Thursday Thirteen: The Women's Conference

I'm in the throes of a complete and total Women's Conference hangover. It was great while it lasted and so to help me re-live the wonderful memories, for today's Thursday Thirteen, I present to you:

Thirteen Awesome Things About The Women's Conference!

1) No Need For A Men's Room: The Long Beach Convention Center is sort of short on restroom space, meaning the lines for the ladies room were really, really long. And then once you'd get in there, someone would yell out from a stall, "We're outta toilet paper in this one!"

Not to worry though! Women were pulling tissues and portable rolls of Charmin out of their bags!

Finally, some enterprising woman drew a stick figure with a dress on a piece of paper and taped it up on the outside of the men's room! Not like there were that many men around to complain anyway!

2) No Meeting In The Ladies Room: Some people try to act like we women are some catty heffas who can't get along with each other and try to steal each other's men. So then you gotta say, "I got a meeting in the ladies room. I'll be back real soon..."

Okay, okay, I'll fess up: I just wanted to post that song because it was the jam back in the day. What can I say, I'm listening to both Cherelle and Klymaxx today, and, "Don't slap me 'cause I'm not in the mood."

3) Gloria Steinem getting carted away: That's Gloria on the right and on the left is one of her "handlers". She was very cool and signed some autographs for folks before being dragged away.

4) Facing My Fears: So many of the conference speakers encouraged us to face our fears and see what you can do when you have drive and vision. It was good for me to hear because sometimes I feel like I am one of the most unconfident writers I know. I'm in the process of setting some really huge writing goals for myself and I want to follow through on those goals. It was good for me to think about what I'm afraid of writing about and why.

5) Celebrities: I saw Heidi Klum, Maria Shriver, Farai Chideya, Campbell Brown, Jillian Michaels, Condoleeza Rice and, BONO! The thing is, celebs really are just like us. Cut them, they bleed. We're all just women, trying to make it in this crazy world... well, except for Bono, LOL!

6) Bono: I decided to give him a special shout out because the man seriously reps it for our African brothers and sisters. What he's doing is calling us to unify and see our brothers and sisters across the world as part of our family. It's clear that he sees the world as being one heart, one mind, one body, one soul. Yes, he can sing and wear cool sunglasses but I love him the most for what he's doing in Africa. Want to check out my take on the rest of his comments? I live blogged his speech for the LA Moms Blog.

7) Heidi Klum's Shoes: I wish I'd snapped a picture of her feet because they were fabulous. Can she take me shopping with her next time she goes to pick up a few things?

8) Diverse Women:
It's an amazing feeling to walk around and see women of every different shape, size, color and hair texture... and with such happy, glowing faces. Some were rocking ginormous diamonds, some didn't have a stitch of jewelry. Some had on sky-high heels and some wore granny sandals. It didn't matter. We were all women in pursuit of nourishment and empowerment.

9) Swag:
Love me some swag. There were so many cool companies there giving conference attendees free stuff. My husband and children scarfed down my Safeway brownies but I kept the travel sizes of Dove and L'Oreal products for myself. AND, I got a FREE flu shot at the CVS booth. I am so afraid of needles but I was brave! I faced my fears! Here's footage of me getting it.

10) The Minerva Awards and Betty Chinn: Part of the event was the presentation of the Minerva Awards and I live blogged the whole thing. My favorite award winner was Betty Chinn. Read here to find out why.

11) Dr. Oz:
I don't know why exactly I have such a huge crush on Dr. Oz. I don't think I'm the only one though. He was signing books and the ladies were swooning.

12) Maria Shriver: The speech she gave during the luncheon had me sobbing like a baby. So inspiring. If they sold it on DVD or downloadable on iTunes, I'd buy it.

13) Flip Cameras: I decided for sure that I need a Flip Camera. Would one of you like to give me one? I'm convinced that it would change my blogging life. Filming with it is SO easy and uploading is a piece of cake!

I'm definitely going to this conference again next year. It was absolutely enjoyable and I'm so glad I got to live blog it for the Los Angeles Moms Blog!

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Anonymous said…
I'm amazed to read you are anything but confident about your writing. It's amazing and I LOVE reading it.
your coverage of the conference made me feel like I was there with you, and we were making little comments back and forth during the presentations (my favorite way to enjoy any presentation!)

I hope you not only set, but achieve many of your writing goals - the world needs both your perspective and your amazing style.
Shiona said…
I feel like I am at this conference. I will make it a point to go next year. I need to get some confidence. Sounds like the celebrities are just a bonus. Love that song! Now it is stuck in my head!
Anonymous said…
When he gets out of his green scrubs he looks pretty good. Gloria Steinem is in my Thirteen Thursday too.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that sounds like an amazing conference!
Anonymous said…
wow! good for you on your #5!
women rocks!!!
Anonymous said…
"This video is no longer available."

The conference has their own You Tube page fyi so we will be able to watch everything - eventually. It sold out in 3 hours per Oprah so I'll keep an eye out next year.

That asymetrical hairstyle is fiyah!
Anonymous said…
Holy crap, did #1 bring back memories. My best friend and I used to hang out at a gay bar with a couple of our gay friends, and that song was played a lot. So much fun to dance to.
several of my friends go that conference every year. It sound like such a great, uplifting event.

My mom knew Dr. Oz (they worked at the same hospital). She said he is very nice and down to earth.
Dena said…
ditto what pooneh said! you truly are an inspiration to me ;)
Jameil said…
glad you had a great time! bah to your writing lack of confidence. what in the?? if you don't know you're awesome and aren't suitably convinced by the love you have here idk what to say. re heidi? LOVE HER!!
Jen said…
This sounds like such an amazing experience. It's been so fun to learn about it - almost kinda like being there.

Tafari said…
"No Need For A Men's Room: " Sounds like a hot pissy mess was averted.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you for saying that. I worry a LOT about my writing being judged by people who know me as either "inappropriate" or not strong enough. The encouragement is really nice. Plus, I'm in the process of making myself a plan for the next year, backwards planning from my writing goals. It's sooo type-A to plot it out that way but I think it will help me.

I love the song too! Someone called me today and told me it was gonna be stuck in his head all day too! LOL! And I'm so glad you felt like you were there. I definitely want to attend next year.

He does look good without the scrubs! He's got lovely hair too!

It really was amazing. I hope you get to attend sometime.

I know! Pretty exciting! :)

Which video? The Klymaxx one? It's still there for me.

Wasn't she rockin' that hair! they were so great. I hope you get tix for the conference some time. I think there should be more events like it for women. Fabulous that it has it's own YouTube page with videos up soon.

Very fun to dance to. I can remember making up little dance routines to it.

I want my mom and sister to go with me next year. I think that would be so cool. Dr. Oz seems VERY down to earth. That's nice to hear that the impression is true.

Aww... hugs!

I love Heidi too! And, as far as confidence, that's what I was thinking listening to Maria Shriver talk. I hold back a lot in my fiction and then I end up hating what I've written. Or, not hating it, just not feeling as connected to it as I'd like to. :(

They had a live webcast of some parts of it so hopefully they'll have it next year and you can watch it... or come out to Cali for it! :)

I was NOT going in the men's room. I don't like looking at urinals or being in the same space as them. Just nasty.

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