My Saturday Equals...

1) Running 10 miles in 1:55
2) Meeting the fabulous @joymh who's training for the LA Marathon, too.
2) Seeing Joe Biden's motorcade whizzing by in Downtown Los Angeles
3) Watching Notre Dame lose a football game they should've won
4) Wrapping birthday presents
5) Going to a kiddie birthday party an hour and a half after the start time.
6) Knowing hardly anybody will really be at the party yet because CP Time is in FULL effect
7) Drinking homemade horchata
8) Four pinatas, including one that I've been told looks like Joe Wilson.
9) Watching beautiful Oaxacan regional dances
10) Enjoying generous hospitality
11) Marveling over how my sons can spend almost six hours jumping in a jumper and not collapse from fatigue
12) Realizing that my most recent bout with insomnia may be over.
13) Finally going to sleep!


D- said…
I thought that was "Running 10 miles in 1 minute and 55 seconds". :D
@Joymh said…
I'm so glad I recognized you as you ran by me. You were so sweet to cheer us on as we hobbled through those 10 miles. :) See you next Saturday if our run schedules sync.
Jen said…
Okay. Taking a breath.

I rarely, rarely disagree with any of your positions, but I really have to take issue with this one:

"a game they should have won."

Go Blue. Enough said. ;-)

Actually, pay no attention to me because I was off partying at a local food fest instead - I just feel it's my civic duty to razz ND fans!
Liz Dwyer said…
If I could run that fast, honey, I'd be a household name! :)

I'm glad you did, too! Next week is only 5 miles. Should be nice and easy. Hope I do see you again.

Ha! I still think Notre Dame gave up that game. They just didn't see it through. Michigan had a bigger heart as a team and that's why they won!

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