What A Depeche Mode Fan Can Learn From President Obama

Did you know there are people who insist Depeche Mode is only an '80's band?

It doesn't matter that Depeche Mode just released their 12th album this past April -- ten years into the 21st century -- or that one of their new songs is being used in TV clips for the HBO hit, True Blood.

Regardless of the truth, Depeche Mode fans are always hearing this thing about the group being an '80's band. I've also heard someone in Texas believes they have a birth certificate for lead singer, Dave Gahan, saying that instead of being born in Epping, Essex, UK, he was actually born in Kenya.

And, the next time a fan says, "Depeche Mode does not perform with illegal synthesizers," someone will probably yell back, "YOU LIE!"

Unfortunately, we fans have no Vice President or Speaker of the House to look like they're going to whoop azz on our behalf. We'll just have to learn from President Barack Obama's cool and classy response to such "You Lie" atrocities: pause briefly, give a fleeting side-eye, and then go on to repeat for the umpteenth time that there is no requirement to buy Depeche Mode's latest record, and they are not an 80's band. Oh, and listening to them won't kill grandma either.

In all seriousness, I'd like to put Joe Wilson in Russia and see what would happen if he yells out, "You Lie!" while Vladamir Putin's giving a formal address. How much do you want to bet that the Russian version of Joe would NEVER be heard from again? Let's all say, "Banished to Siberia!" on the count of three.

If Russia's too extreme for you, let's take the birthplace of Depeche Mode, the UK. Can you imagine anybody yelling at their head of state? I'm not talking about a rowdy session of Parliament with Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state in the UK and someone stepping out of line with her while she's giving a formal speech would not be tolerated. You can't even TOUCH her, let alone heckle her.

No other president in modern history while formally speaking to this nation's elected leadership has been heckled and insulted like Obama, and I don't think it's just because a couple of jerks were disagreeing with his policies.

For all of you who 1) believe Obama's not black and 2) this sort of response is not about him being black -- do you still believe that? I mean, really?

Why are people so quick to say it's NOT racism? Are we afraid of what happens if we acknowledge that race is a factor?

As far a policy goes, if it was up to me, this nation would be going single payer a year from now, not maybe a public option FOUR years from now. I don't feel that way because I'm a member of any political party. I am not, never have been, and never will be a member of any party. I just care more about people than health insurance company profit margins.

But, just like the last 30 years have had plenty of annoying people who still insist on saying, "Didn't Depeche Mode have a couple hits in the early '80's?", folks are going to keep lying about what's really true regarding health care.

In that regard, maybe Depeche Mode fans can teach a few lessons to easily discouraged advocates of health care. After all, we know a thing or two about unswerving dedication and loyalty, and we talk about our band even if we are ridiculed and called names. And we know our facts and history about the band, too.

So health care supporters, arm yourselves with truth and loyalty. Know your facts about health care reform, know the truth and share it.

Yes, these are the kinds of thing that I write to keep my heart from breaking over the insidious racism and lack of respect for basic human rights that I see in this world. I, too, need to keep my sanity.


nick said…
A neat comparison between DP and health reform! Listening to DP won't kill your grandma, I love it. But didn't I hear DP were setting up death panels to deal with over-the-hill rock musicians, lol.

I read Obama's health reform speech and I watched part of it, I was very moved, he was so confident and so passionate about finally creating a decent healthcare system. If enough Republicans can finally see sense and support what he's doing, hopefully he'll get there.
Liz Dwyer said…
People believe all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the truth. I was quite moved by the speech as well. It really had that ring of truth and hit me in the gut as being sincere.

Isn't it strange how people are more than willing to pay for war but not for health care!
1969 said…
I don't get how everyone was all for health reform when he was running but now don't want it?

How can we continue to spend billions on a ridiculous war but we don't want all of our citizens to be able to see a doctor or afford medication?

How can anyone think it's okay for a member of Congress to blatantly disrespect the President (regardless of his views or opinions, he is the LEADER of our nation and YOUR boss) in a public forum and on national tv?

How can we have a problem with kids hearing a speech telling them to work hard and stay focused on their educations and we don't have a problem with half the shows on tv like Rock of Love, I Love NY, etc...?

Is it me or is something seriously wrong with our value system?
Liz Dwyer said…
Definitely was one of the big issues that got debated ALL the time, but now nothing needs fixing?

You know there are nuts out there who are encouraged by the disrespect. It feels like some of these politicians and talking heads are just aching for someone to do something bad to Obama. It makes me so nervous. :(
Jen said…
I couldn't agree with you more. President Obama has been the most respectful and articulate president we've had in years (maybe EVER in my memory) and he's been treated with nothing but disrespect. It truly makes my skin crawl.

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