Strange Things You See In Hipstervania

Sometimes, folks just try to be a little too artsy and it turns out like this:While I was running through Hipstervania yesterday I stumbled across this barftastic window display. I can't tell if the mannequin is supposed to a) be bulimic b) intoxicated c) a swine flu victim. Or has she simply watched too many Tom Cruise films all at once?

My other guess is that the window dressers are just sooo avant garde they're demonstrating our connection with the waste of the world via a mannequin with her head in a toilet bowl.

Makes perfect sense doesn't it? I just wish they'd positioned La Mannequin so she wasn't actually touching the bowl. I've never touched a toilet bowl while vomiting in it. I'm too germ paranoid for that.

Let's hope copycat displays don't spread throughout this fair city!


nick said…
It looks to me like a copy of the famous Barfing Barbie image. So the likely possibility is (a). Maybe the window dresser is a Barbie buff.

Word check: exesseef. Very appropriate.
Tracy said…
Los Angelista,

You sound exactly like me with the toilet bowl thing. I hate to see that on tv, when someone's actually cradling the bowl and their hands are all over the seat! Ugh! Talk about disgusting! Oh, and then when they're finished purging their guts out and are disgusting, they slink to the ground and fall asleep right at the food the the commode! Nasty.
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
After reading your post from yesterday, I got Inspired!

To get off my a@@ and DO sum-thin’ about all this foolishness.

So, after salivating furiously at that Wonderful pic of all that luscious dead cow flesh I …

hustled by butt (with the kiddies in the car) down to Phillips BBQ joint in Leimert Park to get about 10lbs of slow-roasted cow flesh (i.e. Rib Tips, yummy!).
(I also went next door into Mary’s Salon, just to oogle the pretty girls in there. Then hit up the Liq-a Stoe on the corner. Don’t tell the kid’s their Dad does such things, OK?)
I crash-drove over to Culver City to demolition-derby through the parking lot of the Trader Joe’s (that’s on Sepulveda, right? I normally don’t get that far out of the ‘hood. Too scary) and door-dinged about 4 cars to finish it off right.
I went inside to buy some of Trader Joe’s de-lis-cious special Dark Chocolate bars (ah, Dark Chocolate! Is there any other kind of woma … er … I mean Candy, to lust after?). As I stood in line, I did my very best to add to the reality of the “Post Racial Amerikkka” (get it? How many of your reader’s know that one, lol?) and complained very loudly about “What’s that President Obama gonna do about all this friggin’ RAIN here in LA?!!! I mean he didn’t get elected to let THIS happen!!! I didn’t move the kids and me to SoCal to let him allow THIS!!!”
To make sure I let the Fam know who’s still in charge, I hustled the kids up into the car, then … walked across the street. Just Because. So they could wait a bit …
I ran 2 stop lights to go an’ rent “Minority Report” so we could all have the extreme pleasure of watching that fab-u-LESS “actor” play another variation of, er, well … Tom Cruise play, uh … Tom Cruise (can he do ANYTHING else?!)
On the way home, I saw a really cute woman on Acacia St., leaving Compton High (I think she’s a teacher there), rolled the window down … then … went “passive” as she smiled at me … and … rolled the window up and said nothin’.(kid’s rolled their eyes an’ muttered “Dad … get some game, PLEASE”)

Los Angelista? How’d I do?
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! Love the word check! Barfing Barbie, eh? Sounds gross.

Yeah, that sort of thing is disgusting. I remember seeing people doing that sleeping by the bowl in college. Just disgusting!

LOL! Oh you crack me up, you did great! Cow flesh! And nope, I don't think Cruise can do anything else!

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