Thursday Thirteen: Thanksgiving Thankful Edition

Hey party people in the place to be... it's Thanksgiving! What a beautiful morning. I have so much to be grateful for: health, home and family and much, much more. This will probably be the EASIEST Thursday Thirteen I ever write:

I am thankful that...

1) I can see the gorgeous Hollywood Hills from my windows and when I walk into my backyard, there's the Hollywood Sign. Plus, the air is super clean because it's rained for the past two days. Bye-bye, smog!

2) Seven year-old is continuing his, "Here's What Really Happened On Thanksgiving!" campaign. He just asked, "How long after they ate did the Pilgrims wait to start murdering Indians?"

3) Five year-old replied to his brother's query by saying, "Be quiet! I'm trying to watch Willie Wonka!"

4) It smells really, REALLY good in my kitchen. I should cook non-Trader Joe's food more often.

5) Speaking of Trader Joe's, here's my response to the cussing heffa from yesterday.

6) My dad gets here in less than 24 hours! My sons are OVER THE MOON about his arrival. It's about to be Attack of the Irish Grandpas, er, Attack the Irish Grandpa!

7) I'm participating in Buy Nothing Day tomorrow. Everything that's on sale tomorrow will still be on sale after Christmas, just in time for my birthday!

8) Going to Notre Dame /vs/ USC on Saturday with dad and the family. Yeah! Football! Will it be a rout or a comeback?

9) The hair is looking supremely fly today. Afro faux-hawk in effect!

10) You can still enter my HP Printer Giveaway! It ends on November 30th so don't delay! Glad I can give you something so you don't have to go spend your $$ on Black Friday.

11) Only 54 days till election day!

12) I ran a mile in 9:51 this morning. For my slow behind, this is a miracle!

13) All you who come over here and read, comment/interact with me... thank you! You cheer me up and make my life mo' betta!

What are you thankful for today?

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Anonymous said…
You're welcome. I'm thankful for those who visit my blog, too.
Jen said…
Lovely words.

I'm thankful for you, too, and for everyone whom I get to read regularly. I learn so much.

I'm thankful for my family and friends and health and the fact that my child is healthy and happy and a good person and that we don't have any real needs.

It's a huge amount to be thankful for.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, half of the joy of blogging is getting to interact with other folks from all around the world. Love that.

That's how I feel too. Especially about the child being healthy and happy. With how ill my little boy was a couple of weeks ago, well, I can only imagine what it's like to know your child has a chronic illness.
Hey there!! {waves}

Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I appreciate your sharing at my blog and to tell you "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"


Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!
Unknown said…
Go Notre Dame!!! I'm an alum and since you're from the Mid-West, I assume that's who you're rooting for, right?
Jameil said…
jolly good! hurray for fab thankfulness!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Peace and blessings back to you! Glad that we can all connect and help each other out in this crazy, crazy world!

Ms. Wooden Shoes,
You know it! I'll be cheering the Fighting Irish 100%. I'm not an alum but my dad is. Hope they fire Weis though, for sure!

Yeah... and after all that thankfulness, I feel like I need to work out AGAIN!
Shiona said…
Haha I agree with Buy Nothing Day. Standing in line for hours and dealing with a few crazy people is not worth it. In Vegas at the Wal Marts people would lose their minds. I wish we could come up with another name besides Black Friday. Oh well. Congrats on the mile and have fun with your father. How exciting! I'm thankful for having a roof over my head and my health.
tamigill said…
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tamigill said…
Aww, I'm so excited about you and the boys getting to spend time with your dad!! I know how much you love your family. And I can't believe you Rickrolled us, Liz!!! LOL!!!! That's awesome!!! :-)
April said…
I unwittingly participated in Buy Nothing Day - I do that every year! Black Friday seems to bring out all those people like your Passat driver.
Miriam said…
thursday thirteen, old school friday on some blogs, I'd like to participate do folks keep up with these things!
Liz Dwyer said…
Having a roof and health are wonderful things. There are many that have neither. And why is it called Black Friday? Why not Green Friday since folks wanna spend that cash?

Yeah, I couldn't resist! I was just feeling silly! :) I'm sure Rick Astley is probably bewildered by it all, even if he will play along with it.

It does seem to bring out the nastiness in people. I guess it's the greed that does it.

I try to do every Thursday but I sometimes can't because it does take a minute to type up. But some people only write one sentence or make a list of phrases for theirs. You should try it.

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