Thursday Thirteen: Hottest Male Musical Artists From The 1980s

Earlier today I overhead a couple of teenagers talking about how hot Chris Brown is. They were going into minute detail about his tattoos and what they liked about his smile. It made me wonder, was I ever this crazy about a male musical artist when I was a teen?

Oh yes, I sure was! I started reminiscing about the male musical artists I thought were incredibly good-looking back when I was a teenager in the 1980's. Here's a little trip down memory lane...

My 13 Hottest Male Musical Artists From The 1980's

1) El DeBarge: We won't talk about Eldra's current, cringe-worthy cracked out steez. But all you ladies know that back in the '80's there was no one finer than the King of the Light Skinned Dudes. See, if MTV hadn't been so racist back in the day and had been willing to show videos by black artists, I would've been a happier teen. Yes, MTV would've been much better if there'd been more El DeBarge on it. Gosh, he was hot.
2) Michael Hutchence: Such a sad ending for such a beautiful and talented singer. I remember the first INXS video I saw on MTV for 1982's "The One Thing". I was ready to buy whatever Michael was selling.

Rick Springfield: I was never into General Hospital so I never saw Rick act as Dr. Noah Drake, but those album covers sure were easy on the eyes. I remember telling my best friend who lived across the street that I was marrying Rick Springfield. I got teased for days after that because my best friend was a boy and he was not feeling Rick at ALL! "You like him? He's an old man!"

4) Al B. Sure!: If El DeBarge was the King of the Light Skinned guys, Al B. Sure! was the prince. Plus, he had the best eyebrows. I think I even liked a guy at one point simply because he sort of resembled Al B. Sure!. I told him that and then he started telling all the girls, "Yeah, they say I look like Al B. Sure!"

5) Morten Harket: I know. You have no idea who this is so let me school you. Harket's the lead singer of the group a-ha. Remember their fabulous video for "Take On Me"? I always felt like I'd be totally willing to jump into a comic book to rescue him too. Who cares if they only had a couple of hits here in the States! This Norwegian hottie was amazing. Hint, he's the one in the middle.

6) John Taylor: Pretty much all of Duran Duran could get a gold star for being Most Hot in the 80's, and I know everyone sweated Simon Le Bon like crazy. However, bassist John Taylor was the one that stole my heart out of all of them. He made me want to buy a copy of Tiger Beat. (I never did.)

7) Alexander O'Neal: Aleander O'Neal was sophisticated, fine, knew how to dress and he could seriously sing. I loved how he looked in the video for his song with Cherelle, "Innocent". Horrible actor but he was hot.

8) TKA: I was a huge Freestyle fan back in the day and TKA, the Puerto Rican trio from New York City, was just delicious. I loved the suits, the slick dance moves and the danceable songs where guys crooned about love and heartbreak.

9) Andrew Ridgeley: Did you say, "Andrew who?" Tsk, tsk! Andrew's the half of Wham! that hasn't been arrested for escapades in bushes and bathrooms. Indeed, while everyone back in the day was drooling over George Michael, I thought Andrew Ridgeley was the better looking of the duo.

10) Babyface: I still don't understand Tracey Edmond's leaving Babyface for Eddie Murphy. When I die I'll be trying to ask God to explain that one to me because he's always been certifiable hotness. Plus, he can sing like nobody's business. Imagine Babyface singing good morning to you. Imagine getting into an argument with the man... doesn't matter what he says as long as he sings it, right? Here he is performing "Two Occasions" with The Deele:

Whew, Babyface singing the bridge... I think I'm melting right now! No wonder this "Quiet Storm" classic still gets played every night on every city's R&B station.

11) Rakim: Hot and he's one of the best MC's of all time? Oh yes! I saw Rakim perform at the Apollo 10 years ago and I was front row, screaming! I thought he looked even BETTER than he did when I was a teenager. Even now, he still looks great. He was fly back in the day but really, not many people can say that they look better in their 40's than the did in their 20's.
12) Milli Vanilli: Lipsynching scandals aside, this duo of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus... gosh, they were so good looking they were like a fabulous present on Christmas morning. In fact, they were so good looking they could wear spandex and not look completely ridiculous! Somebody needs to make a movie about these too, except I'm scared Will Smith and Terence Howard will be cast and ruin the whole thing.

13) Depeche Mode: You knew this was coming, right? How could I leave my favorite group of all time off of this list? Interestingly enough, I didn't even know what Depeche Mode looked like till maybe 1986 or 1987. And by the time the Music For The Masses tour hit in 1988, and I saw the tour poster... let's just say Martin Gore in that hat sealed the Depeche Mode = Hotness deal.
And so that's my thirteen!

