Gratitude For Our Friends

One of my dearest friends, Boston-based sculptor, painter and photographer, Leili Towfigh, called three times today to check and see how my son is doing. She called despite the fact that she had an art show opening tonight.

I wish I could've been in Boston with her, live and in person to see her amazing pottery and paintings. You can check out Leili's work on her flickr stream and see for yourself what lovely things she creates.

But, beyond being talented, a few things that have always made Leili stand out are her incredibly memory, attention to detail, and the fact that she is remarkably self-reflective and thoughtful. It meant so much to me that in the midst of all the busy preparations for her show, she dropped everything to ring me up. She was genuinely concerned but she also was sure to not be panicky or frantic in her concern. And she offered her prayers.

It made me think a whole lot about friendship and what it means in our lives. It's been almost eight years since I've seen Leili and yet I still consider her one of my dearest friends. Indeed, her calling me three times today made me really grateful to know her. Friendship isn't just taking trips to the mall together. It isn't gossiping over the latest on Perez Hilton. It's not even listening to bad breakup stories.

Friendship is really a matter of trust, a matter of saying that you respect the person and their inherent nobility. And so for all of you out there who have a best friend that you haven't seen in ages, drop them a line. Send them an email. Something! Let them know they're loved.


Anonymous said…
I think friendships are a tremndous treasure. And, as it happens, I just sent an email yesterday to a friend I haven't had contact with in about 20 years (email address provided by another friend I reconnected with after about teh same lengtth of time)!
1969 said…
Amen. How is your son doing?
well said. I really treasure my friendships.

I hope you have positive news regarding your son soon.
Liz Dwyer said…
That's so sweet. I love getting emails from old friends. It makes my day. One of the reasons I like facebook is that I've reconnected with all these folks from my younger years. We'd just fallen out of touch with each other, but now it's much easier to catch up.

Thanks for asking about him. He's been up since 4:00, crying about his stomach, but he seems to have dozed off again. He's so pitiful, he's breaking my heart.
Liz Dwyer said…
I've been talking with another friend about planning a "girlfriends" weekend for all of us to get together and spend some time. I miss my friends that are scattered all over the world. I really do. As for the boy, he's still the same. He's not any worse, but he's not better either. Well, except that I got him to eat a little more yesterday. :(
Anonymous said…
That's so sweet!! By the way your hair looks good in that picture!!!LOL
Liz Dwyer said…
Hahaha! That was my hair in like 1996 or 97! :)
Ian Lidster said…
True friendhips are to be treasured always, and here you have a true friendship. Genuine friendship is another form of love and just as important as romantic and/or filial love. It is wonderful for you to have such a friend, yet doesn't surprise me considering how genuine you are.
Anonymous said…
I don't talk to my frineds as much as I should but I wouldn't be sane without them. True friends are the ones who don't make you feel guilty for not calling and know all your faults and love you despite them.
Liz Dwyer said…
I think I remember reading something that said that folks with close friendships lead happier and healthier lives. Even if I didn't read that, I'd bet it's true!

Very true. I love how with some people you just know that you don't have to talk every day to have a true friendship.
Anonymous said…
My dear, dear loved sister - I was so touched to read this. I have told you this verbally, but it stands frequent repeating: you are a treasure. Anything that I might put out there is in part a mirror of the love and thoughtfulness and encouragement you have shown to me - and this, unwaveringly, over so many years.

So, back atcha! Needless to say, glad baby boy is feeling better. Love you.
Jen said…
Friendship is truly the glue of any society.

Again, I sure hope that your son is better now. It sounds horrendous.

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