Dear President Obama:Your Daughters Can Marry My Sons

Dear President Obama,

This is the first letter I've ever written you, and although I suppose I should be writing you about more serious issues, like how there needs to be a REAL public option in whatever health care reform legislation passes, instead, I'm writing you about a more personal matter: I've decided your daughters can marry my sons.

I was looking at your official family picture today and I said to myself, wow, those Obama girls sure are smart, creative, kind-hearted, civic-minded, and beautiful. My sons are all those things, too. In fact, like your daughters, I have a really good feeling my sons are going to be considered good catches when they get older.

I have a lot on my plate these days, and so do you and Michelle. So, how about we mutually take "finding the kids good spouses" off our lists? Instead of putting our kids through years of kissing frogs, how about we just go ahead and come to an understanding that they'd be perfect for each other? Besides, if you announce now that your girls are marrying the Los Angelista boys, you save your daughters any future,"Is this boyfriend THE ONE?" media speculation.

If this sounds like a great policy decision to you, just leave me a comment letting me know you all are on board. I'm sure your people will then get in touch with me to figure out our next steps!

Best wishes,

Los Angelista

P.S.: Don't worry, I'll be a great mother-in-law.


Unknown said…
Oh my gosh, this is hilarious and I think the girls will totally go for your boys. What an ingenious way to choice your future in-laws!
curlykidz said…
Wait a minute... you can't have BOTH the Obama girls as daughters in law! Don't be greedy!!!
nick said…
I bet there are plenty of other mums writing similar letters! And yes, I can just see all that endless media speculation driving Malia and Natasha nuts.
Liz Dwyer said…
If President Obama is not convinced by this email, I don't know what will do it! ;)

Why not?? LOL!

Oh I'm sure there are PLENTY of parents who'd love to marry off one of their offspring to Sasha or Malia. They'll probably be positively stalked by the press when they go out on their first date in high school!
I think your family should at least be invited to the White House for a meet and greet! :) Because really don't you want to see if there is some "chemistry" between them! *LOL* Cute post!
Unknown said…
You are so right, your boys are their best candidates!
Toni Campbell said…
I'm already planning what to wear to the wedding(s)!!
BlackLiterature said…
Umm... this is funny and cute.

But ona serious note, as a Black woman, looking at the state of Black marriages/families in this country, I seriously think about this. I would be completely open to discussing an arrangement with other like minded parents. ;-) You know, parents raising intelligent, caring, respectfull, deidicated and ambitious sons that would be interested in dating my intelligent, caring, respectfull, dedicated daughter.

Crap... I'm not sounding too snobby... am I?? ;-)
Remnants of U said…
Cute! Now is the time that I hate my son is too old for them. LOL!

So I guess you Can be the mother-in-law to both girls...
Well lucky for you my son is too young to marry them, or I'd be tellin' you to get in line! :)

Hmmm, BlackLiterature, how does your daughter feel about younger men?? I know a certain four-year-old . . .
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, you all crack me up! If I could arrange my son's marriages, I would. But I have a feeling they aren't gonna go for it. Still, a mommy can dream! :)
BlackLiterature said…

She's only 16 months soooo...... ;-)

Liz, you can dream! They are still young and moldable.
Unknown said…
It is never too early to start selecting mates for your kids. Your future grandchildren will thank you later. I love it!
1969 said…
You're too late....I wrote him a similar letter last year when Tali 1 officially announced that Malia was "pretty"! LOL
If any of the future marriageable children are even half as charming as your letter, you'll surely be moving to Washington soon so they can share an ice cream soda with two straws with their respective future spouses.

What you forgot to mention is that at least one of your sons is going to be president too, someday, so those girls just better tow the line.
Liz Dwyer said…
Black Lit,
My 8 year old told me today he's not getting married till he's 30 and finished with graduate school. "Because I have to be able to show the girl my quality and girls like boys with lots of education, right?" -- I'm so glad we've at least been able to mold him into that line of thinking!

I already can't wait for grandkids. It's going to be SO fun to spoil them!

Your boys are some stiff competition for sure! Hmm... Sasha and Malia have some options!

That's right! So one of them could end up the daughter of a president AND the wife of one! I like your thinking on that! :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Brown English Muffin,
I'm such a dreamer...but who knows, maybe it'll happen! :)

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