Buzzed About The 2008 Women's Conference

Where can you find the ever-buff Jillian Michaels, amazing chef Rachael Ray, super healer, Dr. Oz AND the awesome First Lady of the State of California, Maria Shriver all in one room? At The Women's Conference, of course!

I'm live blogging the conference for one of the fabulous sites I write for, the Los Angeles Moms Blog -- and goodness, it's amazing on so many levels. You can click on the link and head over there to check out what we did so far and what we're going to do tomorrow. BUT, let me give you a little rundown:

I headed down to Long Beach this afternoon, picked up my press pass, and then hooked up with my two very cool colleagues, Jill and Donna. We had some fun stalking Maria Shriver (who is as poised in person as she seems on TV). Then we attended Night at the Village which was a special pre-conference event hosted by Maria and featuring Valerie Bertinelli interviewing Rachael Ray.

By the way, I almost picked up my phone and called up Jenny Craig because goodness, Valerie looks amazing! She's totally Hollywood thin now. I'd look like a Kirstie Alley doppelganger if I was standing next to Valerie. Instead I sat 20 feet away and admired her fabulous gray pinstripe suit.

All fashion shallowness aside, the whole thing is incredibly inspiring on so many levels. I'm writing a post for the Los Angeles Moms Blog about some of the amazing things Maria Shriver said about domestic violence as well as some highlights from Valerie and Rachael's discussion. LOL at how I'm on a first name basis with them, right?

My plan is to be back down in the LBC by 6:30 in the morning. Let's see if I can make that happen. Gosh, I'm so buzzed about the whole thing, I don't think I can sleep!

Update: Here's my post at the Los Angeles Moms Blog inspired by Maria Shriver's comments on domestic violence.


Anonymous said…
As you say, Liz, statistically there have to be women who've experienced domestic abuse in any large gathering, even though they won't give any sign of it. It's shocking that it's still so common and sad that (for good reasons) many women don't feel able to protest about it openly and vigorously and stop it happening.
Enjoy the conference. I have friends who go ever year.

I'm going to check out your other post.
Anonymous said…
I'm so happy you get to be around so many amazing women at one time. Have fun!!!

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