Cool Opportunities For You: Disney & Good Housekeeping

I come across lots of cool opportunities that I can't myself partake of, simply because I either live in the wrong part of the country or have no experience with it. Do you mind if I pass these on to you?

1) Walt Disney World Moms Panel: Walt Disney World Moms Panel is an online forum led by parents sharing their ultimate park smarts, and serves as a resource for families planning a Disney vacation. Beginning Sept. 10, through Sept. 20, parents who pride themselves on being Walt Disney World experts are encouraged to visit and for what will be a magical seat on Disney’s one and only Moms Panel. If chosen, these planning pros will not only gain the prestige of being an official Walt Disney World expert, but will be rewarded with a Walt Disney World vacation!

Sadly, I can not apply because I've never been to Walt Disney World. But if you have, go for it!

2) Good Housekeeping Makeovers: Good Housekeeping is looking for women (moms, nurses and veterans, to be specific) to use for a makeover segment on their upcoming holiday TV special. The woman they choose will get a free makeover in a NYC salon (probably
Bumble & Bumble) with an expert stylist.

You can nominate yourself or a friend, but the person being nominated needs to live in the NYC area and be available for filming on October 12, 2009. If you're interested, by this Friday e-mail a few recent photos and a message explaining why you or the person you are nominating deserves the makeover to .

I would be SO nominating myself if I lived in the NYC area, but I don't. If you fit the bill, or you know someone who does, go for it!


Maybe they could combine the two offers and give Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck makeovers at B&B.
Liz Dwyer said…
Bwahahahaha! Genius idea. Positively genius!

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