If You Design Cute Clothes, They Will Come

Yes, folks, I had to wear the shades again today to hide the puffy eyes. But just like Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam sang back in the day, "Now I'm all cried out... over you!"

I still love that Lisa Lisa actually looked like she ate real food and was proud of it. But those 80's fashions... whew, they were not figure flattering in the least.

Speaking of fashion, I saw a headline today on the Los Angeles Times website that said, "Retailers post worst October sales since at least 1971". It went on about the economic downturn and how clothing retailers are having an especially hard time.

All I have to say is maybe if the retailers stopped trying to sell those totally unflattering, ugly-as-sin baby doll tops, I'd buy something! Seriously, the baby doll look really only works if you are a teenager and flat chested. Otherwise, you look pregnant. Hmm... maybe I should write them a letter.

Dear Retailers,

I am done having kids. I do not want to wear anything ever again that reminds me of maternity clothes. You don't see me buying elastic waist pants with an expandable front panel do you? So why would I buy your baby doll top? Plus, you want me to pay $50 for it? Whatever!

Two, unless you want to hit up Forever 21 and get something that might not even last for 21 minutes, let alone 21 washes, clothing prices are out of control. A major discussion got going on 1969's Facebook page today when she asked if there were any jeans left anymore that were under $100. She was reminiscing about the days when you could buy a cute pair of Jordache's for $30. What is up with jeans being $120 or $150? Really, it's just denim. Unless it comes gold plated, I don't need or want to pay that much for it.

Three, please hire some better designers and get some originality and class. When I walk into stores, I'm hard pressed to find something that's classy, unique and beautiful. Almost nothing jumps out and screams, "Buy me because this will look fly on you!" Stuff is either incredibly staid and boring, or else the clothes fall into the category of what I like to call "ho clothes".

The staid, boring stuff is usually the yawner outfits in the "work" clothes section. It looks the same year after year. Only the colors change. In a bad economy, why would I buy the shirt that looks just like last year's shirt? Just because somebody decided that purple is the hot color instead of green?

Then there's the section of atrocious sloppy clothes that takes me back to those Saturday Night Live "Mom Jeans" skits. You know, the kind of mushy, schlepping around town outfits that folks sometimes wear that would make Tim Gunn's head explode. If I already have sloppy clothing, why buy more?

And then we come to the ho clothes, which just means that everything is too tight, too low cut and generally looks like you work the pole, or else you're on the way to the club and tryin' to "get some". The thing is, even the most fashion challenged of us all knows that ho clothes aren't really practical, and when it's a bad economy, people buy practical.

Beyond department stores, I don't feel bad that, for example, Ambercrombie and Fitch sales are down 20%. Why should I? I don't exactly think I'm their target demographic, and besides, I don't like clothing with any labels on it at all and own nothing with a visible label or logo. Plus, their stuff is boring. It looks like some reject from Ralph Lauren went and vomited up some half-hearted designs.

So, my bottom line, you MBA-having retail executives, is this: In a good economy, people will clearly waste money on crap. In a bad economy, that type of thinking doesn't fly. However, never fear, never despair! There is hope!

If you design it well, make it creative, hot, chic-but-not-trashy, and set it at a decent price, guess what, people will fork over their meager hoard of post-bill paying cash.

Otherwise, that mess will sit on racks till it gets shipped off to TJ Maxx, where it will also sit on racks. I have no idea where the clothes go after TJ Maxx. But if it's marked down 70 or 80%, let me know. I might decide to buy.


Anonymous said…
Liz, you think you have problems finding some buyable women's clothes? I gave up years ago on men's clothes, they're mostly so bland and colourless and predictable I only go clothes-shopping if I really really have to. But yes, in hard times the retailers will have to make more of an effort to entice the customers.

I just love all your colloquialisms that I never come across over here, btw - ho clothes, working the pole. Though we do say "Now you're flying".

Like our future First Lady I was all about J. Crew. I refused to shop at Forever 21 and I had a hard time finding anything in L.A. that wasn't a baby doll get up.

I rather wait for well made clothes to go on sale or only buy one expensive classic than a bunch of cheap, trendy crap. If that means I wasn't wearing the latest ho wear in L.A. whatever.

I'm broke now so no shopping for me but guess what, the clothes that made the trip overseas are working fine for me here in Rome. Quality over quantity.

Anyway the closets here are so small (most apts. in the Center don't even have closets but wardrobes) there is no place to put clothes you don't wear.

FYI The GAP and J.Crew have great jeans for under $100.
Anonymous said…
Found some a couple of cute different outfits on the sales rack at Target but I never buy there unless it's on sale!!!! Old Navy has some cute jeans that don't show your but crack for $60.00 - I almost bought them but I thought that was high!!!!
1969 said…
Liz....after my jeans debate....guess what?

