when I told her. I guess she thought I was going to try to overthrow the company. (She's a wild mixed-bag of belief systems, though, so who knows!)

My own random question that's been bothering me lately: How come some hair is smart enough to know how long it's supposed to be? Head hair will grow indefinitely, but if you trim your eyebrows, they will grow back to the same length again...and then stop.
great questions. Good thing Palin lost or Bristal and Levi might have been forced to get married. Poor things.

Regarding Mad Man, it's in re-runs here. I love it. I'm curious to see how the show will change as it moves deeper into the 60s. Will Sterling-Cooper hired a black copy writer? Will a black family move next door to the Drapers? I also want to know what is going to happen between Pete and Peggy and where the hell is my Don Draper. ha

Ryan Seacreast is very, very annoying.
Kathy Rogers said…
"fall out"

Mes Deux Cents said…

Rocker Tommy Lee was arrested for domestic violence against Pamela Anderson. That happened in the late 90's I think.

I don't remember the media going crazy over the story like they are with C Brown and Rihanna. And at the time both Tommy Lee and Pam were really big stars.

I think that the amount of media coverage does have a lot to do with this being a Black couple. The media loves to join any party in which Black people can be vilified.
DJ Black Adam said…

"What would happen to hip hop and R & B videos if women in India and China went on strike and refused to sell their hair for weaves anymore? Hmm... I kinda want this to happen, just to see the fall out, don't you?"

lol! Then maybe all the fine sistas with natural hair would get work!
Lisa Blah Blah said…
1. No.
2. Me too.
3. Girl, don't look at your 401(k) statement. Put it down and back away.
4. It's not bad! Typical Capricorn means you're thoughtful, practical and steady. My husband and one of my closest friends are Capricorns.
5. I am with you on this 100%. I have friend who throw Idol parties every week and want me to join them. Meh, no thanks.
6. I've only seen a couple of episodes and I was kind of lost not knowing the storyline. Netflix could fix that.
7. No. You will also never stop getting annoyed by people who talk about your hair. I almost had to throw down with a co-worker because I wore my hair out today (big curly & wild) instead of pulled back and he kept teasing me about it. What the--?
8. I would love for this to happen. Maybe we'd see some women rockin' the natural hair!
9. Missed the Oprah show. (Somewhat related: but I did buy the O magazine with Michelle Obama on the cover! First time EVER Oprah has shared the cover.)
10. There are some parallels between Chris Brown and Ike, but the CB/Rihanna story is much different due to how young they are, the fact that they're not married, and that he doesn't control her career, to name just a few things.
Ingrid said…
Number 8 is a fantastic plan! FANTASTIC! You know how they burned disco records in the 70s? How about we have a bonfire for weaves?! We can use the synthetics as kindling;-p

(I'm rubbing my hands together and twisting my evil mustache in giddy anticipation)
Shiona said…
What a great list of questions. I won't supply the answers as so many commenters have done such a great job of doing so.

I can't think of a typical anything. Wait my ex is a typical Scorpio...

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