I Want To Join The Circus: Cirque du Soleil's "Kooza"

I want to join the circus. Never mind that I can't ride a unicycle, can't do a back bend, can't swing from a trapeze, can't sing and I can't even do a cartwheel. Who cares! Cirque du Soleil needs to take me on as a performer in their "Kooza" show even if I am decidedly unskilled in all circus-y areas.

I figure, I can be the Kooza character of the Innocent -- "a melancholy loner in search of his place in the world." I didn't see him perform not one single back flip so why can't that be me? Besides, if I weasel my way onto the Kooza staff, maybe I'll get to watch the show every night from backstage. It's so good I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing it.

It's so good I found myself saying, "OMG, that was BANANAS!" And I don't mean "bananas" in that fake Rachel Zoe "everything-is-bananas" way.

Kooza is here in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier (through November 29th)and I had the good fortune to get some complimentary tickets. If you live here in LA and you don't go, you're missing out on experiencing the beauty of artistic creativity in a circus setting. The music, the sets, the costumes, the clowns and the acrobats -- the sheer physical genius of it all is simply amazing. It's like being transported to the best fantasy world you could ever imagine.

Besides, you really don't want to miss the cool teenage contortionists:

My mouth is still hanging open over what goes down at around the 4:55 mark. Seriously, after seeing that, I'm never saying I'm flexible ever again. (And it's even cooler seeing it going down right in front of you!)

So what say you, Cirque du Soleil managers? Will you hire me on so I can see your show again? Pretty please?


Rockin' Mama said…
Liz....it was so great seeing and talking to you....we could talk for hours...I'm sorry I was so distracted with my son....I usually have my husband to help me.
We saw Kooza on opening night....it was breathtaking....it was our 4th show and we want to see them all in our lifetime......did you take the kids? We left our boy at home for a date night!
BTW...you are an amazing writer...
TTYS...maybe I'll see you at an event this week! : )

I got to see cirque du soleil in Toronto this year, its a great show.

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