I know, no Prince, no Michael Jackson, no New Edition. Nope. I never even wore their buttons on my jean jacket. Not that I didn't think they were good looking. It's just that every other girl had one on and I never wanted to go along with the crowd.

What about you? Who would you put on this list?


Anonymous said…
Awesome! Oh, to be young again.
Liz Dwyer said…
I know! Such good memories!
haha! I'm so with you on this list, except for Babyface.

I think Al B. Sure is now radio DJ, right?

Wasn't Christopher Williams around that time?

the 80's...good times.
Anonymous said…
Funny, I have a 5 foot poster of Depeche Mode 101 on my living room wall. The hat. Oh the hat. Sigh.
Jen said…
So, you were really into the smoldering eye thing, lol.

I agree with most of your picks. I also had a geek streak in me so yeah, um, I kinda had a thing for Elvis... Costello! Weird, I know.

And I did find Prince fascinating, although NOT cute... more like that car accident you can't look away from. I LOVED, loved, loved his music, though.
1969 said…
I love this list. I too was a fan of Andrew Ridgeley. LMAO. No one even knew he had a name. You have impeccable taste Liz.

As for El Dearge, Rakim, Al B. Sure and even TKA....yup.

Now I loved Alexander O'Neal's songs but fine? Uh....I'll let you keep that one.
Nerd Girl said…
Jalil from Whodini!!
MarĂ­a said…
I never found El DeBarge to be attractive - I used to get offended when people would tell me and my mom that I looked like him. :(

But Morten Harket. Oh yes.
Unknown said…
Let me add my $.02:
1. El DeBarge - Cute, but too thin and too short for my 5'8" frame. Preferred baby brother Chico.
2. Michael Hutchence - Did nothing for me.
3. Rick Springfield - Definite cutie. But I'll trade him for Ray Parker, Jr. (little known fact Springfield's "Jesse's Girl" inspired RPJ's "The Other Woman)
4. Al B. Sure - Despite my preference for "light skinned dudes" Al B. never did anything for me. But his less successful contemporary Christopher Williams, whew, talk about FINE!
5. Morton Harket - Again, no.
6. John Taylor - Hell yes. I bought many a Tiger Beat just to see his lovely face (which still looks pretty good btw).
7. Alexander O'Neal - Could listen to him sing all day, but really didn't need to look at him.
8. TKA - Umm, who?
9. Andrew Ridgeley - It was all about George Michael for me. I was hardcore. Let's keep in mind that this was the 80's, and he wasn't caught cruising the men's rooms until the 90's. Can still picture the "Faith" video with him shaking his behind in those tight jeans.
10. Babyface - Let's just say he doesn't look like any baby I've ever seen.
11. Rakim - He was pretty sexy, but I'll take Kool Moe Dee instead.
12. Milli Vanilli - Rob was beautiful! So I'll give you that one.
13. Depeche Mode - no

As for Prince, never. Much too effiminate even for my teenage self.

Loved 70's Michael (the "Off the Wall" album cover didn't come off my wall for a long time).

New Edition - Always thought they were ugly.
Liz Dwyer said…
Babyface is a classic case of looks added to by the voice. If he couldn't sing, he might not be on here! :)

Yes, Al B. Sure! is on the radio. I think he's on Hot 92 Jamz. Christopher Williams was around too but I don't know why I was not as into him. Not sure.

Love that poster. I'd like to put that one up as well but I've been limited to one. :( Martin in that hat... made ME want to buy a hat like that and wear it.

Oh yes. Smoldering eye, dark hair, dark eyes. Totally my "type". Nary a blond or blue eyed boy in the bunch. Elvis Costello was sort of cute. I can see that. Absolutely agree on Prince. Even now when I see Purple Rain, I'm thinking, "I can't believe Appollonia liked this dude!" He was short AND weird!

Yay! Another Andrew Ridgeley fan!!! I know, I can't exactly explain the Alexander O'Neal thing. I just always thought he was SO sexy.

Nerd Girl,
Oh yes, he was cute! I wonder what he looks like now.

Immoral Matriarch,
I hear you and looking at your picture, you are MUCH better looking. I used to get the, "You look like Prince" thing ALOT. And I found it annoying too. I still get it sometimes.

