Enter TODAY & Win a 4-Pack of L.A. County Fair Tickets

The Los Angeles County Fair starts this weekend, and I might just have to go check it out, if only so I can try a bite of fried Twinkie. I chickened out on eating one at the last county fair I went to. I was too afraid I might go into cardiac arrest on the spot.

Do you want to eat some fried Twinkie, too? Good, because if you're a Southern California resident and you enter by 10 p.m. tonight, you might just win a family four pack of tickets to the L.A. County Fair!

The fair runs from September 5th - October 4th and features fun exhibits for you and your kids to enjoy, such as:

  • Under the Sea - Explore a kelp forest, step inside a shark cage and crawl through a whale's artery.
  • Jurrasic Planet - Come face to face with prehistoric creatures or learn to be a paleontologist.
  • Gateway to Africa - Take a Jeep on a real safari adventure with live camels, zebras, and snakes.
  • A Pirate's Life - See the Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean's high-wire act and send the kids to Cap'n Calico Jack's Pirate Academy
The fair will also continue to highlight environmental issues with the Going Green: Making a World of Difference exhibit. Plus, so your city kids can can actually experience seeing and touching real, live cows, pigs and sheep, FairView Farms is bringing animals!

And, for all you thrill seekers that want to be whirled around and around, the fair's Carnival will have around 70 rides. I have a feeling it might be a good idea to eat the fried Twinkie before you go on any rides.

To enter:
1) Be a Southern California resident and leave me a comment by 10 p.m. TODAY.
2) For an extra lucky entry, create a link to this on Twitter and use @losangelista -- Come back here and comment again to let me know you did it!

Please include your contact info in your entry so I can email you tonight if you win. If the winner does not reply to my email within 24 hours, I'll pick another winner who'll get to enjoy fried Twinkies and ferris wheels instead!

Good luck!

****UPDATE! We have a winner!****

Between commercials I typed the names of everybody who entered into a list in Random.org and then hit the button for it to generate a random list.

Thanks to everybody who entered and special congratulations to Jamila* for winning our family four-pack of tickets to the Los Angeles County Fair!

I hope you get the chance to head out to the fair over the next month even if you didn't win! Your comments made me even more excited to go see some pigs and smell some fried Oreos and Twinkies!

*If I don't hear from Jamila by 10:45 tomorrow night, Teresa, you're up next! (I'll let you know if I don't.)


AlisueG said…
My favorite thing about the LA County Fair is the "Valley Girl/Bourgeois Family" commercials. My second favorite...is delicious FUNNEL CAKE. Thanks for the heads up!
Anonymous said…
Oh man I am so excited for this! I love the county fair, the only thing that actually makes me feel like a kid again.

Ray Mendoza
Anonymous said…
I posted a tweet linking this. My Twitter name is deejayLunchBox :-)

Anonymous said…
I, yes this city rockstar, raised pigs in Oregon for 5 years when I was a tween... I LOVE THE PIGS!!!!! I took them to the fair every year... nothing like hot days and cotton candy... (one of my pigs names) hehe

jamila said…
As a midwestern girl, I grew up going to the Oklahoma State Fair. It reminds me of family and I have so many fond memories of times with my parents and sisters.

When I moved to L.A., I didn't realize how much of "home" I would miss. I cherish my memories and make new ones whenever possible on visits home. I even thought of booking a plane ticket home for my toddler and I for a state fair visit!

I have a family of my own now, and I would love to create the same types of memories for my kids. Nothing can compare to the rides, fried twinkies, turkey legs, petting zoos, and art that a fair offers all in one place! I'd LOVE to win the pack of four tickets for my husband, my two sons, and I to enjoy the fair together!
Anonymous said…
i went to the county fair in the Bay Area with my kids once or twice and LOVED it! i'm a big city gal but the smell of cowdung just makes me feel all nostalgic for some reason!? ruha9@ucla.edu
Anonymous said…
and i tweet, tweeted*
Anonymous said…
and i tweet, tweeted*
Adrienne said…
My favorite part of the fair is just spending the day with the family. Oh and I love the woodcarver guy that is always there!
Hilary Cable said…
Finally it's fair season and don't we need it, fellow Angelinos! It's our treat for being brave in the face of the the massive Station Fire and for taking good care of each other during this crisis. I've hearing the hysterical food commercials ("eat the stick, too. It's full of fiber.")about how healthy fair food is and I can't wait to trry the new offerings. I thought I had seen everything with fried Snickers Bars.

So I tweeted and retweeted. Tickets! Woo hoo!
hilary (dot) cable (at) gmail (dot) com.
Anonymous said…
Dear Los Angelista,

My mommy and daddy would so love to take me to the fair this weekend. Mami is teaching me about all sorts of animals right now and says that I would really enjoy the petting zoo.
xoxo, Angie on behalf of Baby Frank, 2
Jay Aaron said…

What a fun contest!

Although I'm a fairly private person and a bit of a hermit, the L.A. County fair captures my attention and calls upon me to attend for a variety of reasons...

It highlights the "un-urban" aspects of this part of SoCal. It's fascinating and fun to see the animals, crops, crafts and so much more that we have here in SoCal that's so different from a night at the concert hall or a walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

It's difficult imagining seeing the caliber of musicians and hearing the quality of music anywhere else, that you get at the fair just for the price of admission.

The rides. C'mon, it's a county fair, for goodness sake. Gotta do the Ferris Wheel!

The exhibits. We're so blessed in the L.A. area that we can have a fair of this size and depth, and that can include exhibits such as the ones that will be at the Fair this year.

And possibly my most favorite reason to attend: The diversity of people. All ages. All races. All backgrounds. What a great mix, all celebrating together in this fun atmosphere! It's good to be in that energy, and to remind us to cherish our differences and celebrate our commonalities!

I hope you DO get to attend this year, Liz.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment, and for putting on this contest!

Jay Aaron
Strategic Visionary / Visionary Strategist
Follow me on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/newthoughts
Wendy Bullock said…
How fun!! We have never been!
Mide Mac said…
Pick me...I didn't get the wii, I am still sad about that =)..pick me pick me
mide mac said…
I am definitely all tweeted up. Now I know I am gonna win...I feel it. Pick me, u know cuz I had to get on the valet dude that broke your car keys =)
Jessica said…
Aww! I love your blog and the fair!
Marcela said…
My favorite are the racing pigs! And the candy apples...and the pickles!

The county fair is SO much fun! I haven't been there in years but would love to take the kids!!!
Anonymous said…
I would love to take my daughter to the fair. I grew up in San Diego and went to the Del Mar Fair often. Thanks for the chance.

Ashley said…
boston didn't really have county fairs so i'm excited to check this one out! :)

also putting this on twitter-- @ashleyaruda
Liz said…
I have yet to take my kids(10, 4,2) there. I will be fun!
Chris said…
The LA County Fair was a tradition growing up as it was always around my mom's birthday.

Y said…
Ack! So glad I saw your tweet. I meant to leave a comment earlier. JUST made it.
Unknown said…
I'd like to try the fried Oreos!
Teresa said…
I can't wait to introduce my daughter to the LA county fair!
Teresa said…
I tweeted!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for entering, everybody!

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