Poking Fun At Racism

I have such a busy morning and I promise I will post later, but in the meantime, here's what infuriates and saddens me:

“I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?”

Oh really? You're afraid? Scared that Obama's gonna change the White House to a pyramid, aren't 'cha?

Yes, here's what makes me laugh and believe that there's still good in the world:

"Oh no! It's that crazy lady from the McCain rally!" I'm laughing but it's so sad because it's based on the questions of real people. But thank you, SNL for poking fun at what really isn't all that funny.

Hmm... guilt sure can breed fear, can't it?


David Sullivan said…
I don't know which clip was funnier. I love me some ignorant, bible thumping bigots!!! They are so hilarious 'cause they truly believe the shit they've been shoveled. I've worked in the human service field for 20 years, done many assessments and I can tell you in my professional some of those folks are borderline retarded.

McCain ADS in MRI machines...I thought they were going to say in Funeral Parlors...you know us Irish have a a dark sense of humor
Felicity said…
For them it's far too late!
1969 said…
The best were the McCain ads in the MRI machine! Hilarious.

The folks that they are showing on these interview clips are truly something else. A lack of education is a scary thing.
Shiona said…
That show was funny! The Blacks will take over! When did Obama say he thought white people were trash? I guess I missed that one. People always fear what they don't know. Sadly, Felicity is right? Thank goodness it's a small town...but too many of those small towns is exactly what I am afraid of.
Jennifer said…
It is so sad there are people out there who believe these kinds of things. I went to the grocery store (in Southern California) and the checker told me she was worried Obama was a Muslim and we'd all have to start celebrating Muslim holidays if he were elected. I asked her if she remembered Rev. Wright, 20 years in a Christian church, and where she got her information (a chain email was the answer). Ignorance is frightening.

But SNL? Hilarious!
Anonymous said…
SNL is too funny, but of course, since the crazy McCain rally lady is based on the truth is it beyond sad.

And the video of the small-minded white people is so disgusting and maddening! What the hell did any black person ever do to them that they would be so scared and angry??????
DJ Black Adam said…
You have to laugh at it, how else can we deal with something so sad.
You know it is really up to anti-racist activists who are white to denounce and confront other white people about their racism. They don't want to hear it from people of color - or anyone really, but it's there. I for one don't think it's any poc's responsibility to educate non poc about poc and how they benefit from and support white supremacy. I was watching Bill Maher and he had a panel of all white men inc. Ben Affleck and even he was making excuses for McCain. "I don't think he really knew blah blah blah." I am SICK of this!
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, I thought they were going to say funeral homes too! The MRI machine thing was hilarious too though. I just couldn't stop laughing when she said Obama's gonna replace the White House with a pyramid. The folks in the first clip, it's so sad because they really believe that they are on the side of truth and justice.

I hope not. I have to believe folks can always change.

I found myself wondering if those folks had ever actually read the Bible, let alone any other books. How could you say such things if you have?

It was hilarious! I don't think Obama has to say it. They made our folks pick cotton so they think we're suddenly gonna make them do it too. It's guilt-driven fear.

Did you see the Obama bucks that the lady out in San Bernardino made? Folks always think that sort of thing is just in the South, but right here in supposedly liberal LA, folks think this stuff is true.

I just want a Crazy McCain Rally Lady wig. Maybe I'll be that for Halloween.

It's very sad, but no one can again say that racism is a thing of the past.

Laughing at it does help, until you remember that these are people who are in local positions of power and authority. Then it stops being so funny. :(

I 1000% agree with you. My dad always says that him speaking up as a white man about racism to other white people has more of an impact than my black mo doing so -- and he feels like it's more his responsibility to do so than hers.
Anonymous said…
It's scary how many people pick up all this hare-brained rubbish from the media and people they know and actually believe it, embroider it and repeat it to everyone else. Scarier still that come the election they might all crawl out of the woodwork, figure out how to write an X and prevent Obama winning.

But hey, that white pyramid could be quite a tourist attraction!
Liz Dwyer said…
The pyramid is gonna be jet black and he's gonna blast Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" from it for the first 100 days of his administration.
Jennifer said…
There was an article in the Riverside newspaper about the Obama bucks. The lady who made them was quoted as saying she didn't realize they were racist, which is an outright lie. Racism has to be called out, and both Faith and you are right -- when white people call other white people out on it, it is powerful.

And this new tactic of calling Obama a Socialist? What does McCain think buying up mortgages of people in trouble is? He can't win by stirring up the terrorist card, now we're moving toward the Socialist card...only 16 more days!
David Sullivan said…
LA: and Spike Lee is gonna be Sec. Of State...
Anonymous said…
In my opinion, there is a war going on between people who want to move forward and people who are stuck in the past. I've probably said this before, but I think the fear is about change - about not being a "super power", about the apocolypse and other future horrors.

It's very very sad. And terrifying because these people have such politcal weight.
Everytime *these people* open their mouths, they drive another moderate, independant white person into Obama's camp...so I hope they keep right on using their freedom of speech and hand Obama the election!

Can we vote YET!!!!
Ian Lidster said…
Pyramid on the Potomac? Hey, why not? But, otherwise, the stupidity of some people would be hilarious if it wasn't so frightening.
Lola Gets said…
Please come by my blog and check out what I did with this video. I didnt do much, but I did link a follow-up video and an article by Colbert King. Good stuff, if I say so myself, lol.

Liz Dwyer said…
Clearly I need to be in blog purgatory for not responding individually to all your comments. I need a clone these days!

Ian has me wondering why can't we have a pyramind on the Potomac? We surely have one on our dollar bills.

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