eavesdropping inanity

Remember that sassy saying, "This is an "A" and "B" conversation so "C" your way out"? Well in this day and age, I think it should be modified somehow so that people recognize that "C" sometimes doesn't want to overhear what "A" and "B" are talking about.

For example..

Girl A: I think you look like shit today.
Girl B: At least I didn't sleep my way down Hollywood Boulevard for a pair of shoes last night.

I didn't get the rest of that one because they were walking away and I was looking like a crazy lady laughing out loud to myself.

Woman A: I can't believe you broke the faucet!
Guy B: It's not like I meant it.
Woman A: Oh my god, you're so stupid.
Guy B: Look, I can get it fixed. I know somebody...
Woman A: Oh my god.
Guy B: You're overreacting. It's a damn faucet!
Woman A: I hate you.
Guy B: What else is new? Look, like I said...
Woman A: Oh my god, are you kidding?

We all know what her favorite phrase is.

Cell Phone A: I love you honey. Yep, I'll see you later.
she hangs up
Friend B: Why do you put up with him?
Cell Phone A: Pays the bills. Why else?

And that's a little taste of eavesdropping in my neighborhood. Give me 20 minutes and who knows what inanity and meanness folks will say to each other.

On the one hand, I find it fascinating because it's a slice of people's lives, warts, misery and all that. And what would I tell you all about sometimes if not the random things I hear people talking about. On the other hand, can't we sometimes save it for when we're behind closed doors? Or is it hypocritical to play nice in public when you really just want to tell it like it is?


Marty said…
Hello :)

This isn't really related to ur post, but I just wanted to say that I followed ur blog (this one) for ages, back in 2006? or was it 2007? Hmmm, well, then I stopped blogging, but now I'm blogging again - and it's great to see that you are still blogging!!

Your posts are as interesting as ever :D
Jen said…
There's an entire blog of this called Eavesdrop D.C. or something like that. It's hysterical, but also sad.
There is one for New York City too and it's freaking hilarious.

I am amazed by what people say and do (loudly) in public.
Ian Lidster said…
The worst offenders are cellphone users who will quite audibly get into their sex lives in public conversations, and even the state of their bowels in one conversation I couldn't halp overhearing. Ick.
But, dear Liz, thank you for your eavesdropping. I found it delightful.
The things people will say to each other. I have a black male friend who lives with this white lady. I have nothing against her, but she hates me. She knows I go to bars and clubs where Sisters and women of color come. Anytime he's going out with me, she gets into an argument with him.

The last time I was over, she pulled him into the bedroom and they started arguing with her calling him names I can't repeat. While he was trying to explain that he just wanted "hang with a brotha for a minute," She was calling him everything but the N word. I left, closing the door softly behind me. He's called and apologized. But, honestly, I've lost respect for both of them.

Hey, come and pay the daddy a visit. I still got you linked.
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
I was laughing (then hurting just a tad) about the last 2 “eves-drops”, because, I swear, it sounded so familiar. Lived it, lol.

“As I simmer like a tadig pot” You to funny!
Cell phone conversations are my pet peeves...especially when I'm trapped with cellphone users on a bus from NYC to the burbs of Jersey...

No - I don't wanna know what you want on your pizza tonight?

No - I don't wanna know what you're renting from the video store.

No - I don't wanna hear little Johnny talk to you on the phone.

No - I don't wanna know what you are going to do to your honey (male or female) when you get home!

No - I don't care that your boss is a d*ck!

Can we please go back to conversations behind closed doors...I share enough with these people daily! I don't need insights into their private lives...
Anonymous said…
I think I've mentioned before that Belfast folk tend to be quite discreet, they're very adverse to broadcasting their private lives to all and sundry. That is, unless you actually encourage them, and then they'll spend 20 minutes giving you their entire life story (but still the expurgated version).
Shiona said…
What a great premise. I always find a reason to eavesdrop. It is very interesting to see myself in some of the conversations...
Liz Dwyer said…
That's so great that you're back blogging, and how nice that you remembered me after being away. Glad you came back to visit and I look forward to seeing what you're writing about these days!

I should start an Eavesdrop LA. Gosh, that would be fun.

Are people likewise afflicted in Italy? I have to check out that site.

I agree. When I went to vote there wasa a guy on his cell phone detailing his Halloween sexual escapades. I sort of wondered if he was getting off on people listening to him because he was so graphic and it was dead silent otherwise while people were waiting to vote.

Wowzer, going at it when you're in the other room like that? That's crazy. Issues that have nothing to do with you but then you're put in the middle. Awkward!

I've overhead a few of those comments about staying with someone just for their money. It always amazes me how blunt folks are about it. That's so cold!

Break it down! Break it down! LOL! Love it! One of my pet peeves is folks on the phone or having really personal conversations when they're on an elevator. That drives me nuts!

Here in LA, folks will give you their life story... and their only 25 and have barely lived. We all think we're sooo interesting out here!

I'm so incredibly nosy that I can't help but eavesdrop. The things I hear definitely make me a little more conscious of what I say when I'm in public, but I'm sure folks overhead crazy stuff I say ALL the time! :)
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with those who stated cell phone convos. Irks the mess out of me. Also, when I'm on the subway (DC) and the person is talking to someone face to face, but loud enough for four of the six car train to hear the conversation. Is nothing considered personal any longer? Do people ever wonder why, practically everywhere you go there is a "No Cell Phone Passed This Point" signs? People are fed up with hearing exactly what Carolyn stated in her comment.

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