Insomniac Randomness = Not "Ho" Ween

Hi! My name is Los Angelista and I'm exhausted. Seriously, is there a 12 Step program for insomniacs?

I'm tired but I can't sleep. And there is WAY too much going on in my head for me to focus on just writing one thing, so you're going to have to endure some randomness from yours truly.

1) The holiday is Halloweeen, not "Ho"ween: If you're planning on leaving your house wearing a questionably trampy costume such as a French maid, naughty nurse, catwoman or stripper, never come read this blog again. And slap some sense into yourself.

2) The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Yes I watched and yes, their reunion show was boooring. If I had a dollar for every lie that got told on that stage I'd be richer than Big Poppa.

Speaking of TV...

3) Irina on Project Runway is... SO mean! I was going to use another word to describe her but I'll refrain.

4) I really want to eat some chocolate right now. I think there's a package of peanut m&ms in the kitchen. Thank goodness I'm too tired to get up and go get it... and I'm becoming a chocolate snob. I only want the good stuff. Plus I don't want to think about how long it would take me to exercise off those dang peanut m&ms.

5) I'm in love with the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus: I went to a Fab party tonight thrown by Nintendo and House of Prince and I got to try the Wii Fit Plus out and wow, it does everything I wished the old Wii Fit would do. Plus, I got a VERY generous take-home gift. Lucky me! :)

6) I'm doing NaNoWriMo again: Yes, National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in the month of November. Why do this? Because I have issues. Haven't you figured that out yet? Anyway, writing is a much cheaper form of therapy. I have a good skeletal plot, some good characters, and lots of drama.

7) My hair rocked today. I don't have a picture. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

8) My parents want to kill my blackberry: When I do sleep, I sleep with my blackberry, and sometimes I roll over on it and it dials them. I try to keep it locked but sometimes I forget! Sorry Mommy for calling you at 3 am!

9) I really should learn Spanish: If I learn Spanish I wouldn't feel bad asking for translation when I'm at my kid's school for meetings. And what I want to know is if jobs here in LA almost all require people to be bilingual in Spanish, how come LAUSD isn't teaching my kids Spanish from kindergarten to 12th grade?

10) Now that I have it all off my chest... I'm gonna try again to go to sleep. But don't forget, it is NOT Ho-Ween. Resist the urge to get your freak on through your Halloween costume!


nick said…
Hey Liz, how did you manage to get a pic of my maid, lol.

Language-teaching is one of my big bugbears. Why the hell don't all schools have bilingual teaching, so you can only use a second language in school? That way, everyone would grow up at least bilingual. And as you say, if so many jobs ask for Spanish, why isn't every child learning it?
Remnants of U said…
I wish I had been more diligent in learning Spanish myself, AND making sure my son learned it. I was a little better with it when I lived in Texas & had a few Mexican-American friends.

But I guess thought if any state that would teach Spanish for all grades it would be California.
At what do they start teaching Spanish in L.A.?

Back in the stone age when I was in school, they (NJ) started in jr. high. We had a choice between Spanish, French and Latin.

Took French. Don't remember a thing. Sad.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, that maid outfit is from the Toys-R-Us web site!

Interestingly enough, second languages are taught in a lot of private schools, in some charter, and in parent-funded special classes at public schools in wealthier areas. Otherwise, I don't think my sons will have the opportunity to learn a second language until maybe 7th grade. That's really too late.

Right? California should teach it! My sons understand some but not anywhere near fluency. Unfortunately, I've never formally studied Spanish. Only French, Latin, Chinese and a little Italian. -- All those romance languages help me be able to understand a LOT of Spanish -- I can tell when someone's talking smack about me-- but I can't speak it worth anything.

I think 7th grade. Maybe it's later though. Maybe not till high school. My Midwestern high school had German (go figure!) Latin, Spanish, and French. I'd had Latin in 6-8th grade and already knew some French from living in Montreal so I took French. But I really wanted to learn Italian b/c I thought it was the prettiest. They didn't offer it so I got those Berlitz tapes from the library and studied them hardcore on my own!
Oh god I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta as well....I don't normally admit it....I haven't watched the reunion show yet...don't think I missed much based on what you said.

I'll have to run and watch my DVR'd episodes of Project Runway though...who'se a bitch??? LOL
alyosha19 said…
Por favor Liz, tienes que aprender el espanol. Cuando vas a meterse en una clase?

yvonneinla said…
You are hilarious when you can't sleep. Yes, Irina is so arrogant but her clothes are beautiful and she's going to win. I want the southern girl to win, but they're forshadowing that she can't do anything but dresses.
Liz Dwyer said…
Brown English Muffin,
No, you didn't miss much -- I'm sure someone's typed up a pretty lengthy recap and so if you read it you'll save yourself the hour of watching those "housewives" clown on TV.

Irina on Project Runway drives me NUTS! She's always saying something super snarky about everybody else.

J'aimerais apprendre mais je ne sais pas si j'ai le temps pour une classe. Pourquoi tout le monde ne peut-il pas parler juste du fran├žais? Il ferait ma vie beaucoup de plus facile.

Irina does make great clothes but she's SO unlikeable! Remember how likeable Christian was? I noticed that about Carol Hannah, too. I don't get what Christopher is still there. I don't like his stuff.

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