A 16 Mile Run: Before, During, After

Before this morning's 16 mile run:
  • I worried my legs would somehow give out at mile 14 and I wouldn't make it to mile 16.
  • I worried I'd trip over something, fall on my face and knock my teeth out.
  • I worried I'd lose my pace group at the bathroom break and then have to sprint like crazy to catch up with them.
  • I woke up at 5 a.m., ate PB&J and drank black tea.
  • I listened to The Clash on my drive out to Santa Monica.

During this morning's 16 mile run:
  • I thought about how beautiful Los Angeles is. I'm so happy I live here.
  • I love running and watching the waves from the Pacific Ocean crash on the shore.
  • I'm a vegetarian but the scent of bacon frying at 7 a.m. smells really good.
  • I once more thought about how training for a marathon does not allow for short cuts. There are no Cliff Notes for doing the actual running.
  • I couldn't believe how easy the first eight miles felt.
  • I wore my pace group mentor's training watch in the second half and kept pace for the group. I decided I want the training watch. It's a Garmin 305. Someone please gift me with one.
  • Miles 10-12 were a huge struggle.
  • I found out I hate running on grass. Seriously hate it. That contributed to the hell of miles 10-12. And it was an uphill slope. Not a good combination.
  • I ran through part of Brentwood for the first time ever. Ooh, so posh.
  • Some drivers in Brentwood don't know how to yield to the people in the cross walk
  • Miles 12-16 were easier. I felt really, really good.
  • I cheered like crazy in the last 30 seconds of the 16 miles.

After this morning's 16 mile run:
  • I did not stretch as much as I should have. I just got in my car and went home. Big mistake.
  • My stomach started cramping up while I was driving in the nightmarish traffic on the 10 Freeway.
  • I stopped at the grocery store and bought a 20 pound bag of ice.
  • I started feeling like I was going to pass out.
  • I made it home and curled up on my living room floor in a fetal position because my stomach was in knots.
  • My seven year-old said, "You look tired, Mommy!"
  • Then he asked, "Are you gonna be okay? Do you need us to help you to the bathtub?"
  • I became an acute sufferer of this. (If you don't want TMI, don't click it.)
  • I got in the tub, ran cool water in it and then dumped the bag of ice in it. I soaked in that ice water for half an hour. Then I took a long hot shower.
  • I've been chillin' all afternoon.
  • I can now say I've run 16 miles.
  • I think I'm pretty awesome.


Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
Great! Only 8 more to go! If you cheered for yourself now, just wait until you cross the official 26.2 line. That first marathon, please soak up the experience, because there never is another first and those feelings will be unique to that moment, never to be captured again, even when you do other (even faster) runs.
The Runner’s, uh, “discomfort”, LOL. Yeah, it seems like everybody gets it a few times. I got it last after just a 10K race that was hot, and I was running my eyeballs out. Whew, it can be nasty. I didn’t make it outta the race finish area, so I’m in a nasty Porta-Potty, lol. For runs shorter than 15 miles or races 10K or under, I just don’t eat much of anything before now. You better start trying out your ‘refuel’ plan for the race, using different types of “GOO” to see which won’t upset your stomach. If you know already what kind of sports drink the Marathon will have at the aid stations, start trying that out too, just to see. Last thing you want on race day is anything you haven’t tried out before. Seriously, never do something new in a marathon race, always pre-prepare.
I too think LA is beautiful, it’s one reason I love to visit.
And the CLASH???!!! Girl, just what is in your collection! I had the original London Calling on cassette tape. Loved Tommy Gun, lol. Ever see the film Rude Boy? It’s got them in it and they kinda “float” around the plot.

