Piglet Food Fest

Ah, the sweet joys of watching your child's jacket get nibbled on by a cow!

Unfortunately, the cow also upchucked some of it's cud onto the jacket so he refused to wear it for the rest of the evening.

Yes, last night I went with my family to the LA County Fair, because overpriced carnival rides and animals chewing on jackets are well worth spending almost two hours in nightmarish traffic. Yeah, two hours to drive the 23 miles out to Pomona... Yup, LA traffic really CAN be that bad!

But if we hadn't gone to the fair, we would've completely missed out on the nursing piglet fest. I'm sure all you mothers will especially appreciate this:

That's my youngest son cackling like that at the beginning of the video. He just could NOT believe what he was seeing!

And then the kids had to ask, "Is that how we were with you when we were babies?" Ha!


Unknown said…
SO cute! These are the times of our lives ~
Liz Dwyer said…
My boys keep wanting to watch the video just so they can laugh. I love it!
Jameil said…
lol @ them asking if that's what they were like as babies! hilarious. those videos made me hungry for a bacon cheeseburger! (i also HAD to have sushi after going to the aquarium... i'm sure after the zoo i'll need bison, elephant & rhino)
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! Too funny that the animals make you want to go eat! I felt like becoming a vegan right after I left the animal barns!
1969 said…
Did you tell them "Yes, that's exactly how you were as babies!"

Liz Dwyer said…
Sure did! And they were all, "EWW!!!" It was too funny!

Brown English Muffin,
It's all washed but he STILL won't wear it!

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