Happy Birthday, Mr. T

Happy Birthday to my magical baby boy, Mr. T! Oh wait! He's not a baby anymore. Mr. T is SIX today!

Last year when he turned five he was mad about it. He refused to admit he was five for like three weeks. But this year he was ready! He jumped out of bed this morning and demanded that I measure him -- he was absolutely certain he'd grown since last night!

I told him he grew a whole millimeter. He doesn't know what that is but he liked the sound of it so he was happy.

I love so much about my son - he's adventurous, enthusiastic, creative, super smart, honest, and he says the funniest things ever. Two weeks ago we were talking and he decided to tell me about all the stuff he likes.

This boy actually said, "I'll tell you what I like and you can write it down."

Sure, part of me was thinking, wow this child has got some serious nerve! But I was curious to see what he'd say so I picked up a pen and paper and told him to go ahead and start dictating. I'm glad I did because I've been laughing over his list ever since.

Mr. T likes (in the order he told me): chili, roller coasters, gold, money, dollars, movies, painting, eating pizza, going to Disneyland, doing chores, playing video games, mopping the floor, roasting marshmallows, taking pictures, rubbing belly buttons, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, cantaloupe, chocolate and classic rock.

I have been DYING laughing over "gold, money, dollars" and "doing chores" and "mopping the floor" being in the same list. I guess he's got that work ethic to get that paper! And the belly button rubbing? It's true, he's ALWAYS trying to rub someone else's belly button!

Tonight I'm making Mr. T his favorite vegetarian chili, we're having some chocolate cake and he's gonna get six dollars. (How much do I love that my child will go bananas over six dollars!)

If he ever reads this in the future, I hope he has good memories of turning six. I hope he knows how much his mommy loves him.


Sharifa said…
Happy birthday Big T!

So, classic rock? No 'Mode?
TKTC said…
The eyelashes on that child. Nevermind the incredible sweetness of his love list (now I'm kind've wanting to make one of those) but how does he not get away with EVERYTHING when he bats those eyes? Happy birthday (to both of you)!
allison sara said…
what a cutie! Happy birthday!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Mr.T!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! No Depeche Mode on his list, but I haven't given up hope yet. Besides, keep in mind that classic rock to him is Green Day and My Chemical Romance (Their "Black Parade" song is one of his all-time faves!)

Thank you! I'd like to think I'm immune to his charms but he probably does get away with much more than he should precisely because he bats those lashes a whole lot. He has a "puppy dog eyes" look that kills me!

I'm with you...I want to make one of his lists, too!

Allison Sara,
Thanks! He's dying to eat his cake! So exciting!

He has definitely had a happy one so far! :)
Ms Angela said…
I'm late with it, but happy birthday to one of God's sweet lambs! That picture is beyond precious! I'm sure he loved his chili and cake, and his list of favorite things had me rolling! Gold at six? Wait a minute! LOL!
Mes Deux Cents said…

First, happy birthday to your little one.

Second, I find it so cute that he likes classic rock! Lol
David Sullivan said…
My 4 year old has started saying that he's not really 4 but 3 1/2. Haven't been able to figure that one out...
nick said…
Happy birthday, Mr T. May you get (and do) everything on your list! Doing chores is good, make sure that one endures! And rubbing belly buttons, that sounds fun. So how many did you manage to rub on your birthday?
Liz Dwyer said…
He got $26 cash AND a Lego Star Wars kit so he was psyched! He was all, "I'm RICH!" It was just priceless!

Thanks for the good wishes. He loves music but he definitely loves his rock-n-roll. I'll never forget the day I realized he was "singing" the chorus to Smells Like Teen Spirit. (He was two.)

Oh that's funny! Kid logic cracks me up. My son actually asked me this morning, "Am I still six?" -- and when I told him he was he said, "Man, I'm getting old!"

He managed to rub everybody's belly button except his older brother's. They had a little scuffle over the attempt. He loves doing the chores. Says it makes him feel like a good boy. :)
Ah he's so cute. You have such thoughtful children Liz. I'm certain you and your husband are very proud.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for saying so! We are VERY proud of him! :)
Lili said…
Aww happy birthday Mr T!
Here's wishing you many, many more fruitful and enriching years.
Incidentally my best friend celebrates hers on the 5th too, mine is the 6th, my anniversary is the 14th and hubby's birthday is the 17th!
A great month all round.
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh how fun! Happy birthday to you and yours and thanks for the good wishes for T! :)
Jameil said…
lol! i wish you'd taken video of him going nuts over $6! hilarious! we've had the gold/money/dollars convo but you said nothing about rubbing belly buttons!!! HILARIOUS!!! ROTFL! Rashan read over my shoulder and immediately reached for my belly button. Hands off!! Lolololol. Please ask him to explain that one!
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh I def got the video of him flipping out over the money! It's pure comedy! And the belly button thing - he says, "Because they just feel SO GOOD!" -- LOL, My child has issues!

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