Oh, funny; I got a Garmin 305. Still in the box. It was a work-gift, one I’m sure I’ll never use. I will use a very simple (and now old) Polar heart-rate monitor for track workouts or a hard Tempo run once in awhile, but that’s it.
Jameil said…
DAAAAAANG GIRL! THAT IS CRAZY!!! i hope daniel gifts you that expensive watch since he's not gonna use it. rashan didn't appreciate me telling him about your TMI lol. i was just so proud of your 16-mile run! that's so cool!!! you are AWESOME!!!!!! that makes me want to come to LA for the marathon. too bad i'm in school. booooo. school shmool!! hope the book writing is going well.
Shiona said…
Congratulations on running 16 miles. I know you won't suffer the same consequences next time. That is one sweet watch. And grass does suck. I just walk on it and I hate it. I bet it was cool seeing all those parts of the city as well.
Anonymous said…
Awesome indeed. You must be getting pretty fit by now. Cliff's notes on running, nice one. I suppose frying bacon would be quite tempting when you're running 16 miles, but I must say I haven't been attracted by that greasy smell for a long time!
Anonymous said…
You are indeed awesome - way to go! I gotta say, I'm impressed.
1969 said…
There are no words. I am so proud of you Liz. You are my idol. Congrats Chica!!!
Congrats on completing the 16 mile run!
Liz Dwyer said…
I really wonder if the heat contributed because I ate the same stuff I normally do. I think your idea about not eating before a race could be something for me to explore... do you just eat a ton the night before and then nothing beforehand? I haven't seen the film but I've liked The Clash since forever! And that watch... still in the box? Feel like getting rid of it?

LOL, I wish! :) Tell Rashan I'm sorry! Yes, too bad you're in school and can't come out and enjoy some sunny SoCal running and sweating. Writing is going good, but I'm a little behind on my word count thanks to too much Obama celebrating. This week I'm cracking the whip on myself.

I sure hope that doesn't happen to me next time. I think I need to do a better job staying hydrated. Isn't that a cool watch? When I'm running on my own outside I never know how fast I'm going but a watch like that can tell you. Technology is SO cool!

I can't figure out what it is about the bacon smell that smells so good while I'm running. I mean, I haven't eaten bacon since I was maybe 9 or 10 years old!

Thank you! I'm pretty impressed with myself too. I never would've have thought it'd be possible but

Thanks! I get all happy thinking about the 16, but I'll be doing 18 in two weeks! I'm already scared!!!

Thank you! :)
Unknown said…
congrats on your run. I want to do that someday, but running in the Netherlands is as uninspiring as it is to run in L.A, especially since the gray and rainy season is in full effect. So it's the treadmill for me until spring (if it actually decides to come here next year, seeing as it has passed us by for the last several years). And there is no training for a marathon on the treadmill. Keep up the good work. One more thing, I'm not a vegetarian, but I know several and they all say that the smell of bacon causes them to consider getting off the wagon.
Unknown said…

I'm so with you about that porta potty thing. Those things are nasty!! When I do half marathons or 10 milers I make sure I eat a least 2 hours before I need to be at the race start line so that I can handle my business before. Great advice about doing a trail run with various sport gels and drinks. I cramped up terribly on my very first race because I took the sport drink they were handing out along the route, which I'd never tried before that moment.

Someone gifted me the Garmin, but I still don't know how to use it, so I still rely on my Nike/ipod gizmo instead. Maybe on my sabbatical from outside running, I should figure that out, huh?
Unknown said…
You did it!!! We think you are pretty awesome too! What an accomplishment! Whoohoo!
Great two posts (this one and fridays which had me crying), thanks for being you~
West said…
Big-time congrats, Miz Liz. A truly impressive feat.

No pun.
Dena said…
i think you're pretty awesome too! and sorry about the suffering....it made me giggle a bit, but not at your expense :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Ms. Wooden Shoes,
Ooh, rainy sounds better than boiling hot to me. Maybe it's because I haven't run a long distance in anything more than a middling drizzle. And what IS it about the bacon???

Thanks for saying so. I'm sort of at an emotional low point these days for all sorts of reasons, so it's nice to hear the kind words about my writing.

Hahaha! No pun!! :)

Oh, the "suffering" makes for good memories. I just hope it doesn't repeat itself!
Kofi Bofah said…
16 miles?

I am about to fall out after mile 1!
Lucky said…
Porta-potties maybe nasty but it is useful for marathons like that one.

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