Ms. Wooden Shoes,
We've got different taste, for sure. :) I definitely tended to go for the guys on the thinner side of things. TKA was amazing. They're one of the top freestyle groups ever. I loved them. My mom says she was SO sick of hearing their songs and George Lamond's songs.
Florinda said…
I'm a few years older than you are, but I am definitely on the Rick Springfield train with you! Great memories from my high-school years.

I agree with you about the gut from a-ha too. I've always had a thing for really good cheekbones :-).
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Liz,

I always thought that Colonel Abrams was kinda handsome. Plus I love his music.

On El DeBarge; I never really thought he was a cute as a lot of others but I really like his music, Stay With Me gets plenty of spins on my ipod!

And thanks for leaving Michael Jackson off the list. Lol
the joy said…
I was about 4 when Al b sure came out but I loved him so. I vividly remember a convo with my mom where I was confused about his race, and what race was in general. I thought he and my cousin were white and that I was brown, and my dad was black. Lol. I can't believe you said he had nice brows!
Anonymous said…
I know u did not leave my boy Prince off there!!!! I Still Love him!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, Morten Harket has amazing cheekbones and jawline. I love how people around the world look so different and are so beautiful in their own way. Plus his accent when he sings is hot! :)

I liked Colonel Abrams' music too. He had some great tracks. Michael was cute before he started changing himself but he was never gorgeous to me. I don't know why.

The Joy,
So funny that some of your first questions about racial identity were about Al B. Sure! LOL! I really like thick eyebrows but I'm probably weird because I also like uni-brows. I think they're kinda hot!

LOL! You know I love his music and gosh, going to a Prince concert is a seriously spiritual experience, but... maybe I'm not attracted because he's short and I know he's short?
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
That’s a great “13”. Made me think of my own, but, really, I guess I never was that into the “unobtainable” thing; I had a hard enough time with the ‘sprinter girls’ from out-of-district schools that I “lusted” after who I could meet! My list wouldn’t hit 13, but since you have directly asked for our participation in this in the past, I thought I’d do my own. But, being a guy, it will be different. I’m a little bit older than you, so mine hit the late 70’s too.

Donna Summer: She was my first crush over a total “unobtainable”.

Rose Royce: Just something about her voice and movements …

Whitney Houston (pre-Bobby): Really, how could you be a guy and not?!

Jody Watley: See above, lol.

Karyn White: Superwoman; and I thought so!

That’s about it for that era. More recently:

Blaque: 808 (Boom!) I thought the lead girl was very cute.

Mary J. Bilge: she is the epitome of physical beauty to me (close second Alfre Woodard. “Down in the Delta” – she was gorgeous!)
Mamita Umita said…
Bono!! Although I must admit he has gotten better looking with age. But Rakim is definitely my other choice, oh - and Al B. Sure.
Shiona said…
Alas I am a bit young for this eighties list. Even though I was 9 by 1990 I remember most of your list. I'm with you on New Edition though and early Michael was definitely pretty cute.
Liz Dwyer said…
If I made a list of the ladies, Jody Watley would probably be at the top. Her or Sheila E. Karyn White was gorgeous too. Remember how GORGEOUS Whitney was on the cover of her first record? Wow. Crack is wack. :( I prefer depressed Mary to happy as a sack of clams Mary, and what in the world is Blaque up to? They just dropped off the face of the earth.

Bono has definitely gotten better with age. I thought The Edge was cute back in the day though. He still is, kinda.

I'm glad you got to enjoy a little of the great music and hotness that was guys from the '80s. Even though our culture is so youth obsessed, I'd feel like I really missed out if I hadn't gotten to experience these artists (and that era of music videos).
Unknown said…
One of the singers from Blaque married Ronnie from New Edition a couple of years ago. As for the other two, I have no idea.
Loved TKA and all the freestyle artists. Expose all the way!! And John Taylor was the original and best JT. He did that great Youtube video where he urged people to vote for Obama. Al B was a pretty boy and I didn't like pretty boys. Of course I love DM. I got fired from a pt job for ditching work to meet them (well the boss' wife was an insecure biyatch as well). Morten - those Slavic people are hot hot hot living in all those cold climates making babies....
Liz Dwyer said…
Ms. Wooden Shoes,
Really? He was the least cute member of New Edition to me! :)

I would've ditched work to see DM too! That's a no-brainer! :)
Anonymous said…
I agree with you that El DeBarge was the hottest light-skinned bother of the 80s, but did you have to say the negative stuff about him to get your point across. Regardless of his recent past, he's still the great legend El DeBarge, the man with the sweet, mellow, and most beautiful voice to go along with the #1 looks. I wish him well.

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