Disneyland Holiday VIP Day Winner!!!

Congratulations to the winner of the Los Angelista Disneyland Holiday VIP Day giveaway!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and voted!


Mrs. Sharpe said…
We won! We won!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Thank you! Our family can't wait to meet you and your boys!
Liz said…
Congrats, Hawaiza!!!! (O:
Lisa Blah Blah said…
Congratulations! Have a wonderful time!
sippinwineman said…

That kid has a mohawk. lol

Congrats, Hawiza!!
Congrats Hawaiza. Hope you have a great time!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, you won! Congrats, Hawiza!

Sippinwineman - my baby keeps his mohawk! He's had one for almost 2 years!
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,

And "Sippinwineman":

I LOVE the little dudes hair!
Ya know, somehow, in a very good way, it seems to fit your family well! Wait until one of them wants a Mullet. And a Firebird to go with it, 1983 (that's a car folks, for those ... never mind).

So ... I wonder what my son's ever growing fro' says about my family, lol?
Unknown said…
This is such a sweet gift to offer a family.
1969 said…
Congrats! I love the boys (especially the youngest...it's the eyelashes)
Daniel said…
Hey “69”,
I can’t help but share this story; because every time I see your “69” it runs through my mind (junk pile that it is).

You may remember Bryan Adams had his biggest commercial success with the song “Summer of 69”. It is a rather usual ‘coming of age’ tale, of himself as a late-teen/young man. And some girl that impacted his life at that point.
Well, once he was asked – ‘Uh, Bryan, you would have been all of about 4 years old in 1969. So how does this song work?’

He answered “Who said it had anything to do with a Year?”

Sundry said…
Too much fun! Great job! Congrats, Hawiza!
Liz Dwyer said…
Good grief... I just watched that video again and we all look like we need a serious nap!

Your son's fro says that your family is happy to let him be him. But pease no mullets! Please! My other son has what we call a Tin Tin hair cut but the front is brushed way down so it's not as obvious. Gosh, Tin Tin is more old school than a Firebird! And I totally remember that summer of '69 song. He had a great voice.

I'm so excited to meet Hawiza and her family. It's gonna be great!

That child gets a lot of stuff around here by batting those lashes!

This was one of my fave contests I've ever done. Loved it!
Anonymous said…
your sons are beautiful!

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