What I Listen To On A 14 Mile Run

I have been doing almost nothing all afternoon. And I think I deserve to do nothing because I ran 14 miles this morning. I am over halfway to the LA Marathon distance!!!

Even though I soaked in ice water for 20 minutes and rubbed my legs down with a million creams, I'm pretty sore. So, I figure it's the perfect opportunity to follow through on a thought I had while I was running. I figured that once I got home I'd list out all the music that kept me going.

First I listened to an hour-long Podrunner Podcast, the 163 BPM "Pro Forma". Next, I decided to mix it up and listen to one of my iPod playlists. The BPM varies and the songs range from mid-80s house to present day tech house and electronica. I tried to find links to everything I could in case you want to hear something or rip it from youtube buy it yourself. So, here you go:

1) Cured - Pig & Dan. Do you like The Cure? If so, you'll like this song by this fab DJ duo.
2) Martyr (Acid Bit Crush Remix) - Depeche Mode. It's a bootleg remix by Stacker.
3) You're Only Friend - Phuture. A total lesson in saying no to drugs.
4) Scream - Starkillers. They are so LA but I love the beat. Just FYI, this track is rated R. Pretty much ALL Starkillers songs are rated R.
5) The Way I Are (Richard Vission Remix) - Timbaland & Keri Hilson. This is a FAB remix. Richard Vission never lets you down!

6) This Boy's In Love (Lifelike Remix) - The Presets. I zone out to this one.
7) Deep At Night - Ercola. Love the deep house-ish vocals. Perfect zone out song.
8) Above & Beyond - Oceanic. Another song I zone out to.
9) Who Killed JFK - Misteria. Zone out over! TOTALLY crazy early '90s German techno. Keeps you going though.

10) Such A Feeling - Bizarre Inc. Another early '90s techno/electronica/house hybrid.
11) Overpowered (Seamus Hajj Remix) - Roisin Murphy. I cannot say enough about how much I adore Roisin Murphy. Both the originals and the remixes of her songs are total bangers.

12) Nana (Digital Boy Futuristic Remix). - N.U.K.E. More fab early '90s techno. Very bouncy and upbeat.
13) Big Bass (3.2 Mix) - Starkillers. Love that electro house! FYI, I think this is the least R rated of their records.
Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns - The radio edit gets the job done!
15) Take Me Away - 2 In A Room. One of my fave house records ever. I'm sure my parents remember how I played my 12" of this SO loud.

16) Better Days (Basteroid Dance Is Gone Vocal Remix) - Depeche Mode. A sort of electroclash-style remix.
17) Night Falls - Booka Shade. Very chill but keeps you going.
18) Say It Right (Bad Boy Bill Remix) - Nelly Furtado. One of my fave songs of the past few years. I can't find the remix I have online. Not sure where I got it from.
19) The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Stonebridge Edit)- Sia. She's weird but she can SING! This is one of the best house vocals/remixes I've heard in a minute.

20) A New Day - Guy Ornadel -- Very old-school house. Sorry I can't find it online for you to listen to.
21) Diskoteka (Erick E Remix)- Starkillers. VERY rated very R. Why are the R-rated songs always sooo catchy?
22) In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) - Plumb. I love singing along to this one. So uplifting and upbeat.
23) I'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours) - Gigi Dagostino. SO romantic that I cry every time I hear it. Fun to run to though.
24) The Whop - Fast Eddie/Tyree Cooper/Chic -- This classic house track is 21 years old and it still sounds fresh. Plus, it keeps me going.

24) Emerge - Fischerspooner. Totally weird electroclash song but it's a great way to end a run. It helped me sprint the last mile or so.

Whew, that took some work to put all that together for y'all! Thankfully, I can link and type from the comfort of my couch. I mean, even my toes hurt!

What? You're not going for a run but need some music to dance or clean the house to? Well, this is a pre-made playlist just for you. And now I'm going to return to doing nothing for a few more minutes. Or hours. We'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said…
I have lots of my favorite stuff on my iPod and when I walk (not run!) I like to put it on shuffle. It's like having a radio station run by me.
Liz Dwyer said…
It is like having a radio station... I wish they'd put freakin' radios on the iPod! (Dear Apple, stop messing with the size, just put a radio on it.)
Shiona said…
Whew 14 miles! Man, what a run. I could listen to house music all day. Although that Darude song Sandstorm got so played out! Hope you're feeling better.
I'm not a runner (unless I'm in San Francisco and trying to catch a bus. And it's raining. And I'm running late. But only then.) I do feel your pain, though. (I teach dance.)

I will check out your music list when I clean the house tomorrow. Or maybe next weekend. (We just tore out the front yard, and my legs feel like I've taught 3 back-to-back classes.)
Anonymous said…
You ran 14 miles?


Just teasing... good for you! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jen said…
Liz, you are awesome. I felt good for playing aerobics for a half hour (and I do mean playing).

I'm going to have to really check out this music. You find much more interesting stuff than I do.
Nice to know you're increasing your stamina. Running is soooo not my thing! And I lurve Sia!!! And Roisin Murphy (who's playing for the first time in the US - but in NYC of course).
Liz Dwyer said…
That song definitely got played out. It came on the other night and I was like...turn it off!!!

LOL! I was sore most of Saturday but I'm better now. Only doing 7 miles this Saturday.

1/2 hour of aerobics is better than nothing. I find the music by subscribing to DJ lists and I listen to the Radio 538 podcast. Oh, and the trance/electronica station on my digital cable sometimes has good stuff.

I can't believe I ran that far! In two weeks I'll be doing 16! And Roisin needs to bring herself to LA! That's one show I would NOT miss. She's fabulous.
Liz Dwyer said…
Not Telling You My Name,
LOL, why not tell your name? :)

I'm sure that teaching dance means you're more physically fit than most runners. More flexible too. Ooh, tearing up the front yard... what are you going to do with it?
Jameil said…
pretty sure i've never heard of any of those people on your playlist but if they work for you, i LOVE THEM! you rock liztastic!! well-deserving of that name. i don't ever want to run 14 miles. unless it's in a week. but i think you're awesome for doing it. i know your boys are so proud. or they will be. maybe they don't quite know how cool that is.
West said…
Wow. I felt awesome when I BIKED 15 miles, but your RUNNING 14 certainly trumps that!

Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
How can you be “plugged in” and run?! It’s like sacrilege! Lol!
I don’t like being ‘disconnected’ from myself when I run. I’ve really learned to enjoy the ‘rhythm’ of any particular paced run (even intervals, lol!), focusing on the bodies’ responses and feel, even the up and down of the heart-rate. And I love being ‘connected’ to the neighborhood and its people when I run through. They always say something friendly and positive. Some of my best “away” runs have been in LA, because of the interaction with people along my routes.
So, if you’re up to 14 miles, you are about on schedule. Just as a note, there is a great article in last months Running Times magazine on lessons to learn from your first marathon; and how to apply them to your second. ‘Cause you know, you be a runner fer life now!
Liz Dwyer said…
Goodness, y'all! I just saw your comments on this post!

It's been such a gradual building up to the mileage that Jameil and West, I bet you BOTH could do it!

And Daniel, I tried it with nothing and I'm not a fan. What I do is leave one headphone in and the other out. I'm a good multitasker! :) I do think I'm a runner for life. LOL! I'll check the article out! Thanks!

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