Dear Neighbors: Your Band SUCKS

I think I just heard a REALLY bad Jim Morrison impression.

My neighbors across the street are having one of their get-togethers. This one is small as far as their parties go, but their "band" that's playing over there seriously needs to quit while they're ahead.

I think this may be the worst song ever:

Yep, that's my sons telling them about themselves on the video.

Unfortunately, in the time it's taken me to type this, they've moved on to another equally inane song. Ugh! Shut it!

I have no patience today for the hipster "let's start a band" thing. I'm going through a particularly rough patch as far as the insomnia thing goes. I haven't slept now in almost two days and I'm running 10 miles in the morning.

Bang-bang this, you clowns! I'm dialing the LAPD non-emergency number in 3-2-1...


Remnants of U said…
You know how people drunk dial their friends, because the have access to a phone...Well, this is what happens when drunks get their hands on some instruments. LOL! Because that is NOT a band.

Well, I hope you get some sleep. I am only up because I am at work. I've finished all my requests & it is a slow night...Hulu here I come. But thanks for the entertainment.
What was that? Clearly not music!

I feel for you. Hope things get better soon.
Oh dear, that is horrible. I'm so very sorry you are stuck with that. The crack house next to our house has 'rappers' in it - blast the music while the - ahem - rap.

Did you call the cops? That's the only thing that works here.
Liz Dwyer said…
I got a few hours of sleep -- don't think the cops ever came. But at least after awhile the band took a break and the DJ came on. Never been so happy to hear Lady Gaga.

That singer thought he was workin' the mic though, obviously. Probably just hoping his "star" power would help him get some, post-performance!

Watch both of our budding "artists" get record deals. Yours will have street cred due to their nefarious activities. Mine will tell charming stories of their first gigs being in someone's front yard!
1969 said…
Your sons in the background shouting "You suck"...priceless.

I am at work with tears streaming down my face. LMAO!!!!
Marlo said…
At the point where your son yells "You suck!" I snorted with laughter so hard I scared my cat.
Liz Dwyer said…
The band was practicing again last night. Lordy... I showed the video to a friend who was over and we about died when the "You Suck" statement was made. I love my children!

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