I strolled into Burlington Coat Factory and scored a pair of Michael Kors jeans with tags on them saying $129 (rolls eyes) for ...drumroll..........$39. :)

Right up my mortgage, two cars and two kids having alley.

I am a shopper. It's the New Yorker in me. I cannot pay full price for anything. Jeans over $100make my brain hurt.

Boots? Yes. Denim? No.
Anonymous said…
You should look at the Victoria's Secret catalog or Esprit. They have really cute clothes at decent prices. Look for outlet stores of your favorite designers.

It is harder to find stylish clothes under $70/item. I used to be a stickler about not going over $100, but now I consider the quality of the design and fabric as well as the brand in determining the worth of an item. I think exceptional quality and design deserve a higher price. It's really about getting your money's worth. There are shopping tricks that can help you find bargains.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL at "Now you're flying"!!! That is really funny. I can't remember where I got "ho clothes" from. Maybe I just started saying it one day years ago based on what I saw. I'd love it if men's clothes got a little more pre-industrial revolution. Even a little Beau Brummel elegance would be great.

I'll buy cheap, trendy jewelry at Forever 21 and I did buy a cute trendy coat there last year, only because I knew it wouldn't have to go in the washer. Otherwise, I get scared the stuff is gonna break in the dressing room while I'm trying it on.

I think it's cool that storage space for clothes is limited in Rome. Otherwise you just end up buying tons of stuff and then it disappears into the depths of your closet.

I love Express jeans -- they run around $65 but I've never looked at J. Crew. I'll check 'em out.

Yep, I only get stuff at Target if it's on sale... except for my silver ballet flats and those were only $22. Besides, that Isaac Mizrahi stuff looks like CRAP on me! And $60 for jeans from Old Navy? That's ridiculous!

LOL! Why not just sell the jeans for $39 in the first place? They'd probably fly off the shelves! And I'm with you! Shoes are well worth the price! Always!

It's not that I don't know how to bargain shop or find outlet stores... it's that we shouldn't have to do that! The amount of effort it takes to sift through the racks to find something decent is ridiculous. I don't have time for all that! That's why people end up buying some ugly stuff just because it's "on sale". They're tired and their brains get worn down. Just put the cute clothes in normal stores at a reasonable price in the first place!
Unknown said…
I love the TJ MAXX motto - never ever ever pay full price! Before the economy took a downturn this was my motto.

I am a barganista. Most days I look like one of those mommas that would give Tim Gunn a nightmare (I blame it on working from home and only running out briefly to do errands). But when I want to look put together I have been lucky enough to find some things at TJ Maxx, sometimes Marshalls and less frequently at Ross.

I was just introduced to the Junior League Thrift shop - bargains abound there. My girlfriend in the Junior League swears by the store.

ps - I have never paid $100 for jeans.
Liz Dwyer said…
I think I'd probably give Tim Gunn a heart attack too. I walk almost everywhere so while I'm not wearing a sweatsuit, I think some of his sweatsuit alternatives aren't all that practical. I seriously am not prancing around in a dress.
Anonymous said…
I miss TJ Maxx - for some reason in Ireland and the UK they decided to call it TK Maxx.

Anyway... I'm hoping for crazy sales in the US, I will order online for Steve to pick up and bring back.
Anonymous said…
Ugh the only jean-shopping choices in my town are Corral West, JC Penny, and Walmart. The downtown shops....yeah, who can afford $200 studded jeans? I'll leave those for the ski bunny tourists. The rest of us are forced to shop at Thrift Stores, because Walmart...ALL they have are mom jeans.
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
Wow! The Lisa Lisa reference sent me spinnin' on the 'flash-back' track. I'm huntin' down my INOJ "Love You Down". I wore that thing out!
Now go run,lol
Liz Dwyer said…
TK Maxx? That's really funny! Is there some sort of cultural repulsion to TJ instead of TK? I'll bet there'll be good sales for you. I'm sure retailers are going to be discounting to lure folks into stores.

LOL at the Mom Jeans! Actually, JC Penney has some cute jeans these days for reasonable prices. I don't think I'll be buying $200 jeans unless I win the lottery. And even then, I doubt it.

I'm not quite "All Cried Out". I watched his press conference and got misty-eyed once again. No running for me today though. I'm resting up for 16 miles tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
As long as the ugly clothes are fairly priced, the cute ones will be more expensive. It does make sense. But there are some nice designers who create great clothes at a reasonable price. If you go to the popular malls, you will probably find a few pieces here and there, but not a store with everything. I've found that visualizing the exact outfit or type of clothing I want helps me get in and out quickly. Don't waste your time looking. Just visualize and you will attract it quickly and easily.
Liz Dwyer said…
I totally agree that you have to go into stores with a plan. You can't just go and hope that something cute jumps out at you! :)

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