Your Graffiti Is Too Cool For Me

Dear Neighborhood Graffiti Artists,

Lately you've been making me feel confused and uncool.Yesterday I concluded that this is a depiction of modern motherhood: motor oil, baby vomit, and chairs on wheels.

Today I decided it's a depiction of our modern environment: toxic blue-green water, steel, and comfy chairs on wheels.

I have a sneaking suspicion I'm wrong on both fronts, and this has left me feeling like I'm no longer cool and avant garde enough for my super hipster Los Angeles neighborhood.

I am also losing cool points with my kids since I'm unable to answer, "Mommy, what's that on the wall over there?"

Since my self-esteem is really taking a beating due to your vandalism artistic expression, how about you keep the graffiti to stuff I recognize, like tricked out Frankensteins and Yodas? Even the random words you used to draw in puffy letters, like "Bonk" and "Face" are cool with me. At least I can read those.

Your girl,

Los Angelista


nick said…
Have to say I loathe graffiti, most of it's a complete eyesore and often it ruins otherwise attractive surroundings. Only about 1% of it has any artistic merit whatever and even if it does, did the local community ever agree to it? One of the worst inventions of the twentieth century.
Liz Dwyer said…
I hear you. Some of it is really ugly. I tend to like graffiti that's more along the lines of wall murals. And in some ways it's better than the crap random taggers leave on the walls.
Jameil said…
i think it's a rabbit and a kidney stuck in a briar patch. great opportunity to tell your kids how art is different to the eyes of all!
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes! I think I can see the kidney!

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